WILD10 e-newsletter // November 2012
Featured News
HM Queen Sofía of Spain has endorsed the aims of WILD10! As the Presidenta de Honorífica (Honorary President), Her Majesty will help represent the mission of WILD10. Read More



Bi-lingual website up & running! www.wild10.org
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Here we go!


Join us in Salamanca in October, 2013, as the WILD10 process culminates in the 10th World Wilderness Congress. Add your stories, vision, and your projects to the process. Hundreds of collaborators have been at work for months, working on the ideas, outcomes,  models, and inspiration that WILD10 will produce as we all work to Make the World a Wilder Place... 

WILD10 Video


WILD10 Introductory Video
Also available in Spanish and French!



WILDER WORLD GeoStories are coming soon!

National Geographic has donated a fabulous software platform so that within the next few months we can

launch an exciting new interactivity to wild10.org so

you can show how to Make the World a Wilder Place! 

Youth & Young Professionals


GenWILD, for youth up to 18 years, will be coordinated by Simon Jackson and the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition of Canada, working with Jane Goodall Institute's Roots 'N Shoots. coalitionWILD will draw together Young Professionals working to Make the World a Wilder Place, coordinated by our partners at The Murie Center. 
genWILDSimon Jackson: dsjackson@spiritbearyouth.org
coalitionWILD: Alyson Duffey & Crista Valentino
A Social Movement


Creating a social movement to Make the World a Wilder Place is all about collaboration, partners, and helping each other. As the next months proceed we'll bring to you short profiles of some of the many people, organizations big and small, government agencies, institutions and local groups who are part of the WILD10 process. To start with, here's just a few of our partners working right now!