WILD10 e-newsletter // February 2013
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The idea for the Tracks of Giants expedition was launched at WILD9 (Mexico, 2009), and was successfully completed late in 2012 under the auspices of the Wilderness Foundation (South Africa) and The WILD Foundation. Co-leaders Ian McCallum and Ian Michler of South Africa lead a changing team of invited local conservationists to join them as they hiked, mountain biked, and kayaked over 5,000 km across Southern Africa, from The Atlantic coast of Namibia to the Indian Ocean coast of Mozambique and South Africa.  WILD10 will feature Tracks' dramatic conservation work that thoroughly documented the success stories and the challenges of the human/wildlife interface in  six countries across the region. For a  preview, see the coverage in the most recent Africa Geographic magazine.


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Delegate Pre-Registration

We expect to launch the on-line registration process in early March 2013, fully seven months before WILD10 convenes in Salamanca. Our intention is to keep costs as low as possible. Please note that very few scholarships are available. For your convenience in pre-planning and budgeting, we want to summarize the main elements. 


WIILD10 is seven days total, divided into two aspects with a field excursion ("Wild Day" in between), Please click here to see the basic structure.


Full registration for all 7 days is € 390:-, or € 200:- for either "The Global Gathering" or "The Global Forum".  For registered students and delegates from developing countries, the cost is € 300:- for the 7 days.  An "early-bird registration" cost of € 340:- will also be available for a limited time, starting early March when registration goes live on-line.


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The WILD10 Process Accelerates!

Planning the WILD10 conservation objectives is rapidly  increasing  across Europe and elsewhere.  An executive-level  group from US and European government agencies are at work on the Intergovernmental Forum on Wilderness (2-3 October, Salamanca). The WILD Cities working group coordinated by Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) and The WILD Foundation convened both German and international workshops in Berlin during December and January, and the first report will be available in March. Ecological and media  professionals met in Barcelona in late January, sponsored by the Fundació Catalunya, to continue work on both the conservation substance of a major WILD10 objective, a "New Conservation Vision for Europe," and a communications plan for the associated project, El Camino Salvaje (The Wild Road). Updates from all these will be posted within the next month. 
Wild Cities working group meets in Berlin
Featured Partner: PAN Parks


PAN Parks works to safeguard European wilderness, the continent's most undisturbed areas of nature, for future generations. Therefore we are a proud partner of the WILD10 congress, which aims to highlight the achievements about wilderness preservation, and provide a leverage for further enhancing wilderness protection in Europe. PAN Parks participates in the international advisory committee of WILD10 and contributes to the development of the programme.


--Zoltan Kun, Executive Director

Exploring the land of bogs in Soomaa National Park © Arne Ader

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GenWILD is a unique campaign culminating in a social media-driven, global process that mobilizes young leaders worldwide to develop their leadership capacity. It's about passion, purpose, and product - not another conference or networking exercise. Simply put, we want to re-ignite amongst a new generation the passion for wild nature - and its essential life-supporting services - enabling our peers to make conservation a reality in their own backyards.
Coordinating GenWILD is the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition's founder Simon Jackson - and its network of some 6 million youth around the world-with a planning group of youth from many countries.  For more information and to be involved email: genwild@wild10.org