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Winter 2012-13
Rainbow Bridge
Peaceful Holidays
Boulder Waldorf Kindergarten
Making gingerbread cookies with my first class.



       The holidays can be a time of creating warm memories, or they can be a time of tempers running short and stress running high.  Consumerism and the ethos of more-More-MORE run so high in our culture at this time of year; what can we do to make sure that we protect children from the holiday craziness that can so easily overtake us all?  Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, the Solstice, or nothing at all, this newsletter is filled with ideas of how to approach this time in ways that protect and nurture children through these dark months.  If you're fascinated by Advent but don't know how to keep it going for four weeks, look at the ideas that Mary O'Connell gives on an evolving Advent Nature Scene.  If you are a caregiver and want to bring your families in but don't know how they'll all fit into your tiny space, look for ideas from Susan Silverio on how to Set the Tone for Festivals in advance.  



These ideas, and more, you'll find in this winter newsletter from LifeWays.

Keep Warm,
Faith Collins, Editor
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A Winter Festival Celebrating Community
Setting the Tone for Festivals
Advent Nature Scene
Home for the Holidays; One Family's Traditions
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Boulder Waldorf Kindergarten  

Note from Cynthia header 


Cynthia (compressed)  Dear Friends,


It is inspiring to read of such simple ways to celebrate with young children. Some of the festive descriptions in these articles may be familiar to many of you, new to others.   There are similar features in all of them and some unique, distinguishing characteristics as well.   Most important, however, is the simplicity they offer.


How I loved this time of year during the years I was at home when my children were little. I sometimes wish I would have maintained that same level of simplicity when I became a kindergarten teacher and, later, a child care director.   If we are not careful we can try to be all things to all people when we are teachers or carers of other people's children. A striving for perfection and providing a wow quality can overtake us, and we end up offering too much. Can there be too much beauty, too much wonder, too much delight? I don't know the answer to that question. What I do know is that I have met countless numbers of early childhood educators and parents who exhaust themselves during festive times. Please, as you read these lovely offerings, imagine creating just one or two of the things that most impress you. Clip your joy meter to your belt, and if you start to redline toward overwhelm, pull back. Remember - we are the models for these young souls, and we mostly want to model resiliency and joy. Perhaps the carol that offers us a good motto for this time of year is God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - the first and the last lines.   "God rest ye merry gentlemen" and "Oh tidings of comfort and joy."


This is my wish for you, that you find rest, comfort and joy during this holy, sacred time of year, however and whatever it is that you celebrate.


With love and peace,


--Founder and Director of LifeWays North America

Articles on Peaceful Holidays:
Rainbow Bridge A Winter Festival Celebrating Community apples
By Rahima Dancy

Rahima describes how they celebrated with families on the last day before the holiday break each year, creating their own tradition.  The picture at left shows the Russian tale of "The Snow Maiden."  


Rahima Dancy ran the Rainbow Bridge LifeWays Program, for four years.  The third edition of her book,  You Are Your Child's First Teacher, is now available. 

                                  Click here to read Rahima's article                         

Setting the Tone for Festivalsworkparty                                         By Susan Silverio                                           
  advent spiral drawing  
Have you ever wanted to do something special for a festival and then thought, "No, I could never get all of the parents to keep their voices down/sit still/wear appropriate clothing/sing the same song"?  See how Susan Siverio helps the parents at Spindlewood prepare for their Advent Spiral in early December. 

Susan Silverio is the Director of Spindlewood, a Waldorf  kindergarten and LifeWays program in Maine.
                              Click here to read Susan's article
milwaukee LifeWays    
By Mary O'Connell 

This article shares week-by-week photos of how their family's Advent scene grows over the course of the month.
Mary O'Connell is the Director of the Milwaukee LifeWays Early Childhood Center, and is Director of the LifeWays Training in Wisconsin.
Home for the Holidays: Pamela Perkins
One Family's Traditionsstorypoem

By Pamela Perkins 
A lovely narrative of one grandmother's experiences of holidays with her children and now, with her grandchildren, in Hawaii.
Pamela Perkins is a LifeWays graduate who lives and works in Hawaii. 

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                                                          ~  Carrie McGregor,

                                                        LifeWays Graduate 

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Me, Myself and I:
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February 12-13, 2013
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"Back to the Drawing Board" Children's Drawing Workshop with Bente Goldstein
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February 14, 2013
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Milwaukee, WI
February 15, 2013
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Nurturing and Nourishing
with Dr. Mark Kamsler
Milwaukee, WI
February 16, 2013
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Nurturing and Nourishing: Care of the Child and Caregiver
with Elizabeth Sustick, RN 
Rockport, ME
April 12-15th, 2013


Nursery Rhymes, Puppetry, Storytelling and Language Development
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Oct. 30 - Nov. 4th, 2013




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Seasonal Activities
Lea McCall
LifeWays Grad Jennifer McCall Shares:

"In addition to an indoor tree, we decorate a "tree for the animals" outdoors, putting peanut butter on the bark (where later we see squirrel foot prints), hanging popcorn and cranberries, along with pine cone bird feeders. And we scatter acorns and chestnuts we've gathered for the squirrels.  This is the first time during the year that we also fill our bird feeders and bird bath, continuing this weekly job until Spring returns."


     Other Resources:

 Joyful Days with Toddlers and Preschoolers 

  rainbow bridge

 This multi-media Tele-Class uses conference calls, video footage from Faith's LifeWays program, readings and online discussion, providing practical ideas and inspiration to increase your enjoyment of the children in your life.


Next Class Starts Jan 27th 


"This class was great.  I really do feel like a different parent; much more of the parent I've always wanted to be.  More creative, more effective, and generally just happier."    -S.B.




Have You Seen the LifeWays Blog Lately?



Check out this timely post for the holidays by our own  

Mara Spiropoulos:


Giving and Giving,  

and Giving  



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Settling Into Sleep 


This packet contains articles, a workbook, and a 15-minute video of a peaceful and nurturing naptime routine and LifeWays.


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Hanukkah Crafts 
for Kids

Move beyond cotton balls and glitter and check out the links to Hanukkah crafts from many different websites on The Crafty Crow.  Most are actually adult-level crafts to do with children, and most are lovely.

 Call for Action 


A Message from Michelle Reid in North Attlboro, MA:



I am wondering if there is anyone interested in helping to start a Waldorf/Lifeways initiative working with children at risk in the foster care system? I am a foster/adoptive mom, and helped cofound the Waldorf School of Cape Cod MA.  These children in foster care truly need to have this type of care and schooling.  Please contact me if you would like to be a part of this, so all children can have magic in their lives, not just some.

My email is [email protected].  

Michelle Reid


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from internet  
The next monthly conference call is
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Winter Festival Resources: 

little acorn learning     


Little Acorn Learning has a new Winter Festivals E-Book for sale, with 144 pages of crafts, verses, songs, book recommendations, and more.

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