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Yoga Tip: Rest
Stu Fun Factoid
Fun Factoid Revealed
Winter Term begins January 7th


Some classes still have openings. If you'd like to join us, call (503) 223-8157 to register.


Holiday Classes


Have a little time for yoga during our Holiday break?
Check out our schedule (Dec. 17 - Jan. 3) of drop in classes and join us when you can.

Yoga Journal San Francisco Conference
January 18 - 20th, 2013

Join Julie, and other illustrious Yoga teachers for this holiday weekend workshop. To learn more, click here 



Stuart's Italy Trip

Join Stu for his 7th Annual Tuscan Yoga Retreat, June 3 - 10, 2013. For more information regarding travel & to download flyer with full details click here 


Anatomy Awareness

August 5 - 9, 2013
Portland, OR

For more info about this week-long workshop and to download a registration form click here 


Little Known Teacher Fun Factoids

Sydney Herbert - you're the one! You guessed correctly and had your name pulled out of a hat. You've won $25 yoga credit. Learn who our mystery teacher is in the body of this newsletter.


We're the Best!!!

Gudmestad Yoga Studio (best yoga studio) and Betsy Allen (best yoga teacher for beginners)  were honored as "Reader's Picks" in The Oregonians' BEST OF 2012 (11.17.2012) edition.

Thank you Oregonian readers for letting all of Portland know who you think is best.

Welcome Hannah!

Even as we are saying our good-byes to Nari, we hope you will join us in welcoming our new receptionist/yoga coordinator, Hannah Haley-Atkins. Hannah comes to us from a background in pharmacy customer service. She is interested in working in a smaller business with a "family" environment, and is looking forward to meeting all of our loyal students and patients. We'll tell you more about Hannah in our next newsletter, but in the meantime, we hope you'll introduce yourself to Hannah and help her feel welcome in her new job.


Gudmestad Yoga

Winter Quarterly Newsletter


Looking back over recent months, years, or even decades, can you remember why you started doing yoga in the first place? Some students take their first class in hopes of resolving an injury, improving flexibility, or learning to relax. Some are looking for a peaceful moment in the midst of a hectic schedule and others want to bring balance to their bodies or their lives. However, I'm guessing you didn't know that practicing yoga would also gradually change the way you look at the world and interact with other people.

Let's pause to consider the bigger picture of our yoga practice: The time we spend doing poses, consciously breathing, and relaxing deeply connects us to the first tenet of yoga philosophy, compassion. While doing our physical practice, we learn to slow down, pay attention, and make choices that take us toward greater health and wholeness. Making these compassionate choices for ourselves eventually expands into greater compassion for others: gradually we learn to listen better, care a little more, and even take action when someone is in need.

As a student of compassion, I always appreciate knowing someone who models caring concern for others and is willing to go out of their way to help someone who is struggling. And so at this time I'd like to give a "shout out" to one such person, our own receptionist/yoga coordinator, Nari Maidl. On the eve of her retirement, I'd like to thank her, on behalf of staff, students, and physical therapy patients, for the many times she has leant a caring ear, taken a bit of extra time with someone, or stepped up to help someone who needed some TLC. Thank you, Nari, for 13 years of fun, warmth, and compassion. We will miss you.


As always, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to contact us.



Julie Gudmestad


Yoga Tip: Rest

We know you are busy during this time of year, so here is a quick yoga tip to help make the most of those few minutes of relaxation time you can carve out of your over-burdened schedule. It was discovered in India that putting a little pressure on your forehead calms the nervous system. You can accomplish this simply by placing a rice-filled eye bag or even a clean sock filled with dried beans over your forehead when you lie down for a nap or Savasana (rest after asana practice). Alternatively, you could wrap an ace bandage (the same one you used the last time you sprained your ankle) around your head, including the forehead, and tighten it just enough to provide gentle pressure. Now add something to shield your eyes from the light (the other clean sock?), relax your jaws, and focus your mind on slow, soft-not deep-breathing, and you can drift off for a few minutes of deep and restorative rest.


If you found this yoga tip informative and yearn for more in depth articles about anatomy and yoga written by Julie, click here 

Sally Hoesing, RN

Sally, our newest teacher at Gudmestad Yoga Studio, is a Chicago native. She began her career as a certified athletic trainer, working with collegiate athletes at the University of Iowa, and then at Cascade College when she and her husband relocated to Portland a dozen years ago.

Wanting to further her ability to help others heal, she pursued a nursing degree and worked several years as a labor and delivery nurse. It was during this time, as she juggled motherhood with her two young daughters and full time nursing, that she became aware that her background as both a trainer and a nurse prepared her to fulfill her dream to become a yoga teacher.

Sally first came to yoga during her college years, as she searched for something to complement her marathon training regimen. She picked up a copy of BKS Iyengar's "Tree of Life" and found the inspiration she was looking for. She began studying with Julie Gudmestad in the fall of 2001 and feels that "Julie has a gift for making students aware of how their energy flows, how to open and position our asanas so that the prana can travel."

Sally has spent the past year intensively studying the Gudmestad Yoga teaching method, and is also apprenticing with Julie Lawrence in preparation to become Iyengar certified. Her area of special teaching interest is in prenatal and postpartum yoga.

Outside of the yoga studio, Sally still runs 30 - 35 miles a week. She also treasures time spent with her husband and two daughters: some of their favorite shared activities are hiking, visits to the coast and gardening (the girls decide what will be planted).

Welcome to the studio, Sally!


Fun Factoid Revealed

When he was six years old, he became the first on his block to have a TV with a remote control. It was a gift from a close family relative who insisted that his mother be as comfy as possible as she recovered from heart surgery and faced six weeks in bed. It was a big thing and he proudly brought all the neighborhood kids into his mother's room to check out the latest techy gizmo.

Already an accomplished clarinetist in the school's orchestra, he joined his classmates in trying out for glee, dance and drama clubs and was surprised to find out that he was the only student invited to join all three. He settled on the drama club and was cast as the oldest prince in The King & I. He feels he peaked in talent in 5th grade and didn't pursue performing beyond that accomplished year.

At 16, his dad was driving him to his driver's test when they got hit a block from the test site by a taxi. They were OK, but the car was not. His dad moved on to Plan "B" and they rented a car so he could take his test, only to arrive at the test site and be told he couldn't take the test in a rental! Unfortunately, our soon-to-be-driver had to wait another month, when his parents' friends lent him their car to take his test. And he proudly passed first time out!   

For 2 summers, straight out of high school, he was employed as an electrician's assistant, earning $2.50 an hour, scooting around town in a van, changing light bulbs in grocery stores, banks and office buildings.


Have you figured out who had the first remote control on his block, was a budding actor in elementary school, had an unfortunate accident on the way to take his driving test, and changed light bulbs to save money for PT school? Wasn't that hard was it? Our very own Stuart!


Moving On

We've lived all over this vast country. Made many moves as my husband's career evolved and making transfers from state to state was a necessary part of the deal. We became corporate gypsies - schlepping our two sons from California to Minnesota to South Carolina, back to So Cal and then on to Oklahoma. All of that before we moved to Portland 16 years ago when a headhunter for a Beaverton shoe manufacturer lured Mike (and me) back to our beloved west coast. By that time our boys were launched, and while we tried to convince them to settle in Portland along with us, and they both did give it a try, ultimately they opted to land in more sunny climes - one to San Diego and the other to Bend.

Many of you know that my husband and I walked 500 miles this summer completing a pilgrimage across northern Spain, along the Camino de Santiago. It was an amazing physical and spiritual experience. We've been asked many times how this experience may have changed us.

Upon reflection, we came back from our pilgrimage with a couple of life changing insights: that we want to live more simply; and, that relationships are more important than stuff. Didn't take us long to realize that the relationship we most cherish is with our new granddaughter who happens to live in Bend. And so we are moving on. To live in community, with our son and his young family (5 doors down - now that's community!) in a house half the size we are leaving behind. Our son in San Diego is still hopeful we'll eventually land down there...and we just may, as most all of our family and our roots are there...but for now, we want to hang with Miss Marley and her mom and dad.

Of all the locales we've called home, we love Portland the most. And of all the jobs I've held along the way, this one's been the best. By far. But our journey continues, and we're following our hearts as they lead us to a small, cul de sac house that backs up to the "wilds" of Bend (sagebrush, wild turkeys, quail and deer, oh my!), where very soon we'll witness our granddaughter's first steps as she toddles down the sidewalk from her house to ours.


I bid you all a fond farewell and hope our paths will cross again soon.


Buen Camino, Nari 

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