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June 14, 2013
Dear Friends of Triple Oaks:
Summer is approaching and we are still in a cool rainy pattern which is fantastic for planting!  Look forward to the Summer Solstice when we can take advantage of the longest day of the year. Stay outside and enjoy the song of the birds and the chirp of the frogs as day slips into a long sunset. People all over have long celebrated this night with bonfires.

The season is great and the rains ensure good conditions for late spring/early summer planting. Remember the more you plant the better your garden will look. Pick and pick and it will bloom and bloom. Plant some tomatoes and basil now for a great harvest.

Page down to see our customer picture of the week, lots of great plants and a coupon for 25 % off annuals, baskets and 4 inch annual pots. 

Elderberry HSA Herb of the Year!
Sambucus canadensis is a native shrub to South Jersey

Elderberry is a native shrub found growing wild along the creek out back at Triple Oaks, this plant has been culivated all over the world for millenia, our native species is Sambucus nigra var. canadensis or Sambucus canadensis and you can see it growing along streams all over south Jersey!

They have white flowers blooming right now which turn into dark purple clusters of fruits which have a wide range of medicinal properties and are also highly nutritious.

We have small plants in stock of this magical medicinal and nutritious plant!  When Pliny the Elder was writing about it, you know there is something to it and that you want one in your garden! 

Native Americans use it for many things. See all of this information in the Herb Society Elderberry Guide. 
elderberry guide, Herb Society of America
Itea and Clethra - Virginia Sweetspire and Summersweet

Itea virginicus 'Henry's Garnet' or Virginia Sweetspire fragrant blooms NOW
My favorite two shrubs for the garden are the native indiginous Itea virginicus and Clethra alnifolia, both are found in South Jersey along streams and upland, and they grow together and bloom fragrant flowers one after the other; Itea is blooming right now, and as soon as it finished, Clethra starts so using them in combinations is a great idea as they compliment each other nicely.
Itea will really heat up in fall with incredible burgundy fall color, while Clethra will turn bright yellow. 

Come in we have a great selection of both of these wonderful fragrant butterfly plants.    To keep with the theme of wonderful native fragrant plants, you may also want to grab a Sweet Bay Magnolia whose flowers are now purfuming the air, and a Cardinal Flower whose red blooms while not fragrant, earn their keep by attracting hummingbirds to your garden!
Stewartia pseudocamellia - Japanese Stewartia in stock and in bloom!

Japanese Stewartia is one of the BEST 4 season small flowering trees!
Japanese Stewartia is a fantastic 4 season interest tree, blooming now with lovely Camellia like flowers as hinted at in its name (pseudocamellia)   The flowers bloom over a several week period never in profusion but staged out.  Stewartia has very attractive foliage which turns fruity pebbles bright multiple colors in fall for a real display, and for winter, there is unusual patchy exfoliating bark which this tree is famous for! 

You can't beat Stewartia for 4 season interest, and its also a very unusual tree, at at 20-30' and not terribly wide, it is small enough for many uses in many gardens! 

We have two crops of container grown plants as well as one very large field grown specimen.  
Beautiful Dahlias blooming now!   Several varieties in stock now!
Beautiful Dahlias are in stock now and blooming like crazy!  Stop by and see these old fashioned beauties and pick one up for containers or in the border or beds where you want some wonderful reblooming bright colors all season long!
June is perennial plants month!!!

June is the month for perennials, whether planting, transplanting, propagating or just enjoying!!! Perennials in the nursery like the Crazy Daisy Shasta Daisy pictured to the right are ramping up and blooming hard and will continue to do so for all season long!   We have a great selection of Purple Cone Flowers, Black Eyed Susans, Shasta Daisy, Coreopsis and so many more in stock now!  We also have some unusual cultivars and unusual species of perennials that you can't find anywhere.

Don't forget the combinations plants, perennials go great with ornamental grasses, dwarf conifers, Camellias and so many other possibilities!

Black eyed Susans and Coreopsis add some sunshine to a garden in all weather ~

These are among the nicest and easiest to grow perennials. There are many varieties of each , but I like the heavy, bright gold ones best. The thrive in full sun or even a tad bit of shade, but do best in any soil that is well drained.Blooms usually last from spring till fall and will bloom longer if deadheaded regularly and given some food in mid summer. 
Butterflies love them and they will reseed if allowed.  



  Lollipop Azalea
This deciduous.summer flowering azalea is 
fragrant and beautiful. It has nice upright
lollipop azeala
pink and yellow  tinge in mid June
By late June mature flowers ar
silvery pink and continue to give a moderately 
heavy, sweet, lingering fragrance to the
 garden. Autumn color foliage is nice  
 in early September and continues 
with red-orange tones through October.  
Plant one now for a delightful wildflower look. 


Triple Oaks PRODUCE CSA - Taking Subscriptions NOW on natural & local produce & herbs we grow

Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes NO SPRAY naturally grown
Triple Oaks is offering subscriptions to our Produce CSA (Community Supported
Jersey Heirloom Tomatoes with basil!
 Agriculture) We have been growing produce and herbs for sale for 6 years now and new for this season we are offering for the first time CSA subscriptions for a 20 date season, as well as half seasons.  We are limited to 35 new customers so email right away to [email protected] if you are interested.

Maitake "Hen of the Woods" delicious & rare mushrooms
Our specialty is NO SPRAY naturally grown produce that we grow, including Heirloom Tomatoes, Peppers, Squash, Eggplants, Heirloom Kale, Swiss Chard, Beets, Asian greens, Heirloom Garlic 8 varieties, and many other specialty items, various Herbs, and new this year, free range organic eggs from the chickens that wander around Triple Oaks! 

We also bring in a few local items including baby arugula & spinach, Tree Fruit, Sweet Corn, Blueberries & exotic mushrooms all local of the highest quality!

If you are interested in subscribing for a weekly produce box, you may email to [email protected] for more info.   Boxes are ready for pickup on Saturdays at Triple Oaks Nursery and will cost $35 and $50 each witha locally grown flower option in the $50 size for an additional $10.   We are buildinga large produce/flower display garden area at Triple Oaks where we will produce cut flowers and demonstrate heirloom produce growing techniques that we use and a demonstration garden so you can see your produce and know where it comes from which is what CSA is all about
Aji Dulce is a sweet delicious and unusual pepper with no heat whatsoever with exquisite flavor!!!
Picture of the week! 
Lavender and Butterfly Flower Fairy Tea June 9, 2013
Everyone had fun at the fllower fairy tea. Longtime friend and customer, local resident Sally Weinstein( far right) attends with her daughter and great grand daughter!
garden flower fairy
I love the long hours of daylight and spend it in the garden. There is a blue bird on top the bird house in photo.  

kitchen garden
See you in the Garden!
Lorraine Kiefer
Triple Oaks Nursery & Herb Garden
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Plant these now for great summer color and to delight hummingbirds and butterflies.
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