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Dear Friends,


            "This training changed my life!" is a statement we often hear-or have spoken ourselves-when we have had an opportunity to be inspired by rich content that supports or awakens our ideals. We are blessed to hear this very often in relationship to our LifeWays training.


            It is all the more poignant when it is expressed by someone who would not have been able to enroll without community support. Sometimes that support comes from family or friends, colleagues, or parents of children who have benefitted from the exemplary care of the enrollee. Often it comes from the generosity of LifeWays North America through creative payment plans and/or reduced tuition.   


Britnee's testimonial

             The need for financial assistance is increasing, especially with the growing number of LifeWays trainings across North America. More individuals are coming to us at a life crossroad that has awakened their interest and need to care for children in their own home or in working with others. For some it is after finally managing to exit an abusive relationship. Some have experienced job loss due to tumultuous economic times. And for still others, their financial situation has never opened the possibility to seek such a golden opportunity.


            Please help us help those who can most benefit from your support. While we feel energetically that we are large in spirit, we are still a small non-profit with very limited funds. We have received a most generous offer from our dear friend Sarah Baldwin: for every gift of $100, you will receive a $10 gift certificate at Bella Luna Toys! 


Donations are tax deductible, and can be made online or by mailing a check to LifeWays North America, 403 Piney Oak Dr., Norman, OK 73072. We know you already know this, but maybe it is still worth noting: Every time we help someone become an exemplary caregiver and/or parent, we are helping a whole community.   Thank you for caring!


In gratitude, 

Cynthia K. Aldinger, Executive Director  


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Reflections on the Year

As we say good-bye to 2014, we reflect on our blessings and look to the year ahead:

  • This year LifeWays North America offered trainings in five locations in the US  - Colorado, Maine, North Carolina, Oregon, and the San Francisco Bay Area. There is also a training in Vancouver, BC.  In 2015 we will be adding trainings in Pennsylvania, Alaska, Texas and Wisconsin, and there will be three in California: San Diego, San Francisco, and the Sierra Foothills (Sacramento area).  Offering the training in more regional locations allows more students, thus more families, to be served. wisconsin training
  • LifeWays offered workshops on Home Health Care and on Puppetry, Storytelling and the Development of Language in conjunction with several of the trainings.  In addition, a workshop with Louise Deforest on "Working with Parents and Colleagues" was offered in Milwaukee.
  • There are currently 18 LifeWays Represen-tative Programs, including childcare centers, in-home programs, and the Rosebud Garden at Kimberton Waldorf School.  There is also a playgroup and two programs for parents, Joyful Toddlers! and Mothering Arts. The picture at right is from LifeWays Child Care Society, a Representative Program in Vancouver, British Columbia.See our Directory of LifeWays and LifeWays-affiliated programs.
  • With a grant from the Research Institute for Waldorf Education and the Online Waldorf Library, Cynthia's and Mary's book, Home Away from Home, was translated into Spanish in 2014.  Una Segunda Casa is now available as a free download--a real gift to Spanish speakers.
  • We were delighted to publish Judith Frizlen's book, Words for Parents in Small Doses, which offers a weekly rhythm of insightful observations, discussion and reflections to inspire your parenting or teaching. 




  •   We also added another title to the e-booklets that we have published: "Rethinking the 'Pre-' in Preschool," by Meg Freeling from Ashland University in Columbus, Ohio.

  • LifeWays is pleased to welcome several new teachers who will be co-leading our trainings: Laura Cassidy from Wisconsin and Patricia Rubano and Serena Syn from California. Read about our training teams
  • The LifeWays Board also wants to express gratitude to Rosario Villasana for her many years of service as one of the original members of the board.  We are also glad to welcome two new board members, Ashley Masters from North Carolina and Rhoda Kambandu from Wisconsin. Meet our Board of Directors.


Like most non-profits, we operate within a tight budget and, while we have been blessed to be able to accept students from a variety of economic backgrounds, we find that the need is increasing.  We have made it a goal not to turn anyone away due to financial challenges.  We need your help to continue to support students in need.  Many of them are wishing to start their own child care program, or they already have a program and want to deepen it by enrolling in the training.  

We are grateful for all of you who help us through your interest, your good wishes, and spreading the word of hope and light in these roller-coaster times.  May 2015 bring you surprising blessings, and may this sacred time bring moments of peace and inner quiet.

Thank you again! 

Cynthia Aldinger

For the LifeWays Board of Directors


LifeWays North America is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, EIN#51-0554957.  

Donations are fully tax deductible.  

Portland, OR
Receive a Gift Certificate
         from Bella Luna Toys  for
                    each $100 you donate! 

We really can't say it enough - so we'll say it again here. Thank you! And we're grateful to Sarah Baldwin, owner of Bella Luna Toys, for helping us make available a $10 gift certifi-
cate for each $100 that you donate.

In 2015 LifeWaysTrainings for parents and professionals will be offered in Oregon, Alaska, California (SF, San Diego and Sierra Foothills), Texas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Vancouver. See our website for information on the training nearest you, or request an information packet.

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