Happy New Year one and all. I can hardly believe I'm saying that again. It seems like last year just flew by, I hope it was a good year for you all. I had a few personal challenges last year and it was looking like the beginning of 2016 was going to be tough personally for me too, but it was not to be, I had a great start to this year.

Internationally I think last year was a difficult one. There was a time that I thought, as I'm sure many did, that the world seemed to be tearing itself apart. Plane crashes and terror attacks all seemed to be in the news. Unfortunately this year is going to have much of the same news. I wish I could say differently, but I'm afraid this year is going to be a difficult year internationally. We will survive these events however and the years to follow should see a swing in direction.

We have had some recent changes to the Whispers team, so don't be surprised if you hear unfamiliar voices when you call the office. The office times have also changed and are now Tuesday through to Friday, during normal business hours. Please be aware the office will be closed on Mondays, you can however leave a message and one of my staff will get back to you within two working days generally.

We have a big year planned with lots of seminars, the first of which will be next month in Rockingham, followed by Joondalup, Bunbury & Mandurah. We also have events, including ghost tours, workshops and sťance's planned. Please check below for dates scheduled so far. As soon as more dates are scheduled, they will be on sale via our website.

While I'm on the subject of the web site, please be aware that we no longer book according to the waiting list. We have endeavoured to contact everyone who was on our wait list for a private session with me, but if you have been on the list and haven't been contacted contact our office for an immediate appointment. For those living away from this area, don't be afraid of booking a phone reading. These work as effectively as if you were sitting in the room with me.

If you do want a private session with me you can now book online, for a time and a location that suits you using this link. There are plenty of appointments available, so now's a great time to book. If you're a bit happier like me talking to a human when making an appointment, my staff will gladly help you in any way they can.

We will also be scheduling a few more sťances this year, however as these tickets sell out in minutes, make sure you are on the list to be notified when they will go on sale. You can join the waitlist via our website. It's important to remember that I have no control of the outcomes of a sťance. Sometimes we get extraordinary activity, other times there may be nothing at all and can be  disappointing. So please be aware of that prior to booking. It's amazing however when we get activity, you can expect table levitation and tipping, knocking and other physical manifestations of spirit.

Speaking of all things spooky, if you haven't been on a Greenough ghost tour before ... well now's your chance. Our tour through Oakabella has sold out, but Greenough is still available and a great weekend away. I have a few different things planned for this year's tour, so come along you won't be disappointed.

I hope everyone is still enjoying the video series that I have been presenting, in my newsletters over the past 12 months. This newsletter I'm focused on "Soul Talking" which, discusses the ability to connect with those that are still here, but are unable to speak for themselves due to a Disability, Stroke or Alzheimer's. I would love your feedback on this.

Well that's it from me until next time stay safe, enjoy this newsletter and I'll see you somewhere in this wonderful world of ours.


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February events:
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Don't be scared to tell your story, because it might just be the story someone else needs to hear  

Anthony Grelka
This is my eighth video in a series of interviews that I completed. Throughout these interviews I will answers some of the most popular questions that I'm asked, share some stories and touch on many different subjects that deal with aspects of my work as a medium.

The opinions and views expressed throughout the series are based on my own personal beliefs. The basis of these beliefs has been developed throughout the 12,000 + connections I have made with the spirit world. 

Soul Talking
Soul Talking

Please share the link with friends and family that you think may be interested.

This month's video is titled ... "Soul Talking", which discusses the ability to connect with those that are still here, but are unable to speak for themselves due to a Disability, Stroke or Alzheimer's.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the series and I would love your feedback either on Facebook or via email to 

If you missed the first seven interviews where Anthony discussed "What happens when we die," What about reincarnation", " Psychic kids",  "The passing of a child" , "Is God a frog", "Is my house haunted?" "Is my dog in Heaven?"...  visit our website to view   


Come along and share an extraordinary few hours with Anthony, as he opens the door between this world and the next. Revelations given and predictions made throughout the night, will take audiences on a spellbinding journey both emotionally and spiritually.
Guaranteed to leave audiences with just one message-spirit can and will communicate with the living
Gary Holland Community Centre, 19 Kent Street, Rockingham WA - Tickets $65

JOONDALUP SEMINAR - Saturday 27th February 2016 - 7pm
HBF Arena Joondalup 'Premiers Suite', Kennedya Drive, Joondalup W.A. - Tickets $65 
Quality Hotel Lord Forrest, 20 Symmons Street, Bunbury WA - Tickets $65
The Sebel Mandurah, 1 Marco Polo Drive, Mandurah WA - Tickets $65
Golden Pond Retreat, 58 Giles Road, Moonyoonooka WA - Tickets $65 
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We recently announced that we have moved to an online booking system, for those wishing to book a private reading with Anthony. This online booking system, allows you to pick the date and time of your appointment, from the dates available. However if you would prefer to have assistance in booking your reading, then don't hesitate to call the office on 9791 8529.

Anthony currently offers private reading appointments by phone and face-to-face, in Bunbury and Applecross.

Mediumship Readings: Are where Anthony connects and conveys messages form loved ones passed. If time permits psychic questions may also be asked at the end of the reading. The time allocated for this type of reading is approximately 45 minutes. If you are purely wanting psychic questions answered and/ or a connection with your spirit guides then you should consider putting your name down for a Psychic reading instead.

Psychic Readings: Are for those who have a question about their life and the situations surrounding their life, and/or are looking for some insight into what's around the corner. This type of reading can also be used to connect and receive messages from your spirit guides.  Anthony offer's psychic readings generally by phone only and the time allocated for this type of reading is 30 minutes. If you are wanting both psychic questions answered as well as a connection to your loved ones, then you should consider putting your name down for a Mediumship reading instead.

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Whispers from Beyond Greenough

For all our ghost enthusiasts we already have two locations near Geraldton planned for the one weekend in May 2016. We will be hosting a very exclusive tour of the Oakabella Homestead and our annual Greenough Ghost Tours. Unfortunately Oakabella has sold out, but we do still have tickets available for Greenough and we would love to have you experience this with us.

Saturday 14th May 2016 - Central Greenough Cafe & Visitor Centre

Anthony is returning again to the Historic township of Greenough, located 24 km south of Geraldton (4oo km North of Perth).  Greenough was one of the first settlements in Western Australia and there are eleven buildings standing that we can explore. Boasting two churches, a convent, presbytery, school, the government complex that houses the court house and old gaol facilities and a community hall where the old time dances are still held today. The buildings of Central Greenough Historic Settlement were constructed between 1863 and 1913 and are now conserved by the National Trust of Australia (WA).

Anthony will be conducting two tours on the night and numbers will be
limited to 30 participants on each tour.

If you would like to be kept informed as soon as dates are confirmed, please join the Ghost Tour waitlist via our website.

The December & February Sťance SOLD OUT within minutes. However we are looking at holding these more regularly in both Perth & Bunbury during 2016.
If you would like to be kept informed as soon as dates are confirmed, please join the waitlist's via our website.



Dates for 2016 will be released soon. If you would like to be kept informed as soon as dates are confirmed, please join the waitlist's via our website. 

"Everyone will know someone ... that can benefit from the meditations on this CD"
We are pleased to introduce Anthony's flag ship meditation for Anxiety & Depression.


Even if you haven't meditated before, you will find these easy to follow. And to assist Anthony has included "Basics of Meditation" that will hopefully assist those that have struggled in the past with meditating.
The CD includes three very different meditations:

Focus & Grounding - Learn to utilise your mind through focus and concentration to unlock your full potential.

Anxiety & Depression
- This meditation use's very specific sound frequencies that stimulate the natural production of serotonin and beneficial chemicals in the brain, by initiating sleep patterns. It's really like getting the benefits of 3 hours sleep in a 20 minute meditation ... In essence you are consciously sleeping and reaping the benefits.

-This meditation can help you find inner peace and calmness, to re-energise and promote good health and wellbeing.
Only $20
To purchase call the office (08) 9791 8529

For those of you looking for gift ideas... maybe we can help:
  • Gift certificates available for both psychic & mediumship private readings.
    Call the office on (08)9791 8529 to arrange.
  • Tickets for Ghost Tours start at $100.
    Currently on sale for 2016: Greenough Ghost Tours
  • Tickets for advertised Seminars: $65.
    Currently on sale for 2016: Rockingham, Joondalup, Bunbury, Mandurah & Geraldton.
  • Anthony's books start at $25, Guided Meditation CD's $20 each.
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Something a little different this month with our spooky pics.

Is it possible that during the gestation stages of a new born, that the spirit of a loved one, friend, or family member, can make their presence felt, or as in the case of these pictures seen?

These pictures would suggest that this is a distinct possibility.

Don't look at life to lead you, look to yourself to lead your life. 

 Each month Anthony will answer a few  general questions about spirituality. If there is anything you would like to ask, please email in your questions. Please do not send questions of a personal nature asking Anthony to connect with your loved ones, as this is not the intention of this section.  

Hi Anthony, I have a question I'm hoping you can help me with ...... What's with the number 11:11 that I keep seeing? I'll wake up at 11:11, I'll see 11:11 wherever I go. Do you think that it has some meaning? Rachael


Hi Rachael thanks for your question. Unfortunately it's not one that I can shed much light on. Many people see significant numbers 77 or 33, or as in your case and more common than not 11:11. Why these numbers are seen is a mystery, perhaps it has a meaning to the person from a past life, or perhaps a connection to a significant life event I can't say. It is amazing how many people have this happen however.


Hi Anthony it's Carol here from Mandurah, I've seen you several times and I love your work. I would appreciate if you could answer a question for me. Can spirits use electronic devices like radios and TV's, to communicate with the living? Carol


Hey Carol I love coming to Mandurah, I always have a good time there. In answer to your question, spirits can indeed use electronics to make contact with the living. In fact, I think it's one of the easiest ways of contacting us. I suggest this is because spirits themselves are pure energy, so manipulating energy to my way of thinking would be easier. Many ghost investigators use something called EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomena. Spirits manipulate energy to create a voice, or sound, through the use of a
recording device. So yes, spirits can do this absolutely.

Thank you for asking and I hope these response's help!

Send your questions to: maree@whispersfrombeyond.com.au
Subject line: Questions for the newsletter


Mysterious powers that lie hidden in our right brain may prove to be the origin of a whole range of experiences, which defy rational explanations. Among them are a number of psychic abilities.

Water diviners for example often dowse in a relaxed, almost trance like state. In which the left brain does not assert itself, or its dominance and the right brain can act freely. It is possible that the right brain even recognise's the presence of water and causes the arm muscles to contract involuntarily, making the dowsing rod move.

The involvement of the right brain in psychic abilities might help explain, why phenomena like metal bending as seen with Uri Gellar, clairvoyance and telepathy is so difficult to reproduce in the laboratory. The scientific environment in a lab may repress the right brain and allow the dominance of the left brain to be accentuated.

There is another startling possibility as well and that is perhaps telepathy, which can be seen as an elusive ability surfacing infrequently, is actually how our brains hemispheres communicate with each other.

It may be possible to enhance or train your mind, to acknowledge this communication and therefore, enhance the latent telepathic abilities in all of us. The balance between left and right brain is vital for this to happen. How we achieve this balance is through meditation and an ability to perhaps trick your left brain into silence.

It is interesting that some mediums scribble or draw on paper, during a mediumship session. I think this is simply a way of occupying the left brain, while allowing the right brain the freedom that is needed to receive and accept information.

We can see this in tarot cards and tea leaves etc. the left brain is occupied, allowing the right brain or psychic self to step up.

However we achieve this, allowing the right brain to step up to become if not dominant, at least louder, then we can tap into the psychic abilities that lie with in all of us.



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