Hello and a very happy 2015 to everyone. I hope this first newsletter for the year finds everyone well and happy. I had a great break with my family. I didn't do a great deal, just lazy days with a good book, a fine wine and great food. Of course that now means I've got 10 kg to lose .... Oh well there is always a price to pay.

We have had a good start to the sales of my latest mediation cd and also some great feedback, from people who have managed to find the time to use it. We're still a long way off having enough sales to sponsor our new TV production, but hopefully we can achieve that this year.

Just a quick reminder to anyone who missed out last year on our annual ghost tours, to Greenough and Oakabella homestead. These tours are selling very fast, with Oakabella sold out and the other two tours at Greenough moving fast, so don't wait too long to get on board with that. These tours are a lot of fun, so don't miss out. A little closer to home, we are currently looking at two venues for local ghost adventures in the South West. So stay tuned hopefully I will be in a position to give you more information soon.

Our first mediumship event is only a matter of weeks away and will be held in Rockingham at a new venue. I always look forward to my first event of the New Year and I'm excited to see the new Rockingham venue. Hot on the heels of Rockingham will be Joondalup, followed by Mandurah and then my home town of Bunbury. I look forward to seeing you at one of these events.

I'll also be back on Hot FM this year, with my first appearance in a few weeks where I will give some intuitive insight into the coming year. So listen in for that, these are always interesting segments and I have had some good success in recent past, with some of the predictions I have made.

I hope you all have been enjoying my video series in these newsletters. I have had some wonderful feedback, which is always very welcome. My staff and I like to know what we are doing makes a difference. This month's video is titled ... "Is God a frog"

Well that's it from me, enjoy the rest of this newsletter, remember your New Year's resolutions and stay safe.




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Peace comes from within.

Do not seek it without



Anthony Grelka

 This is my fourth video in a series of interviews that I have just completed. Throughout these interviews I will answers some of the most popular questions that I'm asked, share some stories and touch on many different subjects that deal with aspects of my work as a medium.  

The opinions and views expressed throughout the series are based on my own personal beliefs. The basis of these beliefs has been developed throughout the 12,000 + connections I have made with the spirit world.

This month's video is titled ... "Is God a frog". I sincerely hope you enjoy the series and I would love your feedback either on Facebook or via email to maree@whispersfrombeyond.com.au

Is God a Frog
Is God a Frog
Please share the link with friends and family that you think may be interested.

If you missed the first three interviews where Anthony discussed "What happens when we die,"What about reincarnation" & "The passing of a child"...  visit our  website.

"Everyone will know someone ... that can benefit from the meditations on this CD"
We are pleased to introduce Anthony's flag ship meditation for Anxiety & Depression.

Even if you haven't meditated before, you will find these easy to follow. And to assist Anthony has included "Basics of Meditation" that will hopefully assist those that have struggled in the past with meditating.
The CD includes three very different meditations:

Focus & Grounding - Learn to utilise your mind through focus and concentration to unlock your full potential.

Anxiety & Depression
- This meditation use's very specific sound frequencies that stimulate the natural production of serotonin and beneficial chemicals in the brain, by initiating sleep patterns. It's really like getting the benefits of 3 hours sleep in a 20 minute meditation ... In essence you are consciously sleeping and reaping the benefits.

-This meditation can help you find inner peace and calmness, to re-energise and promote good health and wellbeing.
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Come along and share an extraordinary few hours with Anthony, as he opens the door between this world and the next. Revelations given and predictions made throughout the night, will take audiences on a spellbinding journey both emotionally and spiritually. Guaranteed to leave audiences with just one message-spirit can and will communicate with the living.    

Gary Holland Community Centre, 19 Kent Street, Rockingham WA - Tickets $65

HBF Arena Joondalup 'Premiers Suite', Kennedya Drive, Joondalup W.A.  - Tickets $65

The Sebel Mandurah, 1 Marco Polo Drive, Mandurah WA - Tickets $65

Quality Hotel Lord Forrest, 20 Symmons Street, Bunbury WA - Tickets $65

Willow Pond Reception Centre, 459 Nicholson Road Canning Vale WA - Tickets $65

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Anthony currently offers private reading appointments by phone and face-to-face, in Bunbury and Applecross.

Mediumship Readings: are where Anthony connects and conveys messages form loved ones passed. If time permits psychic questions may also be asked at the end of the reading.
Psychic readings: If you have a question about your life, the situations surrounding your life, and/or are looking for some insight into what's around the corner.  

Approximate waitlist times at present - please note these change on a monthly basis:
  • Mediumship reading in Bunbury or by phone -  approx. 7 months
  • Mediumship reading in Perth - approx. 12 months
  • Psychic Reading - approx. 6 - 8 months

For further details &/or to add your name to the waitlist check out our website, or call Sharon at the office 08 9791 8529 on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and she will assist with your enquiries.

Whispers from Beyond Greenough

For all our ghost enthusiasts we already have two locations near Geraldton planned for the one weekend in May 2015. We will be hosting a very exclusive tour of the Oakabella Homestead and our annual Greenough Ghost Tours.
The ghost tour tickets were released recently to those on the waitlist and unfortunately for many the Oakabella Tour sold out within 20 minutes. Greenough is also selling fast but we still have tickets available and they would make a great Xmas gift.   

Saturday 2nd May 2014 - Central Greenough Cafe & Visitor Centre

 Anthony is returning again to the Historic township of Greenough, located 24 km south of Geraldton (4oo km North of Perth).
Greenough was one of the first settlements in Western Australia and there are eleven buildings standing that we can explore.
Boasting two churches, a convent, presbytery, school, the government complex that houses the court house and old gaol facilities and a community hall where the old time dances are still held today. The buildings of Central Greenough Historic Settlement were constructed between 1863 and 1913 and are now conserved by the National Trust of Australia (WA).  
Anthony will be conducting two tours on the night and numbers will be 
strictly limited to 30 participants on each tour.

Tour 1 - 6pm to 9pm - Ticket Price $135 - Buffet meal with Anthony followed by the Ghost Tour
Tour 2 - 9:15pm to 11:30 pm - Ticket Price $100 - Concludes with tea, coffee & cake.
Hurry numbers are strictly limited and tickets won't last long!

To avoid disappointment book now through our website click here or if you prefer call 9791 8529
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No Sťances are currently scheduled. However if you would like to be kept informed as soon as dates are confirmed, please join the Sťance waitlist via our website.


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No Workshops are currently scheduled. However if you would like to be kept informed as soon as dates are confirmed, please join the Workshops waitlist via our website.



Here is an interesting old picture taken by a retired police inspector, Mr Arthur Springer in 1916. These older pictures are increasingly becoming evidence for spirit activity, as it was very difficult to fake, or manipulate photos 100 years ago. With this picture however, there was at the time conjecture as to if it had indeed been faked, despite Mr Springer's claims to the contrary.

Animal spirits seem to be much harder to capture although I have seen some extraordinary pictures of ghost animals in the past. As to this picture I'll let you be the judge!



To help open your psychic centers and the flow of information, make certain your body remains well hydrated with good quality water. As pure as possible, so your kidneys don't have to use excessive amounts of energy to take out the impurities.




 Each month Anthony will answer a few  general questions about spirituality. If there is anything you would like to ask, please email in your questions. Please do not send questions of a personal nature asking Anthony to connect with your loved ones, as this is not the intention of this section.  

Earlier this year, I started experiencing a severe headache; this was very unusual as I never suffer headaches. It started in the morning a couple of hours after waking up, I thought I may have been dehydrated, so I drunk an excessive amount of water, no effect took place. In the afternoon my partner (who is a Vet) gave me some drugs and said that will sort it out, and it did for about 3-4 hours. Then it came back as before, she was quite surprised it had come back. Just before bed she gave me more drugs to help, and I said to her "I'll sleep on it and if in the morning it is still there I'll go to hospital". The morning came, and my head ache was still very present. I thought I'll wait until mid-day and then I'll go to hospital. Lucky and with relief, my headache subsided at around 10-11 am, and never came back. That evening I received a call from my Father who lives in France, letting me know that my Aunt who lives in the UK had just died at age 54 of a brain aneurysm. So my question would be, why was I "allowed" to feel her pending brain aneurysm? Why would I have been so connected to someone so far away? And not know who, or where it came from, to potentially help her?
On a more Christmassy note, I also wondered, does the spirit world celebrate Christmas or do they have a massive Birthday party for Jesus? Will

Hello and thank you for your questions. I have heard of this type of thing happening many times before. I have to say I don't think in this case, it was about you helping anyone. I understand your frustration in this; however I believe that what you experienced was what you might term as Psychic Sympathy. What this means is you have a psychic connection to your family and you were picking up on an event that although you could have no control over, was going to take place. The energy for the event was there and you seem to have tuned into it. I don't believe however it was about you preventing the event itself, just about you connecting to it.

On your second question which is a good one, do they celebrate Christmas in heaven? I don't think they do, however they do respond to the joy and well-being it brings those they loved here when they were physical. The same way they like to celebrate our weddings, birthdays etc. It's about the joy and excitement it has for us, that they share in.   



Hi, I'm sure this question would have been asked a million times before, but does the spirit need time to heal after a suicide, before it can cross over and be received/sensed by those in the human world? And if it does need time...how long?
A close friend committed suicide a few months ago and his family and friends desperately need some answers/closure. I would love to recommend for them to attend one of your meetings (as I have attended before and think what you do is amazing) but don't want them to be disheartened if he doesn't come through. I just want them to have the best opportunity to connect with him as possible. Dom

 Hello and I am so sorry to hear of your friends passing. The best place for you to get an in-depth answer to this question is my book Medium Down Under; it has a whole chapter on this very subject. However in short what I have seen of suicides and trust me I have dealt with quite a few, the process isn't a great deal different for someone who passes with cancer. Yes they are treated differently, because at the moment of death a suicide realizes what they have done. They will be shown what could have, or would have been, had they made a different decision. This can be difficult for the spirit, they also seem to be made to see the funeral so to speak, they need to understand what they have done and the ripple effect of their actions. There is no getting away with that unfortunately, they are helped to move forward however with love and respect, not in the way that religion would like us to believe, with a red hot poker and a man with a forked tail and horns. Hell simply doesn't exist, the near fact that they have to face what they have done and the cause and effect of their actions on those left behind is enough.  



Does it matter how old the spirit is that you may want to contact? For example, I do family research and I was wondering if it is possible to get in touch with a man that married my great, great, grandmother - even though I never even knew about him until recently?  How far back in a family tree can you go in the spirit world? Dale

 Hello and thanks for this interesting question. The short answer is yes it's possible; however they would have to contact you so to speak. It really helps to ask them to be at the reading and let them know what you need from them, so they are prepared and your chances of making a connection will be greatly enhanced. I have been back 250 years in family histories, as long as you can validate some information and know some of the history; it isn't an issue at all. Some of the famous figures I've connected to include a cousin of Mary Lincoln (the president of the United States wife), Wyatt Earp's brother Virgil Earp and also Napoleon Bonaparte's doctor, to name a few. 


Thank you for asking and I hope these response's help!



Send your questions to: maree@whispersfrombeyond.com.au


Subject line: Questions for the newsletter




 Hello and Happy new year to all of our lovely readers.  I hope that 2015 is a fantastic year of health and happiness.  I wanted to share this Quote with you all.  It is not mine, and I am not sure who to credit it to, but it really resonated with me. I hope it will resonate with you too.   

"Balance is the key in everything you do.
Dance all night long and practice yoga the next day,
Drink wine, but don't forget your green juice,
Eat chocolate when your heart wants it and Kale salad when your body needs it,
Wear high heels on Saturday and walk barefoot on Sunday,
Live high and live low, Move and stay still.
Embrace all sides of who you are.
Be brave, bold, spontaneous and loud and let that complement
Your abilities to find silence, patience, modesty and peace.
Aim for balance.  Make your own rules, follow your own path and
Don't let anybody tell you how to live according to theirs."

Have a wonderful summer!





As many of you here reading this will be aware, I often do ghost adventure tours. I'll take people into old historic buildings, towns etc. and we will enter the world of ghosts and spirits. On these tours which I must add are great fun, I encourage people to bring along cameras, in the hopes that they may capture a ghostly image or two. There are other ways however to capture the presence of sprits and ghosts. The one I would like to consider in this article is the ability to capture voices and sounds, directly from ghosts and spirits. This is often referred to as EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena. The first real attempts to record ghosts and spirits of the dead came from a very unlikely source. A gentleman known to everyone ... Thomas Alva Edison, was one of the first to try. Edison was arguably one of the finest inventors of our time, with Inventions such as the first electric light in 1882 and the perfecting of the Duplex Telegraph. Edison was well respected and a very forward thinking man. He believed that if our personality and intellect, or conciseness survived death, he was inclined to believe that these individuals would try to communicate this fact to us left behind. Now you know how I feel about that, of course they communicate and yes, they can manipulate matter to help with that communication.

Edison believed in this so strongly, that he began to develop a means to facilitate this. He began working on what I like to call the afterlife telegraph. Edison worked on this project with limited success, up until his own death in 1931.

After Edison's death, it took another twenty odd years before the subject of direct spirit communication via electronic media was revisited and only then by mistake. A celebrated Swedish painter and film producer named Frederick Jurgenson took his battery operated tape recorder into the country side, to record birds and bird sounds. Much to his surprise he discovered that along with bird sounds, he had faint but clear voices speaking on the recording, despite being quiet alone and isolated at the time he made these recordings. At the time Jurgenson believed he may have picked up stray radio signals, however when he repeated the experiment, the voices referred to him by name and claimed to be related to him. Over the coming years Jurgenson amassed amazing amounts of information and evidence, which he then presented in his book Voices From Space in 1964. This was the first in-depth study of the Electronic Voice Phenomena. From these early days, further studies have been undertaken in the USA and Germany, by universities and scientists and no one has been in a position to comfortably explain what is happening. They should just ask me, I know what is happening ... dead people are trying to communicate with us, plain and simple.

Spirits don't have voice boxes, so speaking to us on a tape, or digital recorder requires a manipulation of what we might call white noise, or background sounds. By manipulating this so called white noise, they are able to speak and leave voice imprints on magnetic tape and digital voice media.

Try it for yourself, it really is very simple. To get the best results here are a few suggestions;
  • Firstly get the best recorder you can lay your hands on. Strangely I seem to have more success with tapes, the old magnetic types, however good success can be had with digital recorders. But avoid recorders on smart phones etc. as the do not tend to be sensitive enough. I use a Sony digital three recorder.
  • Good sound software is also essential if you want to get really serious as this will allow you to drop tones volumes etc. to help decipher messages more clearly.
  • Some expert's say the hours between sunset and sunrise are the best times, however I'm not so sure it matters that much.
  • The recording sessions should be kept to no longer than two minutes for each recording, as you will need to concentrate very hard when you are playing these recordings back.
  • Include the date and time at the beginning of the recording simply for convenience.
  • Then your set to record; simply ask for information such as who they are, what connection they had while they were physical, there name, age etc .... perhaps when they passed. This type of information can then be used to validate the information with records etc. Obviously you may not want to get that serious and just ask a few questions and see what happens.

It can be amazing and interesting when you actually capture a voice, especially if it's someone you have known. A little word of caution here however is that if you scare easily, then perhaps EVP isn't for you, as sometimes the voices sound disjointed and etheric which can be a little creepy. This of course is simply because spirits need to manipulate sound energy, to create the sounds and so it can sound odd and a little spooky.

So go out and try this for yourself, it's exciting and fun & you just don't know who will say hello.


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