WILD10 e-newsletter // May 2013
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Wilder World Challenge
The Trail to Salamanca
Lincoln Meyer: CoalitionWILD
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Featured WILD10 Ambassador

Joaquín Aráujo: Conservationist and Writer


"Wild Nature and untransformed lands provide us not only indispensable environmental goods and services. Through emotion and knowledge, they also sustain and enhance our human condition. WILD10 works for the conservation and recovery of wild lands, for their own value and for what they mean to our society. Let's support WILD10!"

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Join the Wilder World Challenge

Are you creating a wilder world? CoalitionWILD wants to hear from you!


CoalitionWILD has launched the Wilder World Challenge - an international challenge to get more people involved in making the world a wilder place.  Share your idea or project and be entered to win a trip to Spain to present it to the world at WILD10 in October, 2013.

It's easy: First, like CoalitionWILD on Facebook, then get creative! Take photos, make a video, shout it from the rooftops! Inspire us, excite us..but most of all - be you! Submit your project through our Wilder World Challenge tab on Facebook by July 1, 2013, and bam - you're entered to win.


Top projects will also gain mentorship from international leaders or a grant to further your idea. Projects can range from local to global in scope and can include anything that you think makes the world a wilder place - however big or small.


Submit your project on CoalitionWILD's Facebook challenge page by July 1, 2013. Our panel of international judges will select the top projects or ideas and announce the winners on July 15, 2013. 


Trail to Salamanca: 
A WILD Walk!


The Trail to Salamanca - El Camino Salvaje - is a physical and virtual journey to WILD10 across Europe to Salamanca, Spain, following ancient and newly re-emerging ecological corridors in Europe.  Its aim is to spread the vision of a wilder Europe and document -through photos, drawings, videos, and stories - the current return of wildness to Europe. It will show wildlife, small as well as larger areas of existing and potential wild areas and how they can be connected, plus the people and organizations that make it happen.


The Trail to Salamanca will launch on June 2, 2013, starting Geneva, Switzerland. Blogs, images, and stories will be posted daily by Geoff Dalglish, the core Team Leader, on a special web platform to be launched when he starts the Trail. Geoff, as he gathers others along the way, will hike 125 days, covering 2500 km (1500 miles) across six countries.


The Trail will culminate in October 2013 in Salamanca at WILD10, the global gathering of the wilderness movement. Stay tuned for more information! 

Lincoln Meyer: 
CoalitionWILD member




Lincoln hails from Pearston, a small town in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and works for the Wilderness Foundation on a social intervention project called Umzi Wethu Academy for Vulnerable Youth as a project coordinator at the Conservation Academy. This a conservation-focused holistic life and work skills program aimed at creating young conservation leaders out of vulnerable youth from the most rural parts of South Africa. The Umzi Wethu Academy equips the youth with accredited skills and qualifications in the conservation sector and then places them with employing partners in the eco-tourism and conservation sector. Wilderness plays the most important part of the training, and a large amount of time is spent in pure wilderness areas.


Before joining Umzi Wethu as a student 7 years ago, Lincoln was a very rebellious young man, one that could have been very destructive to himself as well as others around him. Wilderness has healed that within him, it taught him to be calm, patient and most importantly to be true to his role in the environment as a whole. Together with the acute mentor-ship, the wild turned him into a leader and a role model. His only aim is to expose as many young people as possible to nature and its healing powers. Lincoln sees his life and that of any other organism in nature as unanimous. He lives for the environment as it is living for him.


Lincoln represents the Wilderness Foundation SA on the CoalitionWILD team as a Movement Visionary. The program aims to connect young professionals with experienced conservationists. More information on this is on the CoalitionWILD webpage.