Hello all great to be with you again. I trust this newsletter finds you all well and safe.

Its July already I cannot believe how fast this year has flow by, seems that the days are just melting into each other. I was only thinking the other day, about how long I have been working professionally as a medium and how many readings I estimate I have done in that time. My best estimate is twelve thousand readings, in the last fourteen years. I'm a bit blown away by that, it seems like just yesterday that I took the leap of faith and started working as a medium professionally. I have every one out there to thank for my longevity in this work. It's your support and encouragement that has always been so very much appreciated.

Maree and I recently stepped off the plane, from our annual tour of the north of Western Australia, going from twenty eight degrees and sun shine, to eight degrees and storms. We had a great few days, though we didn't have time to stop with four events one after the other. But as usual the crowds were great and Maree and I are very thankfully for the support shown to us, especially the help provided by the locals. Without local support it would be a lot more difficult to take this work to the regional centres. We aren't quiet finished with the north yet, with August seeing us in Broome for a seminar and workshop. I know Vikii my lovely wife is looking forward to this, as she will be joining me on this trip ... I wonder why?

Some exciting things coming up in the next six months of this year, not least of all is my trip to the UK for a little work and a lot of play. I haven't been to England or Scotland so I'm very much looking forward to it. We also have a major new project that we will launch in the next few months; this involves everyone out there who supports my work. It's very exciting and over the next few months we will let you know how you can get involved.

I'm also well on the way to a pre Xmas release of my new meditation CD. It will be very specific and include three meditations; a general health and well-being meditation, a meditation that is specifically designed for depression and anxiety, and also one for students who need help with concentration and study. I'm very excited about this and can't wait to share it with you all.

We still have several events coming up before my UK trip, including Kalgoorlie this week followed by Perth, Albany, Bunbury & Mandurah. For further event dates see below.

Thanks to everyone who attended my workshops so far this year, I have had a lot of fun doing these. For those interested in talking to spooks, in November I will be running my Mediumship Basics Workshop in Perth. And for those in Broome you still have the opportunity to attend my Meet Your Spirit Guide Workshop while I'm in town. If you are starting out on your spiritual journey or even if you just want to understand who helps you in spirit, then the Meet your Spirit Guide's workshop is for you. Call Maree a.s.a.p. if you're interested in coming along. These are a great day, fully catered in a relaxed atmosphere, with like-minded people and numbers limited to 20 participants in each.

We have now completed two of three Sťances with lots of amazing things happening, including levitation and moving of our sťance table. It goes a long way to validate the existence of the spirit world. The next sťance has sold out, but hopefully we will have a couple more dates for later in the year soon.

We are trying to organise something spooky for Halloween in October. So those who may be interested keep an eye out a little closer to Halloween and we will see what we can scare up.

Just a word on private readings I've had lots of questions regarding our readings and waitlists. We have worked really hard to reduce waiting times and now have phone readings available within 2 to 3 months. Psychic readings are approximately 2 to 3 month wait and mediumship readings in Perth, around 8 months and Bunbury, around 6 months. It's a great time to put your hand up for a private reading with me. So if you would like to book, please call the office and speak to the lovely Sharon or register at whispersfrombeyond.com.au

Ok well that's it from me I hope you enjoy the rest of this newsletter. Until we speak again, stay safe.


Love and blessings


Our Seminars & Workshops fill up fast...
To avoid disappointment book now through our website click here or if you prefer call
9791 8529


July events:

August events:  
Broome, Perth
& Albany



September events:  
& Mandurah  

Feelings are the eyes and ears of the soul...

So feel.


Anthony Grelka


Come along and share an extraordinary few hours with Anthony, as he opens the door between this world and the next. Revelations given and predictions made throughout the night, will take audiences on a spellbinding journey both emotionally and spiritually. Guaranteed to leave audiences with just one message-spirit can and will communicate with the living.        


 KALGOORLIE SEMINAR - Friday 25th July 2014
WMC Conference Centre "Auditorium" 44 McDonald Street - Tickets $75

BROOME - Wednesday 6th August 2014
Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa "Sam Male Room" WA - Tickets $70

PERTH SEMINAR - Sunday 17th August 2014 (Matinee event starts 1:30pm)
State Library of WA "Theatrette", Francis Street, Northbridge WA - Tickets $65

ALBANY SEMINAR - Saturday 23rd August 2014
Stirling Club Albany, Stirling Terrace Albany WA - Tickets $65

BUNBURY SEMINAR - Wednesday 3rd September 2014
Quality Hotel Lord Forrest, 20 Symmons Street, Bunbury WA - Tickets $65

MANDURAH SEMINAR - Friday 5th September 2014
The Sebal Mandurah, 1 Marco Polo Drive, Mandurah WA - Tickets $65

ROCKINGAM SEMINAR - Friday 24th October 2014
The Castle Theatre, 8 Attwood Way, Rockingham WA - Tickets $65

JOONDALUP SEMINAR - Sunday 26th October 2014 (Matinee event starts 1:30pm)
Arena Joondalup 'Premiers Suite', Kennedya Drive, Joondalup W.A.  - Tickets $65

All tickets can be purchased online through our

 website using eventbrite 

or by calling 08 9791 8529 during office hours (WST).

Transaction fees apply when purchasing online.


All Seating is unallocated. Bookings are essential to avoid disappointment.



We have worked hard to reduce the waiting lists for a mediumship private reading and I'm pleased to say we have made some good headway. In fact now is a great time to put your name on the waitlist's. Anthony currently offers appointments via phone readings and face-to-face mediumship readings in Bunbury and Applecross. For further details &/or to add your name to the waitlist check out our website, or call Sharon at the office 08 9791 8529 on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and she will assist with your enquiries.

It's also good news for those wanting a Psychic reading as the wait is currently less than three months and possibly even sooner depending on availability. We're especially pleased this waitlist has been reduced, as we understand the need in many instances for answers / guidance being required in a timelier manner. So if you have a question about your life, the situations surrounding your life, and/or are looking for some insight into what's around the corner? Give the office a call or use the forms on our website and put your name down for a Psychic reading now and we will fit you in a.s.a.p.

Approximate waitlist times at present:
*    Mediumship reading in Bunbury -  less than 6 months
*    Mediumship reading in Perth - less than 9 months
*    Mediumship reading by Phone - 2 to 3 months
*    Psychic Reading - 2 to 3 months




We are continually striving to reduce the wait times for a reading with Anthony; as such Sharon is regularly sorting through the lists with this endeavour in mind.


There are however, many people on the list who we have been contacted via email and from whom we have had no response (possibly due to email addresses changing/caught in spam etc.), or whose phone numbers no longer work, etc. Even though we take the utmost care of our list, it is also possible that you have been missed, or that our communications have gone astray!


If you feel that you have been on ANY of our private reading wait lists for more than 12 months and do still want a reading, please send an email to info@whispersfrombeyond.com.au or phone Sharon in the office on 9791 8529 (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays). We can then check our records, confirm contact details and set a reading date for you.   







For the first time in several years we are offering the opportunity for a limited few to join Anthony for a sťance. We will try table tipping and use the Ouija Board.

Groups will be limited to 6 participants only and you can participate in one or all three dates currently on offer. Availability of tickets will be on a first in first served basis via our website.


IMPORTANT: Participants must not be on any high drug doses or have consumed alcohol 24 hours before the sťance. An open mind and a sense of adventure are needed. Participants must be aware there are no guarantees as to any outcome, as the results of any sťance are undeterminable.






No Ghost Tours are currently scheduled. However if you would like to be kept informed as soon as dates are confirmed, please join the Ghost Tour waitlist via our website.



Anthony will be conducting the following workshops in 2014:  
This will be an enlightening day full of information and practical exercises which will enable you to work toward meeting your spiritual guides and help you to understand how a continued dialogue can be maintained. We hope you will leave the workshop with the tools and the knowledge to develop your own understanding and acceptance of your guides and how they can help you. This will not only be an enlightening experience but a fun day of learning with other like-minded people and for many it will herald the start of a beautiful and fulfilling relationship with your spirit guides.   


Do you want to see dead people? Well perhaps not see the dead, but this workshop will give you the basics needed to develop your skills in Mediumship. We will discuss the various techniques used by mediums; learn how the different psychic modalities work in mediumship. Anthony will also teach you how to conduct a sťance safely and how to achieve good results. We will also discuss Physical Mediumship and Anthony will give you the opportunity to practice your skills under his guidance. So join one of the world's foremost mediums for a day of mediumship and fun. 

The cost of the workshops includes; workshop materials, lunch,
morning and afternoon tea!

Places will be limited to 20 people unless otherwise advised.


To secure your spot either book your place through our website www.whispersfrombeyond.com.au or call 9791 8529. If booking through our website full payment is required, however if you prefer call the office and $150 will secure your place in the workshop, with the balance owing 14 days prior to workshop date.




"Some people have different ways than yours of having fun. You can't judge 'em, you can't dismiss 'em, and you can't say; 'What an idiot, what a fool.' You just have to accept their truth of their harmony with what they wanna do in their heart. As long as it's not hurting anyone." - Gary Busey




The following video was bought to my attention via Facebook.

I suggest everyone watch this.   


IMPORTANT WARNING: Please be warned the content of this video is a little disturbing, as you will see a mouse dying after being caught in a mouse trap. HOWEVER, what you witness in the last few seconds of the video is extremely important. I suggest if you can't manage to watch it all ... then skip the first 38 seconds.


Video was taken by Paul Rozek and he included the following comments:

This is kind of morbid... Caught this little guy poking around my garage. I wasn't going to post it but then I noticed something right at 43 seconds, almost identical to the time he stops twitching....

I just recorded this in my garage... I set my phone on a box facing the trap and resume working on my nephew's car in the driveway.


Anthony's thoughts:

If this video is legit and as I've said a hundred times before, film and photos are very hard to prove as legit, but if it is .... It's remarkable. It proves two things to me, firstly that animals have souls and a spirit, but also that orbs are as I've said before, spiritual manifestations.  

A remarkable video ... If you can bear to watch it, it's absolutely worth it. This is the evidence that to me is so important.          

On Facebook several people questioned why you would film this.I can see how some might question this and I can't answer that.  I doubt however, that he thought he would capture what he did. It was so unpronounced that I think it's legit.    

I can also say, to me it has a feeling of legitimacy. I don't know for sure it just feels right, but who knows. It's interesting whatever you think.  


 Look at video here (opens in Facebook) 







Wow what an interesting picture this is and like so many pictures sent to me, leaves more questions than it answers.

I have seen pictures like this before and it appears that if indeed this is a spirit, then it's using the energy in the room to manifest itself... if only for an instance.

Whatever it is, it's a great capture. Thanks Kacey for sharing. 





When meditating to communicate with your spirit guide's;

Try placing a piece of carbon paper under your seat or, close to where you are and ask your guides to mark the paper in some way, through the carbon paper.

Another interesting way of getting a communication from your guides or loved ones, is to have a digital recorder close by and ask that they leave a message on the recorder.



"A wet man does not fear the rain." Changed the way I think about things.


 Each month Anthony will answer a few  general questions about spirituality. If there is anything you would like to ask, please email in your questions. Please do not send questions of a personal nature asking Anthony to connect with your loved ones, as this is not the intention of this section.  


This isn't really a question, however my wife had a very unusual thing happen a week or so ago. While walking through a supermarket, she approached an older lady in a wheelchair. As they drew closer for a few seconds, her face took on the features of my wife's recently past mother. She swears it was real and moved her deeply! Roger


Hey Roger, I have heard of this before although very rare. I believe at that moment your mother-in-law imprinted on this lady for an instance, so your wife in that moment had a connection to her mother. You can actually do this for yourself by sitting in front of a mirror, in a low light room staring into the mirror. After a short time some people see their face take on different shapes etc. The correct term for this is scrying. 




My young son, who is only nine months old, often stares off at things that I can't see. Is it possible that he is seeing my grandmother, who past just before he was born?



Hello Candice thanks for your question, it's one I get asked often. Although I cannot tell you for sure, if it is your grandmother that he is seeing. I can be confident in telling you that children, even very young children, are very sensitive to spirits and will often follow them, as they see them with their eyes. Children are generally very aware, especially as they haven't been told ghosts aren't real yet and can just have the experience.     



Hello Anthony, I had a very weird experience the other night that I hope you can help with. I was quietly meditating, when I swear I heard my little fox terrier barking and running at my feet. The dog has been dead for three months? Sharon  



Hello Sharon, although some may say what you experienced was wishful thinking, especially as the dog was close to you and only recently past. I however, believe our animals like friends and family, want us to know they are ok. Your dog just wanted to say hi and during a quiet time like that, is perfect timing.  


Thank you for asking and I hope these response's help!



Send your questions to: maree@whispersfrombeyond.com.au


Subject line: Questions for the newsletter





Hello healthy friends, I hope this newsletter finds you healthy and strong and fighting off those winter bugs.  A healthy immune system is such a blessing, look after your body with fantastic foods and lots of sleep and the winter will hopefully pass without too many illnesses!

I have recently been trying to avoid dairy, as I feel that it doesn't sit very well with me.  When I have lots of dairy milk, my sinuses tend to flare up and I also get aches in my back and in my joints that are simply not there when I avoid it!!  I seem to be ok with butter (thank goodness!) and the occasional bit of good yoghurt on some fruit, but, for me, I think less dairy is a better thing.

This has led me to start experimenting with nut milks.  I dislike the packaged milks.  Most of them are ultra-heat treated, which of course destroys all the nutrients ... and actually, I just don't like how they taste.  I have learned to drink my coffee black, but nothing beats a creamy delicious coffee or hot choc on a cold day.  So I have been making milks!  This is so easy, and fun to experiment with different nuts and seed to see what you like.  I began with Almond Milk, it's so very popular and all those hippies cannot be wrong!! J..  I have also made Almond and Cashew, Brazil nut milk, plain cashew and a combination of all three.  My next attempt will be hemp seed and cashew. 

To make your own nut milk, all you need is a blender (the higher power the better) and some muslin, cheesecloth or a nut milk bag (available at all good health food shops and some kitchen shops for around $15)

Choose your nuts!  You need approximately 1 cup of nuts for 1 litre of milk, plus 2-4 fresh dates and 1 litre of filtered water.

  1. Soak 1 cup of nuts in water overnight (or at least for a few hours) - this helps break down the parts of the nut that is hard to digest and it also softens them up so that making the milk will be better.
  2. Drain the soaking water away and discard.
  3. Blend the soaked nuts, along with 2-4 fresh medjool dates (optional) and 2 cups of water.  Blend them on the highest speed for at least 1 minute. 
  4. Then add another 2 cups of water and blend again for another minute.
  5. Pour the whole lot through your nut milk bag.  You will need to massage the pulp to release the milk; it's kind of like milking a cow!!
  6. Bottle up your milk and pop it in the fridge!  Fresh nut milk lasts about 3 days in the Fridge.

Try using all sorts of different nuts as they all have different nutritional properties.   Cashews are exceptionally creamy and mild in taste - Almond and Cashew Milk coffees are amazing!  Also, Rice, Hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc.  There is no end to the combinations you can try! ENJOY!



Someone asked: "What is the meaning of life?"  
Some random dude replied: "To give life a meaning."  



"Afterlife experience with massive loss of life"      



The massive loss of life we have seen recently, with two major aircraft crashes and the major loss of life in Gaza to mention but a few, has many thinking about the reality of what happens in the afterlife, when such a massive loss of life happens. I have asked this question myself many times.

The first time, was with the massive loss of souls on 9/11. I recall the deep sadness that I felt, when watching the live pictures coming out of New York. I despaired for the loss of so many and knew I needed to understand what happens, when there is such a mass passing of souls into the afterlife.

I can recall several months after 9/11, I read for a young American lady who had lost her father in the twin towers. He was a New York fire fighter. I knew that this was a great opportunity to ask what happened when he passed. I was particularly interested in how his loss was dealt with, along with so many others. I was surprised to find that what he was showing me, was exactly what I had been shown many times before, by numerous other souls.

The individual's soul family was ready and waiting as they crossed over, to help and encourage the understanding of what has happened. Quick and violent death can be a shock to the individual, so it is important that family is ready and waiting, to receive the individual souls over.

The only perceived difference appeared to be that the family waiting seemed to be ready and waiting in numbers. A big welcoming committee seemed to be in place early ... ready and waiting. It would appear as if they knew, there was to be a mass migration of souls across into spirit.

I suspect that as these events happen, the souls in spirit are primed and ready to accept the souls over. I also suspect that just as any other passing whether it is in mass, or as individuals, the process of death is a very individual event, which is experienced as an individual soul. And it doesn't matter if one passes or a hundred pass, the event is unique and special for each soul.


RADIO 2014
In regional W.A. Anthony will be a regular on Hot FM W.A with Ryan & Rosie throughout 2014.

In Perth Anthony will occasionally drop in at 92.9, to chat with Heidi, Will & Woody throughout the year. To listen online www.929.com.au/listen/

Maree will advise radio dates on Facebook as they become available.

We will regularly be giving away tickets to our events, so don't forget to tune in and GOOD LUCK.

Anthony looks forward to connecting with as many of you as possible throughout the year. If you would like to listen to some of these readings from the past few years, visit our website here.



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