WILD10 e-newsletter // September 2013 // Week 3 


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Trail to Salamanca
"It is Day 99 since starting my walk from Geneva to Salamanca when my friend John Horler spots a movement through the scope. Antonio confirms that it is indeed 'el Lobo'. I have fulfilled a dream and seen my first wolf in the wilds, watching it for a few minutes with a feeling of incredible exhilaration and gratitude."
WILD10 Resolutions begin now!
The Resolutions are a significant part of WILD10's "call to action." All the details to write & submit are now online. Start now, add your voice to the call for a wilder world!
Featured Photographers in the Global Gathering
Morgan Heim 
Florian Schulz
Staffan Widstrand 
The WILD Wall

Help us create a list of the top scientific research questions in ecology, conservation and biodiversity that, if answered, will have an incredible impact on wilderness and wild lands worldwide!

Answer the following question and email your response to topquestions@wild10.org

"What are the top scientific research questions concerning or involving wilderness and wild lands?"


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Conservation Photography

Are you a photographer interested in working for conservation? Are you a conservationist or scientist that loves photography? Do you enjoy the sheer beauty of the natural world? In any case, you're meant to become a WiLDspeak participant!


WiLDspeak is a three-day conservation communications symposium that will highlight the many innovative ways in which visual communications can help conservation programs achieve tangible successes. Visual imagery, whether still or in video, can go far beyond simply raising awareness. It can inspire action!


This event is co-hosted by the International League of Conservation Photographers and WILD10 and will take place in the Juan del Enzina Theatre of Salamanca, from 8-10 October 2013.

International League of Conservation Photographers

iLCP is a US based 501(c)3 charitable organization whose mission is to further environmental and cultural conservation through ethical photography. Awe-inspiring photography is a powerful force for the environment, especially when paired with the collaboration of committed scientists, politicians, religious leaders and policy makers. iLCP aims to replace environmental indifference with a new culture of stewardship and passion for our beautiful planet.


For more information visit www.ilcp.com


WiLDspeak will feature a full schedule of individual and group presentations from iLCP Fellows, Affiliates and other invited guests. In total, more than 40 international speakers with highly diverse backgrounds will offer a highly engaging and intelligent and spectacular program.  

Some WiLDspeak 
highlights include:


Odile Rodriguez de la Fuente  


Undoubtedly, one of the most exciting themes of WiLDspeak is WiLDwomen. This series of daily roundtable discussions will highlight and reinforce the essential role of women in the advancement of conservation communications that offer a powerful tool in building a sustainable tomorrow. Join amazing women from all over the world in these inspiring sessions. 


WILD Water cross-over day

Sardines underwater Octavio Aburto
All Wednesday sessions are cross-over events with WILD Water, one of the WILD10 Working Coalitions that is designed to advance our global mission of wild nature conservation through policy, practice, and advocacy.   In these sessions, marine scientists and conservation practitioners will join photographers and filmmakers to explore and forge new strategies for working together "on the front lines" of threats to wild nature in our oceans, coastal areas, inland waterways, and other marine and freshwater environments.


WILD Europe

Staffan Widstrand / Wild Wonders of Europe

Join the conservation efforts of European photographers across the continent working hard to make Europe a wilder place and replicate similar actions in other regions of the world.  From the Russian steppes to the Mediterranean coasts, from the Baikal Seal to the Iberian Lynx, get ready to get inspired by the conservation momentum that is transforming Europe.


Film Festival
More than ever, films are a powerful tool for bringing environmental issues to life. Through storytelling and breathtaking visuals, film is a crucial element for inspiring awareness and action. WiLDspeak will be seasoned with some of the best nature, wildlife, conservation and social films, including a selection from the prestigious WildScreen Festival and WILDshorts, one night of short films (12 minutes or less) projected in the outdoors Plaza de Bandos


Photo Exhibits

iLCP Danajon Banks, Claudio Contreras

WiLDspeak is a tribute to the power of images for conservation, and to celebrate it, different venues in town will host photographic exhibits, open to the public, that will bring some of most remote corners of our planet closer to the people of Salamanca. Among them we will find a selection of spectacular images from the expeditions of the iLCP; the best of Wild Wonders of Europe; The Living Med, a visual journey through Mediterranean conservation, a portfolio about the endangered Cloud Forests of Mexico, and other beautiful surprises.


Juan del Enzina Theatre



Hidden in the old city of Salamanca is the spectacular Juan del Enzina theatre, an auditorium with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment that will make WiLDspeak a true feast for the senses. Tickets are selling quickly; don't miss your chance to be part of this unique gathering of conservation photographers. Visit www.wildspeak.org for a detailed schedule and buy your tickets here