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Raiza Iciarte Promoted to News Director of Telenoticias Tampa


Miami, FLZGS Communications announced today that Raiza Iciarte has been named News Director of Telemundo Tampa effective immediately. In her new role, Iciarte will oversee the entire news operation for Telemundo Tampa, including the station's nightly newscasts. 


Iciarte began her career in her native Venezuela, before joining ZGS Communications. Within the ZGS television station group, she was the News Producer for Telemundo Tampa as well as Telemundo Orlando. She has also served as Interim News Director for both stations on various occasions. Her editorial style as well as her commitment to localism and community news have garnered number one positions across several demos in both markets.


"We are extremely excited to have Raiza lead Telenoticias Tampa.  She is focused on delivering news that is relevant and empowering to our Tampa Bay Hispanic community," said Jayme Ribeiro Neto, General Manager for Telemundo Tampa.


"I am grateful for the opportunity to lead a team of professionals who are dedicated and passionate about local news and community involvement." said Iciarte. 

ZGS Communications is a Hispanic-owned media company, headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.  The company owns 9 Spanish-language television stations, representing the largest group of independent stations affiliated with the Telemundo network.  In addition, ZGS owns three radio stations serving Washington, DC and Tampa, and a Spanish-language web portal For over three decades, ZGS has been a leader in the industry with a profound commitment to localism and diversity; proudly serving and celebrating the Hispanic community with local news and programming on multiple platforms, as well as outreach, advocacy and grassroots events.


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