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January 2014
In this Issue:
  • Environmental Assessments: When are they required?
  • The Environmental Assessment Process
  • The "Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012" (CEAA)
An Environmental Assessment is a "planning and decision-making tool" that "identif[ies] and propose[s] mitigation measures for potential adverse environmental effects" resulting from proposed initiatives and are typically conducted in the planning stage 
For more information on when an Environmental Assessment is required and its benefits, Click Here

CEAA 2012

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 (CEAA 2012) "establishes the legislative basis" for federal environmental assessments

"Key provisions of concern" in CEAA 2012:
  • If provinces provide an "appropriate substitute", federal environmental assessments will not be conducted
  • Significantly fewer assessments will be conducted as a result of greater CEAA Agency discretion
  • Fewer factors required to be conducted in assessments, thus compromising the assessment process
  • Establishment of binding timelines
  • Reduced public participation 
To learn more about Bill C-38 and its implications, Click Here

For information on projects that require application of CEAA, Click Here

EA Process

A diagrammatic overview of the Environmental Assessment (EA) process managed by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency can be found here

Aboriginal Consultation
A component of CEAA 2012 is "communication and cooperation with Aboriginal peoples"

Integration of Aboriginal Consultation into the EA process is represented here
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