Hello friends, it's great to be with you all again this month. Actually when you read this I'll be in the highlands of Scotland, visiting the area and having some fun and perhaps a wee dram of the finest of Scottish whiskey. I have always had a desire to visit Scotland and the UK and now I'm doing it, so lots of pics when I get back.

It's been an exciting year so far with some amazing events, but as we draw closer to Christmas I have only a few events left for 2014. These will be held in Rockingham, Joondalup, Busselton, Fremantle and Canning Vale. So if you haven't been able to see my work, I hope you get the opportunity soon.

I'm very excited to introduce this month the first in a series of video presentations that I have just recorded, regarding my work and some of the most popular questions I'm asked as a medium. This series will run every newsletter and once released, will also be assessable via our web site. I really hope you enjoy them, I'm not great in front of camera unfortunately but have a look ... I hope they help the curious among you.

The long awaited release of my new meditation CD focussing on depression & anxiety will be released in a month or two and we will be taking pre-orders soon. The CD also has two other meditations; the second is designed for students, or anyone who needs to sharpen up their focus and concentration, as well as memory recall. The third meditation is focused more on wellness and relaxation. All very exciting and I will release more details in my next newsletter and by then you should be able to pre order your copy.

Also I have a workshop focused on Mediumship coming up in November. This is the last one I'll be running this year, so if you have ever wanted to explore your latent abilities as a medium, then the Mediumship Basics workshop is for you. These are a great day, fully catered in a relaxed atmosphere, with like-minded people and numbers are limited to only 20 participants. More details are available further on in this newsletter.

We have just completed three séances for this year and weren't they rippers. It's always difficult to know what's going to happen in a séance. Sometimes as with the last three that I have done, they are extraordinary with tables lifting off the ground and strong communication with spirits. This isn't always the way it goes however, and sometimes we get very little activity. Luck of the draw unfortunately, I will be running several more over the next 12 months so stay tuned or register your interest with my team.

Those who would like to register for a private reading I believe Sharon who has and is doing an amazing job is booking appointments through to Christmas and early into next year now. So register your interest now to avoid disappointment. Phone readings are also available for those in the far flung reaches, you don't miss out phone readings are just as effective as a face to face reading.

Well that's it from me I'm off to have another dram of fine Scotch Whiskey and perhaps a bite of Haggis.

Until next time stay safe and enjoy the rest of my newsletter.




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Mediumship basics

Positive thought can create positive people and situations. Thought is pure energy and extremely powerful

Anthony Grelka
This is my first video in a series of interviews that I have just completed. Throughout these interviews I will answers some of the most popular questions that I'm asked, share some stories and touch on many different subjects that deal with aspects of my work as a medium.

The opinions and views expressed throughout the series are based on my own personal beliefs. The basis of these beliefs has been developed throughout the 12,000 + connections I have made with the spirit world.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the series. The first video is titled "What happens when we die" and I would love your feedback either on facebook or via email to maree@whispersfrombeyond.com.au

Please share the link with friends and family that you think may be interested.

So what happends when you die
Part 1 So what happens when you die



Come along and share an extraordinary few hours with Anthony, as he opens the door between this world and the next. Revelations given and predictions made throughout the night, will take audiences on a spellbinding journey both emotionally and spiritually. Guaranteed to leave audiences with just one message-spirit can and will communicate with the living.        

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We are continually striving to reduce the wait times for a reading with Anthony; as such Sharon is regularly sorting through the lists with this endeavour in mind.


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Anthony only has one more  workshop scheduled for 2014:    


Do you want to see dead people? Well perhaps not see the dead, but this workshop will give you the basics needed to develop your skills in Mediumship. We will discuss the various techniques used by mediums; learn how the different psychic modalities work in mediumship. Anthony will also teach you how to conduct a séance safely and how to achieve good results. We will also discuss Physical Mediumship and Anthony will give you the opportunity to practice your skills under his guidance. So join one of the world's foremost mediums for a day of mediumship and fun. 

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I came across this video the other day that I thought was interesting & worth sharing with you all.

Today Show:  Woman recounts life after death - 01/20/2010
Today Show: Woman recounts life after death - 01/20/2010


Today Show (U.S.A) interview with Jeffery Long, author of ""Evidence of the Afterlife" and a woman who had a near death experience.






Hello Sally and thank you for sharing this great pic. You really did capture some one around you all. I know you thought this was a male energy; however it's not what I feel. I think this is a very young female who past some time ago and possibly connected to this family.

Also along with this young energy, I did get another lady by the name of Elsie. Great capture!




 Each month Anthony will answer a few  general questions about spirituality. If there is anything you would like to ask, please email in your questions. Please do not send questions of a personal nature asking Anthony to connect with your loved ones, as this is not the intention of this section.  

A few nights ago my husband woke in the night and looked in the mirror opposite our bed. In the mirror he saw the reflection of a grey figure walk from his bedside and out the door just a few steps away. When my husband looked at the door he saw nothing. Then when he looked back into the mirror, he saw the grey figure standing in the doorway in the mirror. He closed his eyes, looked back at the doorway and again saw nothing, then looked back into the mirror again and he could still see the figure in the same place. Then he closed his eyes and tried to sleep again ... He isn't in the habit of seeing things and it scared him a little! Can you please explain how it is possible to see spirit in the mirror, but not in person? Claire

Hi Claire, well what an experience to have had and I can see why your husband was a little scared by that. I would have had the light on for the rest of the night. It is a phenomenon that I have heard of before and on one occasion experienced myself. My experience was seeing a spirit through the lens of a camera, that couldn't be seen with the naked eye. I'm not entirely sure why this happens, I think it may have something to do with reflected light and the ability of the eye to pick this up more easily in a mirror or glass than just with the naked eye itself. It's common to photograph windows and glass and see spirits that with the naked eye weren't seen.

Hello Anthony, I was recently in Finland with a friend finding her biological family. Her elderly aunt looked right into my eyes, into me, and believed we knew each other. I felt a very strong connection as well. She only spoke Finnish and I only spoke English. I felt my late Mother was involved somehow. Maybe she did know me in the life I had before this one? Peter

Hello and thank you for sharing this experience with me. It is more common than many of us think, to have these sorts of experiences. Indeed it could be that this lady felt an echo from a past life that you were both connected to. Here is another thing to consider however. Perhaps you are both from the same soul, part of the same soul tree. The same tree, but an individual part of that tree, a leaf if you will of that one tree. You recognise the connection to the soul tree, but as an individual part of that tree. Complicated to think about but a very real possibility.

Do spirits mind us contacting them?  My gran used to say leave the dead in peace. I've never felt that but perhaps you can shed some light on this. Chris

Hi Chris and thanks for your question and indeed it's one that I get asked a lot. The short answer is no, they do not mind at all and in-fact look for and encourage our communication and contact. The whole idea of rest in peace just doesn't resonate with the other side. They will go out of their way to enable a communication and contact with us here in the physical. So don't ever feel they don't want contact, or that they need to rest in peace. Nothing is further from the truth.

Anthony I have been to several of your seminars over the years and have witnessed animals that have communicated their presence in the afterlife. Do animals reincarnate? Philipa

Hi Philipa, that's a great question and one that I haven't been asked before to my recall. Unfortunately it is also a question that I haven't an answer to. I simply do not know whether animals come back here. If you have been to my seminars, you will know my theory's on reincarnation. If you haven't heard me speak of this, get hold of my book Medium Down Under where I go into human reincarnation at length. I'm not sure if my theory's apply to animals. So I'm sorry I haven't really answered your question here, but perhaps it's something I'll get some insight into in the future.

Thank you for asking and I hope these response's help!



Send your questions to: maree@whispersfrombeyond.com.au


Subject line: Questions for the newsletter





Hello and I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather!  I think that spring must be everyone's favourite time of year.  It is always a little late arriving here in South West WA, but the signs are here, lots of flowers everywhere and the odd warmer, sunnier day.

Spring also makes us start to think about shedding some layers of clothes and we all want to look healthy and glowing in springtime!

Making sure that we are getting loads of nutrients, heaps of water and of course, some sunshine are all great ways to get that healthy glow and feel sensational.   One of the easiest ways to boost our vitamin and nutrient intake is with Juices and Smoothies.  People often wonder what the difference is between Juices and Smoothies.  Quite simply, Juice is extracted from the fruit or vegetables for a juice, leaving little or no fiber or pulp and Smoothies are blended whole fruits and veggies, leaving the fiber, pulp and filling power in the Smoothie.  A smoothie will fill you up, a great meal or snack in a glass!

Smoothies are an excellent breakfast idea.  For beginners, or introducing kids to smoothies, you can make them quite sweet, but make sure there are some vegetables in there too!  One good tip is to blend the vegetables first, particularly any green leafy veggies.  If you are adding nuts, blend these at the beginning too.  Then add your fruits and some liquid in the way of water, milk of choice etc. and ice if desired and blend again.  Smoothies are a good hiding place for other supplements too.   Throw in good oils (olive, coconut, flax, avocado etc.), vitamin boosting camu powder, protein packed maca powder etc.  Eggs are packed full of good fats and nutrients, and they make your smoothie creamy and very filling.  

Obviously green smoothies are fantastic, because green is what we should be eating, but it is not totally necessary, especially when you are starting out, pink smoothies, purple smoothies, yellow smoothies... they are all fantastic.

Here are some ideas!
*    First, blend your Veggies: Anything leafy, kale, lettuce, spinach, celery leaves or zucchini, beetroot, carrots, sweet potato, celery leaves.
*    Add Nuts if desired.
*    Add your supplements, sneaky good stuff, like avocado, oils, protein/eggs, honey for extra sweetness if desired (raw honey is a great healer) or stevia or maple syrup (try to keep these sweeteners to a minimum)
*    Add your fruit, bananas, berries, pineapple, apple, oranges, mango... whatever fruit is in season and you love.
*    Add some liquid, ice water, milk (full fat dairy, almond, coconut, rice milks), yoghurt or even some pure juice or coconut water.
*    BLEND BLEND BLEND and enjoy!

There is no end to the combinations you can make.  Think of your colours though, mixing kale leaves with strawberries tastes good, but looks fairly unappetising! 

Here is a recipe to get you started.

Tropical Green Smoothie
*    1 handful spinach leaves
*    1 handful Kale leaves (or lettuce or celery tops for a milder taste)
*    Juice of half a lime
*    1 banana
*    ½ cup frozen mango
*    1 cup coconut milk (or water)
*    1 tsp honey
*    Blend and enjoy.

Happy Spring everyone, get out, enjoy some sunshine, eat real food, and feel amazing!

"What If"      


It is interesting to review your life sometimes, especially as you get older and you start to look at where you have been and try to plot where you are going to. I suppose we all do that, we all reflect on things, we all look at our lives and try to see what we did well and what we didn't do so well. I think it's very human of us to do that and from there, we learn and grow as individuals. I do this myself I take stock of my life; perhaps I don't do this enough actually, if I'm completely honest.

I have noticed something however, whenever I reflect on where I am in my life and look to the future, something, or more to the point one phrase comes to the surface ... "What If". Now I don't mean that this comes to the surface in regret, quiet the opposite actually. The term "What If" comes up when I look at the path I have taken and when I begin to analise why I made the decisions I made, to get me to where I find myself at that moment. I do it as a sort of realignment exercise, to reset my position in life. I consider resetting yourself occasionally very important. If you don't see where you have been, the future is that much harder to connect to.

Back to my point though, whenever I do a repositioning survey of my life, the phrase "What if" comes to the surface. What if I had done this that way, or "What if" I look at doing things this way. The term "What if" I find is incredibly important. It is a phrase that has amazing power over us and our lives. Two words "What if" has the power to create greatness in our lives, or confine us all to a life of fear and confined thinking.

Seriously think about what I have just said and look at your own life. "What if" is such a powerful phrase in our lives. It has such power over our thinking. Let's explore this some more. To my way of thinking we are all each and every one of us "What if" people. The difference is that some of us are "What if?" and there are those of us that are "What If!" A subtle difference to be sure, however the difference between a question mark and an exclamation mark here can be extraordinary. Determining which "What if" you are can be a life changing experience. Understanding how you make your "What if" decisions can liberate your thinking and allow you to live your life with confidence and determination.

It is easy when you look at the great people in history to see the "What if!" people. They are littered throughout our history. Alexander the Great, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, the people responsible for placing a man on the moon are just a few examples of people who are "What If !" people. They looked at things which optimism and determination, they could see past the doubt and disaster that surrounds people who live their lives through the question mark. They saw the possibilities, not the consequences of their actions. They all, each and every one of them, lived their lives with a "What If!" They were all creators of opportunity. Where would we be, if the great people in history were all "What If?" people? The answer is simple nowhere.  

Can you think of any one in history who lived there life with a "What if?"  You won't find too many if any. Why because living your life through a question mark, stifles and confines you to a life lived in fear and anxiety. Living your life with a "What if?" breeds procrastination and leads inevitably to a life not lived. In my life reviews I can clearly see times when I've missed opportunities and allowed the question mark to overtake me. It is part of who we are, to question it is only an issue when this becomes the catalyst for all decisions and fear then takes over. We lose control of our lives and everything then becomes "What if?"  It is so import and to see past the question marks that present themselves in your life. Change the small things & start looking for the "!" Put your mind into a positive thinking mode. See the possibilities that exist within the decisions you make. Do not allow others to steal your "!" and replace them with "?" Be determined to replace all of the question marks in your life, with exclamations instead. Look for opportunities in your life now to do this and watch your life change. The energy that you create from this change of thinking will infect others around you as well and create a positive environment of exclamation people.

So next time you are reviewing your life, ask yourself are you a "What If!" person, or is there a big fat question mark in every decision you make. Perhaps it's time to look for opportunities and bring an exclamation mark into your thinking.
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Anthony looks forward to connecting with as many of you as possible throughout the year. If you would like to listen to some of these readings from the past few years, visit our website here.



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