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Our mission: Empowering individuals and families to transform their lives and strengthen their community.

Our core values: Respect, Responsiveness, Excellence, Integrity, and Accountability. 

In this issue:

  • Relationships, connections, partnerships...love!
  • Building Relationships
  • Solutions that Nurture, Respect, and Transform
  • Real People. Real Change.
  • H-E-B, Our Incredible Partner!

Relationships, connections, partnerships ... love! 

Photo: Courtesy of Shanna Hatfield


February - a time of love, romance and relationships. Human connections.


Life is at its best when we have strong, healthy relationships with our spouses, parents, children, siblings, extended family, friends, work buddies and neighbors.  We seek meaningful relationships in places of worship, schools, clubs and organizations where we feel at home. 

Building Relationships

Since 1903, Family Service has been building relationships, strengthening bonds and making our community a better place to live. We understand the benefits to individuals and the community that occur, almost magically, when we nourish relationships.


Every day, year round, we are at work in classrooms, homes, offices, libraries and neighborhoods, building relationships:


  • Parents & Teachers!  How do you help kids succeed in school?  You connect parents and educators to build strong communities of parents who are engaged in their children's education. Every year, we intentionally link more than 45,000 parents in 50-plus schools, setting the stage for 30,000 children to seize success, knowing their parents are supporting their education.
  • Family Cohesion!  Parents who are in a healthy relationship with a clear understanding of the most effective parenting tools are better equipped to nurture their children.  Every year, we provide relationship enrichment and parenting guidance to 400 parents of 300 children. The result: 95% likelihood of child abuse prevention; reduced risk of criminal behavior associated with child abuse and neglect; and more than $1 million saved in the cost of juvenile detention and Child Protective Services intervention.
  • Community, Education!  We nurture partnerships - like the YMCA and AVANCE-SA working together to train 300 substitute teachers.  The short-term impact: bolster our community of trained early childhood providers.  Long-term impact: every year we prepare 6,000 children for kindergarten with a quality early education.
  • Employers & Future Leaders!   We connect 100 businesses, colleges and other organizations with 300 youth every summer to boost career readiness and make our community a smarter workplace.
Photo: A 2014 Financial Empowerment session.
  • Volunteers & Their Beneficiaries! When businesses like the ARGO Group delivers 200 Thanksgiving meals to families, and 300 volunteers at the H-E-B Tournament of Champions rebuild a playground and paint rooms so thousands of kids can connect, learn, play and feel a precious sense of belonging, we're doing our job to make civic engagement the key to a healthy community.
Photo: 2014 Argo Group turkey distribution.
  • Teens, Schools, Neighborhoods! For more than 20 years, area teens who want to seize every opportunity for a positive and successful life have looked to us for leadership.  We steer 5,000 teens every year, helping them develop strong relationships with other motivated kids, connecting them to technological learning for success and instilling them with a passion for community service to change their lives and others.
  • Seniors & Services!  Our concerted effort to connect seniors to services and referral sources that help them remain safe and independent at home, allows more than 140 seniors annually to avoid the high cost of nursing home care, and connects them to their neighborhoods for the mutual benefit of all.
Photo: A senior of the community


Solutions that Nurture, Respect,
and Transform
Photo: Opening of our west side office The Neighborhood Place. June 2007

Everyone thrives with the support of others - family, friends, community.  Most of us manage to find the connections we need, but others need a little encouragement and assistance ... and that's where Family Service comes in.  Where we see a need, we step in with solutions that nurture, respect and transform.  Where there is isolation, loneliness and despair, we bring connections, forge relationships and offer real hope.

Real People. Real Change.
Photo: 2014 Partnering for Lifelong Success event at Morgan's Wonderland.

The families, groups and neighborhoods we serve are made up of men, women, children and teens who have great potential that is enhanced by collaborative spirit.  Teens mentor younger kids in their school districts.  Parents are empowered to advocate for their children and to volunteer in their children's schools.  Employees represent their employers by spanning out into neighborhoods, libraries and community centers, building playgrounds, landscaping gardens, putting a fresh coat of paint on a senior's home or an old school building.  We make it happen because we believe in real change for real people.  We see the results every day.
H-E-B, Our Incredible Partner!
Photo: The 2014 H-E-B Tournament of Champions at The Neighborhood Place.
Lacey Kotzur, H-E-B Public Affairs, says, "H-E-B supports organizations that have a wide scope impact. Family Service goes above and beyond, serving children through senior citizens - the whole family unit - and those people are important to us. Family Service is behind so many good things 
in this community." Thanks, H-E-B!

Photo: 2014 H-E-B volunteers helping during the Tournament of Champions.
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