Hello to all my friends, it's great to be with you again for our latest newsletter. Yes I know it's been a few months since the last one ... I've been a little bit slack. Still did you miss me?

It's busy, busy, busy, for me at the moment, with the business end of my year about to start. We have all the regular events and workshops happening. Starting this Friday when we jump on a plane to Kalgoorlie, a regular haunt of mine (pardon the pun). I enjoy the crowd in Kal, almost like returning home when I go there.

We're also looking forward to venturing out into unfamiliar territory this year, with events planned in Northam (August) and due to many requests, Wagin (October). I've never held an event in either of these places before, so should be very interesting. Plus due to venue availability, we will also be moving the Fremantle event to beautiful Cottesloe this year (November).

I've also been very busy on my farm as well, with lots of new lambs ready to drop, ducklings about to hatch ... It's like life is about to explode all around me.

I hope everyone is enjoying the video series that I present every newsletter. They seem to be very popular, with lots of positive comments. This newsletter I'm focused on "Help ... My house is haunted". It has some helpful tips and information, for those who think they might be haunted.

Some (those currently on our waitlist), may have noticed that we have a new online booking system in operation for private readings. This online booking system, allows you to pick the date and time of your appointment, from the dates available. This will help streamline the process and in many instances allow people to see me sooner, with less waiting. For those living away from this area, don't be afraid of booking a phone reading. These work as effectively as if you were sitting in the room with me and all my readings are recorded for you. We still have our wonderful Sharon in the office on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, if you're a bit happier like me talking to a human. Sharon will gladly help you in any way she can. Also if you're on the waitlist and haven't received the email notification about booking your appointment online, please call Sharon before the appointments fill up too far ahead.

Well that's it from me; hope you enjoy the rest of this newsletter. Stay safe until next time.



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August events:
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Albany - Spirit Guide Workshop

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Broome - Psychic Development Workshop

A moment of patience in a moment of anger... saves you a hundred moments of regret. 


Spirit Science 

Anthony Grelka

This is my sixth video in a series of interviews that I have just completed. Throughout these interviews I will answers some of the most popular questions that I'm asked, share some stories and touch on many different subjects that deal with aspects of my work as a medium.

The opinions and views expressed throughout the series are based on my own personal beliefs. The basis of these beliefs has been developed throughout the 12,000 + connections I have made with the spirit world.


Help my house is haunted?
Help my house is haunted?

This month's video is titled ... "Help ... my house is haunted". I sincerely hope you enjoy the series and
I would love your feedback either on Facebook or via email to maree@whispersfrombeyond.com.au

If you missed the first five interviews where Anthony discussed "What happens when we die," What about reincarnation", " Psychic kids",  "The passing of a child" & "Is God a frog"...  visit our website to view
Please share the link with friends and family that you think may be interested.



Come along and share an extraordinary few hours with Anthony, as he opens the door between this world and the next. Revelations given and predictions made throughout the night, will take audiences on a spellbinding journey both emotionally and spiritually. Guaranteed to leave audiences with just one message-spirit can and will communicate with the living.    

KALGOORLIE SEMINAR - Friday 24th July 2015 - 7:30pm
WMC Conference Centre "Auditorium" 44 McDonald Street - Tickets $75

ALBANY SEMINAR - Saturday 8th August 2015 - 7:30pm

Stirling Club Albany, Stirling Terrace Albany WA - Tickets $65

Northam Country Club, 15 Wood Drive, Northam WA - Tickets $65

PERTH SEMINAR - Sunday 23rd August 2015 (Matinee event starts 1:30pm)
State Library of WA "Theatrette", Francis Street, Northbridge WA - Tickets $65

Quality Hotel Lord Forrest, 20 Symmons Street, Bunbury WA - Tickets $65

Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa "Sam Male Room" WA - Tickets $70

The Sebel Mandurah, 1 Marco Polo Drive, Mandurah WA - Tickets $65

WAGIN SEMINAR - Friday 16th October 2015 - 7:30pm
Wagin Town Hall, Tudor Street, Wagin WA   - Tickets $65

ROCKINGAM SEMINAR - Friday 23rd October 2015 - 7:30pm
Gary Holland Community Centre, 19 Kent Street, Rockingham WA - Tickets $65

JOONDALUP SEMINAR - Sunday 25th October 2015 - Matinee event starts 1:30pm
HBF Arena Joondalup 'Premiers Suite', Kennedya Drive, Joondalup W.A.  - Tickets $65

BUSSELTON SEMINAR - Wednesday 28th October 2015 - 7:30pm
Abbey Beach Resort 'Ballroom A', 595 Bussell Hwy, Busselton WA - Tickets $65

COTTESLOE SEMINAR - Saturday 14th November 2015 - 7:30pm
Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club "Don Morrison Room", 87 Marine Parade, Cottesloe  - Tickets $65

CANNING VALE SEMINAR - Sunday 29th November 2015 - Matinee event starts 1:30pm
Willow Pond Reception Centre, 459 Nicholson Road, Canning Vale WA - Tickets $65

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We have exciting news for those wanting to book a private reading with Anthony.

A decision has been made to move to an online booking system and you can NOW book your appointment. Those currently on our waitlist have already been given the first opportunity to book (via an email that was recently sent out). If you did not receive the email please call Sharon and she will assist with your booking. The office will also continue to follow up those on the waitlist, if they haven't arranged an appointment. However, please be aware this new online system could extend the time before your appointment if you choose to wait.

Appointment dates are currently available from now till the end of September 2015. More dates will become available as these are booked.

Anthony currently offers private reading appointments by phone and face-to-face, in Bunbury and Applecross.

Mediumship Readings: Are where Anthony connects and conveys messages form loved ones passed. If time permits psychic questions may also be asked at the end of the reading. The time allocated for this type of reading is approximately 45 minutes.  If you are purely wanting psychic questions answered and/ or a connection with your spirit guides then you should consider putting your name down for a Psychic reading instead.

Psychic Readings: Are for those who have a question about their life and the situations surrounding their life, and/or are looking for some insight into what's around the corner. This type of reading can also be used to connect and receive messages from your spirit guides.  Anthony offer's psychic readings generally by phone only and the time allocated for this type of reading is 30 minutes. If you are wanting both psychic questions answered as well as a connection to your loved ones.

Or you can add your name to the waitlist & Sharon will contact you in due course. Or call the office (08) 9791 8529 & Sharon will assist with your booking.

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Anthony will be conducting the following workshops in 2015:


This will be an enlightening day full of information and practical exercises which will enable you to work toward meeting your spiritual guides and help you to understand how a continued dialogue can be maintained. We hope you will leave the workshop with the tools and the knowledge to develop your own understanding and acceptance of your guides and how they can help you. This will not only be an enlightening experience but a fun day of learning with other like-minded people and for many it will herald the start of a beautiful and fulfilling relationship with your spirit guides.


Everyone is psychic! Learn how to open up to your own latent psychic abilities in this informative and interactive workshop. Discover what it is to be psychic and how to develop your intuition and sixth sense. Working with one of Australia's leading mediums, discover how developing your own natural psychic abilities can influence your life and the lives of those around you. Anthony will strip away the mystery and folklore surrounding psychics and psychic ability. With his down to earth and easy going nature, Anthony will give you new insight and inspire you to achieve your own level of psychic awareness.

The cost of the workshops includes; workshop materials, lunch, morning and afternoon tea! Places will be limited to 20 people unless otherwise advised.
To secure your spot either book your place through our website www.whispersfrombeyond.com.au or call 9791 8529. If booking through our website full payment is required, however if you prefer call the office and $150 will secure your place in the workshop, with the balance owing 14 days prior to workshop date.  




No dates are currently scheduled. However if you would like to be kept informed as soon as dates are confirmed, please join the waitlist's via our website.



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"Everyone will know someone ... that can benefit from the meditations on this CD"
We are pleased to introduce Anthony's flag ship meditation for Anxiety & Depression.


Even if you haven't meditated before, you will find these easy to follow. And to assist Anthony has included "Basics of Meditation" that will hopefully assist those that have struggled in the past with meditating.
The CD includes three very different meditations:

Focus & Grounding - Learn to utilise your mind through focus and concentration to unlock your full potential.

Anxiety & Depression
- This meditation use's very specific sound frequencies that stimulate the natural production of serotonin and beneficial chemicals in the brain, by initiating sleep patterns. It's really like getting the benefits of 3 hours sleep in a 20 minute meditation ... In essence you are consciously sleeping and reaping the benefits.

-This meditation can help you find inner peace and calmness, to re-energise and promote good health and wellbeing.
Only $20
To purchase call the office (08) 9791 8529

This is a short clip of a dog reacting to something in a house. In itself, the video isn't anything extraordinary, but it is a very good example of how animals; in this case a dog, reacts to spiritual stimuli. I have included this, as it is relevant to my newsletter article (see below) 'Can animals sense spirit?'



When asking the universe questions, you need to keep the question's simple and to the point, otherwise confusion may ensue.  





 Each month Anthony will answer a few  general questions about spirituality. If there is anything you would like to ask, please email in your questions. Please do not send questions of a personal nature asking Anthony to connect with your loved ones, as this is not the intention of this section.  


Hi Anthony, I have been to a few of your shows, but have been too scared to ask this question. People with Alzheimer's or Dementia, when they pass over does their spirit come through like they were before they got this illness? I have a Nan that passed with this illness. Annelise
Hello and thank you for your question. Let me tell you, that you are not the only person who has had a fear of this. The answer in short is that Alzheimer's as with all illnesses like these, but also things like cancer, MS, or other diseases of the body, or mind, are things that affect our physical bodies and are not carried over when we pass. The experience of having these illnesses, as in the emotional connection is carried over, but the physical ailment is not. Your Gran will be as you remember her before. This is also the case where someone loses a limb etc. this is not reflected in their spirit. 




Hi Anthony, yesterday my daughter had a deja vu experience when she caught the train into the city. At the train station, she saw a man just hanging around the platform who gave her a bad feeling, so she changed the way she was walking to avoid him. As she got near the escalator, he started to get abusive and the police came and attended to the matter. My daughter came home and related this incident to me, saying she had seen it all before. She wasn't sure how and thought maybe in a dream. She said she knew not to walk that way and that the police would come. She even knew what the police were going to say before they said it. Is this sort of thing a possible warning from her protective spirits? Is it common?  Thanks Donna


Hi Donna and thanks for this question. I think what your daughter experienced, was a precognitive warning that something wasn't right and that this situation was to be avoided. You could put it down to her guides looking out for her, but I would be more inclined to think, that what she experienced was her own intuition protecting her. So many people have these experiences, but choose to ignore them to their own detriment. I'm so glad she chose to pay attention.



Hi Anthony, I often "smell" things and I know that someone is around me. Such as my Mum's favourite perfume, or cigarette smoke or a struck match smell. And then an Uncle - cigarette smoke smell, but his is a stronger aroma, so I definitely know it is them.  The night before last I was sitting watching TV and a sudden breeze wafted across my face, strong enough to lift my hair slightly, like a fan or something just blew on my face for a second.  There were no fans, door/window draughts, or anything to explain this at the time.  Could this be someone else? Kind Regards, Sandra  



Hi Sandra, it sounds like you are having some interesting experiences. The smells that you speak of are something that is very common. Spirits often can be smelt for want of a better word and often it is a smell familiar to them, a perfume, pipe smoke etc. This is just them saying, hey we are here.
The gentle breeze is also not uncommon and is a physical sign that a spirit is near. It is the manifestation of spiritual energy. I would get hold of a digital camera and take a few snaps next time and see what you capture. If you don't feel threatened by this, just relax and enjoy their company.


Thank you for asking and I hope these response's help!



Send your questions to: maree@whispersfrombeyond.com.au


Subject line: Questions for the newsletter




Welcome to Winter everyone. This seems to be the hardest time of the year, to stay healthy and keep the balance in our lives. The short days mean that we often, go to work and come home in the dark.

Remember to take any opportunity you can, to get into the sunshine. Preferably exposing as much skin as possible to get some Vitamin D and help to keep your immune system strong, to fight off any bugs you come across this season.  A strong immune system, supported by nourishing seasonal food, some adequate sunshine, plenty of fluids and plenty of sleep, are the best support for your immunity.

Exposing your skin to the sun, enables you to absorb the Vitamin D.  Remember, we need this all year round.  We have been fortunate in the South West of WA, to have had plenty of cool, crisp, sunshiny days this winter.  Take advantage of them ....take your jacket off during your daily walk, or just enjoy sitting in the sunshine and reading a book. 

Have a great winter season everyone xo



Many questions I get are related to animals and spirits and as to whether animals can sense spirits. As you can see I have this month included a short clip of a dog reacting to something in a house. In itself the video isn't anything impressive but it does show the reactions that are very common with animals.

Animals seem to have a very definite six sense when it comes to seeing or interacting with spirits. It is as if they have an awareness that we do not or at least have but perhaps tune out. I think there are several reasons why animals in particular dogs and cats are hyper sensitive too spirits.

The first of these is these animals can sense spirits. Dogs and cats have a very keep sense or perception. They are very sensitive to the feeling of energy and vibration that accompanies many spirits especially when a spirit is trying to manifest itself. When a spirit draws down available energy to manifest itself a dog and cats in particular can sense this energy shift. They may not be able to identify it or understand it but they know it's there.

Animals such as dogs and cats hear spirits. Dogs and cats have accessional hearing anyway but they also have different frequency ranges. Dogs can hear ultrasonic frequencies of up to 50,000 kHz dogs hear high tones in particular and much better than humans do. Humans can pick up on average of 20,000 acoustic vibrations while dogs are able to pick up 40,000 to 100,000 acoustic vibrations. Dogs approximate hearing range is between 67 - 45,000 kHz a human can typically hear in the range of 20,000 kHz. Also a dog can hear up to 65,000 cycles per second. Now these figures to you and I may be no more than that just figures but it clearly demonstrates that dogs in particular have very very good hearing well above the frequency range of humans.

Spirits vibrate at a very high energy frequency indeed making sounds within those frequencies that can be registered by animals especially dogs and cats but less so by humans save those that are particularly sensitive to them such as mediums . I think however there is also the ability to smell a spirit; yes that's right smell a spirit. Many people report smelling doors that were familiar to a family member or loved one passed. It might be granny favourite perfume or pops pipe smoke but something that can be physically smelt. For this example dogs again take the award for smelling with hyper sensitive noses. Imagine your dog's reaction to a smell that perhaps they are very unfamiliar with looking confused searching for the source.

So in short animals indeed can sense spirit and can give us lowly humans the heads up to when someone from the other side is paying us a visit, if only our fury friends could talk and tell us what they see hear and smell. I'd be out of a job.

RADIO - 2015

In regional W.A. Anthony will be a regular on Hot FM W.A with Ryan & Rosie throughout 2015.


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