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Trail to Salamanca
"Now, walking the long Trail to Salamanca through the Great Mountain Corridor that links the Alps, Grand Massif, Pyrenees and Cantabrian Range, I'm increasingly aware of its iconic presence as one of the most admired examples of European wildlife. Seeing it is a relative rarity and cause for celebration."

Featured WILD10 ambassador
Juan Luis Arsuaga: Paleontologist, Director of Human Evolution & Behavior Center (UCM)

"It is a serious mistake to believe that the future lies in the past. We can not retrace time and go back to pre-History. Instead, it is about building a better world. In the end, we all know what that better world looks like, and there is nothing we human beings cannot achieve, if we all dream together. This is the positive message that we will share at WILD10!" 

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Wildlife needs you!

Mali Elephants Carlton Ward

Wildlife is the soul of wild nature- animals "animate" the lands and seas. However, there are many situations throughout the world that threaten these wonderful animals. The poaching crisis escalates daily. Wars take their toll on wildlife, but some solutions beat the odds- such as the desert elephants of Mali 

Fishing Cat Josh Lewis, Morgan Heim and The Fishing Cat Research and Conservation Project

 Other species are struggling at the edge of extinction...the Iberian Lynx, Blue-fin tuna, the elusive fishing cat, various primates and more. Yet some species making a comeback across Europe and throughout the world; wolves are spreading, the white-tailed sea eagle is breeding well, bison are populating the woods & fields, wild turkey roam the landscapes, and some animals are even adapting to cities! There are many challenges, and there are many solutions. 


The WILD10 program is "animated" with these issues and stories, the struggles to survive, and the people on the front lines working to protect wildlife. Join us at WILD10 to hear their stories and help them by getting involved!


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 WILD10 Delegates: Do you live or work in a WILD place?


Europe is becoming a wilder place, and that's why WILD10 will convene there. Even on the world's most densely populated continent, wild nature & human society can have a new relationship. This idea of a new, wilder, reborn Europe can create a true feeling of European identity and it can start a new global movement for nature and wilderness. Wilderness is an old resource for a new and wilder world!


The locations in this GeoStory are just a few examples of the many wild places found throughout the world.



WILD Delegates: we want to know...do you live or work in/nearby a WILD place? Show us through images, video, audio, text and mapping location!


Would you like a chance to win FREE REGISTRATION to WILD10? Tell us how are you making the world a wilder place in your one-minuteWILD video!

one-minuteWILD is the YouTube video channel for the 10th World Wilderness Congress. Get involved and share with us any story, activity, thoughts, project or any single action that you or your organisation are doing to make the world a wilder place.

  • Video submissions must be one-minute in length. 
  • Participants can submit as many entries as they wish and use any accessible technology to film, or if they would like, edit their videos.
  • The approved submitted videos will be screened during the congress. The two videos with the highest "YouTube likes" will be awarded with a free WILD10 registration.
  • The channel will be open to "likes" and submissions until September 18th, 24:00hrs EST, winners will be announced on September 23rd
  • Videos should be emailed to oneminutewild@gmail.com us platforms such as www.wetransfer.comor www.yousendit.com 
  • Please include: your name or organisation, the title of your video and a short description.
  • You will receive an email as soon as we receive your video entry and a second one once your video is online in the channel ready to be "liked."

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