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Salamanca hotels are booking very fast for the Congress time frame! October begins the tourist high season in Salamanca and accommodation is limited.  We highly recommend that you book your accommodation on the WILD10 registration site very soon - before 15 July - to ensure you secure the hotel and location your prefer. After that we cannot guarantee availability.


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Stands are going fast for "The Tent" Expo! Send your application in before the prices increase by 20% on July 1st!
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Launching the Trail to Salamanca

What happens when you shift from living a life of fast cars and roaring crowds to that of an Earth Pilgrim? For renowned South African racecar driver Geoff Dalglish, it's a personal calling to leave only footprints as he walks the world raising awareness and support for wild nature. Geoff believes that "if you see life as a miraculous journey, it will take you to amazing places," and he is leading by example. In Geoff's words, "This journey is about both nature and spirit, because I believe they are inseparable... and vital for our future on Planet Earth."


Trail to Salamanca
Trail to Salamanca


On the Trail to Salamanca, Geoff will hike 1,500 mi, crossing six countries and four major mountain ranges to document and draw attention to the opportunities presented by the remarkable return across Europe of wilderness, wildlife, and ecological corridors!


Geoff embarked on his trek June 2, 2013, in Geneva, Switzerland, and will end at WILD10 in Salamanca, Spain, this October. 


He "walks in faith" as he knows it's the right thing to do and people of his like mind and hearts will support this journey for the good of earth and all its life. He needs your help to complete this epic adventure.


Geoff's journey is proof that you can make remarkable discoveries by treading lightly and lovingly upon the Earth. We hope you can help and join us in celebrating this success story to "make the world a wilder place."




We must raise $24,500 to complete his journey, and one thing you can do - quite literally - is buy miles for Geoff. 


Twenty-five dollars will cover 1.5 miles (2.5 km). Along the way, Geoff will send back stories and images of Europe's re-wilding. For each level of giving, you receive varying forms of thanks and gifts, such as a signed copy of Geoff's book, "Lost and Found: From Racecar driver to Earth Pilgrim, from Soweto to Findhorn."



Can you help Geoff by making a donation through our Indiegogo campaign, or sharing with your friends & family? Every little bit helps- let's get Geoff to WILD10 in Salamanca!


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Featured WILD10 Ambassador
Xavier Pastor: 
Executive Director, Oceana Europe

"A wilder planet requires the conservation and recovery of large areas of the oceans, which cover three quarters of its surface. Its populations of mammals, birds, reptiles, fishes, invertebrates, phanerogams and algae need to recover their splendor. We will accomplish it by protecting them from destructive fishing and the different types of pollution. The health of the oceans requires that at least one third of their extent is preserved from any kind of aggression or impact. Join WILD10's effort to achieve it!"