Winter Quarterly Newsletter
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Join Stuart Stark for his 10th annual yoga retreat in Tuscany, Italy from May 22 - 29, 2016. Don't delay or it may be full!
Study anatomy with Julie Gudmestad in early August for a week-long intensive. Julie is internationally known for her in depth, concise instruction.
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This is a good read about a man who profoundly influenced the world of yoga. The article quotes Julie a few times.
Follow this link to see where in the world Julie will be teaching in the near future.
A Note From Julie Gudmestad
Here at Gudmestad Yoga, we've long believed in the value of standing poses. Regular practice keeps our balance reflexes sharp and helps prevent falls. As physical therapists, we also know that they build strength in the so-called core muscles, which are important in supporting the spine, pelvis, and internal organs. Standing poses also strengthen the hips and legs, which help stabilize the knees and prevent knee injuries. Recent research has shown that hip and leg strength is nearly as important as core strength in preventing low back injuries.

And now, some important new research has proven that standing poses can help prevent osteoporosis, by maintaining and even building bone density. Dr. Loren Fishman conducted a ten-year study, using a 12-minute yoga routine, to prove yoga's efficacy with this common problem. Most of the poses in the routine were standing poses, performed at least every other day.

You can read more about the routine - and the research - in Dr. Fishman's article.
You might also like to attend our upcoming special focus workshop with our own Hope Fyfield, PT, who will lead you through the same routine Dr. Fishman used in his research.  
As always, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to contact us.

Julie Gudmestad 
Yoga Tip

Given the many benefits of standing poses, we encourage our students to include them in your home practice 2-3 times a week.

To provide a little variety, try practicing them with your back against a wall: if you don't have open wall space, close a door and use the door and associated wall space. For the sideways standing poses like Triangle and Warrior 2, you can use the wall to make sure all body parts are in the same plane, so that you don't have a forward head or one hip poking out to the back.

For bent-leg standing poses like Warrior 2 and Extended Side Angle, you can use the plane of the wall to check the knee alignment of the bent knee. Keep your thigh parallel to the wall: if the knee angles into the room, away from the wall, you'll be putting unhealthy twisting strain on the knee joint and ligaments.

Teacher Training For People Who Work
Many of you asked if we could offer a yoga teacher training to accommodate working schedules.   
Fliers for the upcoming Summer/Fall Alignment-based Yoga Teacher Training Program with Rachel Lundberg are available to pick up at Gudmestad Yoga studio. The program begins in June and ends in the beginning of December. We will meet one evening a week and one weekend a month. Each participant that completes the program will be eligible to receive their 200 hr. registered yoga teacher certification through the Yoga Alliance. This program is designed for those who are interested in becoming teachers as well as practitioners who are interested in deepening their practice.
For more info:

Spring is here! Spring is here! You can feel the excitement in the air as the sun peeks out and the buds are ready to burst into flowers. The time is here for planting seeds and sowing intentions.


Janice Gega
Gudmestad Yoga