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Throughout WILD10, we'll be streaming select sessions via Ustream on the WILD10 website and providing live coverage on our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram accounts. 
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Trail to Salamanca
"While walking the Trail to Salamanca I'm meeting many who have taken a bold leap of faith and chosen to return to village life and traditional values, rather than the quest for ever-more money and possessions which ultimately left them feeling poorer."

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What's happening at WILD10?

Almost time to go! WILD10, the 10th World Wilderness Congress (WWC) is ready to convene in Salamanca, Spain to "Make the World a Wilder Place." After two years of collaboration and planning, involving over 1000 delegates from over 50 nations and an estimated 30,000 on-line--including 100 traditional leaders from communities around the world--WILD10 will focus on state-of-the-art information, inspiration, and practical, positive results in policy, protected areas, economics, business, communications, and more.  



With a significant history of accomplishments, the WWC is the world's longest-running, international, public project and process for wild nature and human society. WILD10's collaborative process was invited to Europe by the Spanish Government, the European Commission, and a host of conservation NGOs.  Delegates represent governments, NGOs, businesses, science, Indigenous communities, youth leaders, the arts and the public. WILD10 is an exciting and diverse array of best-practice models, newly forged solutions, cultural events, trainings, associated meetings, and symposia.


In addition to the policy, science, management, private sector models, and intergenerational programs, the WILD10 Cultural Program is superb....we emphasize that because "culture is part of the solution!" Check out our exciting WILD10 program:

Global Intergovernmental Forum on Wilderness (GIFW)


WILD10 government participants from around the world will gather together for a special 2-day  Global Intergovernmental Forum on Wilderness (GIFW) (2-3 October). The Forum's aim is to stimulate an informal exchange of ideas and experiences among national and international government agencies, state/provincial and local government agencies, and Indigenous/tribal governments to foster stronger policies and collaborative strategies for the conservation of wild nature worldwide.


The theme for the GIWF is: "Nature Conservation in a Changing World: Transboundary and Public-Private Partnerships for Land and Seascape Approaches to Ecosystem Conservation."


The GIFW is kindly hosted by Spain's Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Environment (MAGRAMA) with co-chairs from MAGRAMA, the European Commission, the US Forest Service, and the US Bureau of Land Management (Department of Interior).

Global Intergovernmental Forum on Wilderness Feature: 

Regional Workshops for Government Representatives: Natural Environment Stressors. Facilitated workshop groups will define common ground, characterize current situation, envision desired outcomes, and explore practical tools for achieving outcomes, including transboundary and public-private partnerships. Regional sessions include: Environmental for Europe Process, The Americas and Caribbean, North Africa, the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa, and South-east Asia and Australasia


The Global Gathering

The WILD10 Global Gathering (GG) (4-5-6 October), is where leaders will announce objectives and new models from many different sectors. 


There will be three full days of high-caliber substance, and positive, practical solutions along with an inspiring and diverse cultural program. Drawing from the best of both the host Latin culture and the US/Northern Europe, these plenary sessions will be short, visual, and fast moving. The GG will summarize the very many conservation solutions globally that are successfully making the world a wilder place. Most of the sessions will direct delegates to more detailed discussions and workshops that will be following in the working sessions of the Global Forum (8-9-10 October).


Maurizio Biancarelli/Wild Wonders of Europe 


Global Gathering Feature:


Europe-A Century of Nature Conservation
A diverse array of inspiring experts and leaders will join together to share the past, present and future of Europe's wilderness. Exploring how Europe's wildlife is coming back-including the Swiss National Park and Great Mountain Corridor-will help shape up the collective vision for an even wilder Europe. One of the top highlights will be the Rewilding Europe/WILD10 launch
The Global Forum

The Global Forum (GF) (8-9-10 October) is a 3-day culmination of coalitions and initiatives that will be featured in several intensive working sessions and forums. A few of the highlighted programs include: Science and Stewardship Symposium, Indigenous & Community Lands and Sea Forum, Citizen Activism Workshop, Rewilding Europe, WiLDSpeak Conservation Photography, and Working Coalition programs. Training workshops, round table sessions and poster session will highlight the most pressing issues of wilderness conservation.



The GF will also launch WILDshorts- a special outdoor short film festival The GG program will also integrate a global cultural programs as well as a Tent Expo.


Global Forum Feature:


The Wilderness Science and Stewardship Symposium will join leaders, scientists, managers and public conservationist for a three-day Global Forum. Over 200 concurrent sessions, presentations, discussion groups, round tables and poster sessions will address timely themes in wilderness conservation. One of the most exciting highlights will to see our Working Coalitions in action: WILD Water, CoalitionWILD, Nature Strategy for Sustainability and WILD Cities.



Ever wonder how WILD10 came to be? As a flagship project of  The WILD Foundation, the first World Wilderness Congress convened in South Africa in 1977. It was a pioneering event, introducing the concept of wilderness as an issue of international importance. The Congress has now convened 9 times on 5 continents and provides critical venues for education, training, networking and information exchange across diverse groups.