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New Moon Water Meditation 
August 25, 2014
Hello Watery Ones,

We cycle around to another New Moon on Monday, August 25th.

On August 4th there was a failure of a containment pond attached to a mine in northwest Canada.  The spoiling of a watershed is ensuing.  The area is so beautiful.

Here's the list of waters affected:
Hazeltine Creek
Raft Creek
Quesnel River and Quesnel Lake
Fraser River

Ocean Conservancy Coastal Clean Up

The upcoming annual coastal clean up is scheduled for Saturday, September 20th. 

Water Happenings

Coral Reef News
From The Diane Rehm Show
"The Environmental Outlook: The Health and Future of Our Coral Reefs"

From CBS News
A fantastic series traversing the length of the Ganges

In The News

From Occupy .com
"How Crony Capitalism and Deregulation Poisoned Toledo's Water"

Updates on the chemical spill in January in W. Virginia
From The West Virginia Gazette
The Ripple Effect

To work with the powerful energies of the Supermoons of the summer, I began a 30-day email campaign to expand our awareness of water for growth and healing. 

The Ripple Effect emails began on the full moon of August 10th, and will complete on the full moon of September 9th.  If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please send an email to me at: jane@watertransformations.com

I can also forward any or all of the past two weeks messages if you send a request.
Here are the topics explored so far:
Day 1:   Making Full Moon Water
Day 2:   Releasing Resistance
Day 3:   Hydrate and Oxygenate
Day 4:   The Love Shower
Day 5:   Deep Relaxation and Letting Go
Day 6:   Programming Your BodyWater for Optimal Health
Day 7:   Meandering
Day 8:   Making Solar Water
Day 9:   Buoyancy
Day 10:  Love One Another's Water
Day 11:  Joy
Day 12:  Water Softening
Day 13:  Clarity
Day 14:  Gratitude
I am grateful to be on this journey together.

Many blessings to you.

Jane Reading