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What a fantastic event!  We are still recovering from the ZGS Family Reunion.   Ron and I'd like to extend a very special thank you to all of those from near and far who came out to help us celebrate this momentous occasion.  It was amazing to see so many of you.  The party was such a special evening filled with so many memories and lasting friendships.  The success of the past 30 years would not have been possible without the individual and collective contributions of all of those who have passed through the doors of ZGS. Thanks again to everyone who helped ZGS celebrate all the accomplishments over the years.  It was an evening that will not soon be forgotten or repeated. Un abrazo.
10+ Years of Service 

Employees who have been with ZGS for 10 or more years were recognized at the event.


WNEU Boston
Libardo Orozco  

KTDO El Paso 
Yessika Sanchez 

WWDT Ft. Myers

Daniel Navarrete 

Marco Perez 


WRDM Hartford

Brenda Mulero

Joel Mercado

Peter Pratt   

Salvatore Minniti 


WTMO Orlando

Raul Diaz Jr.  

Donaldo Gonzalez 

Rene Matos

Matilde Santana 


WRMD Tampa

Gilbert Prendes 

Jayme Ribeiro Neto


WZDC Washington, DC

Horacio Badia

Erick Carpio

Daysi Gill  

Douglas Mejia

Nicole Quiroga 


Romántica 900am  

José Leonel Castillo
Neo Lobo



Linda Fuentes 

Yael Glancszpigel 

Peter Housman

Ericka Johnson 

Karen Taylor 

Around Town 
Happy Hour

The weekend's activities kicked-off with cocktails at Lincoln, the historically urban hotspot, where everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


Many of the "out-of-towners" took advantage of the weekend to take in the sights of DC.  Some of the many stops on the sightseeing  tour included visits to the Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, Vietnam and Thomas Jefferson Memorials.  To the delight of the participants, the tour even  stopped at the White House!





The ZGS 30 Year Family Reunion
Ronald Gordon and Eduardo Zavala kick-off the celebration  
A Party for the Ages 
ZGS hosted a party for the ages on November 16 to celebrate the Company's 30th Anniversary. The event was held at the Hamilton LIVE in downtown Washington, DCOver 300 members of the ZGS family past and present attended.  The evening began with a cocktail reception followed by a short program, emceed by Penélope Menchaca, that included employee recognitions, a video montage, heartfelt comments from both Eduardo and Ron as well as a little fun at the expense of our leaders. Dinner featured Latin cuisine and the festivities went well into the wee hours of the morning.  It was a lively, festive celebration of family, friends and the success of the past 30 years.


José Joaquín Sanz, Ronald Gordon and Eduardo Zavala 
The Mysterious S
The majority of event attendees had no idea that they were finally going to meet the S in ZGS.  The mysterious S, otherwise known as José Joaquín Sanz, was revealed at the beginning of the night. Sanz traveled from Spain to be part of the celebration, and sauntered on stage carrying a S to the delight of the crowd.  It was quite a sight to see the 3 original founders together again.


Ericka, on the far right, poses with Julissa Marenco, Linda Fuentes and Cynthia Martinez 
The Heart of ZGS 
Ericka Johnson, Vice President and Controller of ZGS  was recognized for her 20 years of service to the company.  Ericka is well-known for her leadership, grace under fire and unwavering dedication to the Company and her colleagues.  Ericka makes ZGS better every day and the Company has benefited greatly from her compassion and expertise over the years.  It was a special recognition for an exceptional person.
The game participants show their answers 
The Roast 
The formal program commenced with a light-hearted, well-intentioned roast of the two people who have led the company since its inception, the stars of the evening, Ronald Gordon and Eduardo Zavala.  The evening's mistress of ceremonies,
Penélope Menchaca, put 6 brave souls on the spot inquiring about the habits and leadership styles of Ron and Eduardo with hilarious questions such as who would you rather ask for a raise, who loses their cool the quickest, and of course the identification of each of their favorite phrases.  Ron and Eduardo were good sports laughing off to the side.
LMusik rocking 
Dancing the Night Away 
The entertainment for the evening was provided by Orlando's very own DJ Lyrick and the amazingly fabulous band, LMusik featuring Zeitlin Perez, all the way from New York City.  Once the dancing started, there was no stopping the party.  

To view all the photos from the weekend, click the following links:
The ZGS Story 
Eduardo and Ron...then and now 
ZGS's story is the American dream.  Ronald Gordon and Eduardo Zavala began the journey in 1983 with $200 and a rented video camera.  


ZGS was the first  to produce TV programs about Hispanic Americans, developing into an award-winning multicultural advertising agency and broadcasting company.  In the late eighties, ZGS recognized a unique opportunity and purchased their first TV station. Today, ZGS is the largest independent owner and operator of Telemundo affiliates with 12 stations and the only Hispanic owned TV group broadcaster in the U.S. ZGS also owns 3 radio stations and, a local Spanish-language web portal. 

Through its media properties, ZGS enhances the lives of its viewers, listeners and users with compelling local content, community awareness campaigns and signature local events such as La Feria de la Familia. These initiatives have reached millions and embody the company's spirit of service.  ZGS is committed to enriching the Hispanic experience through localism, advocacy, and the celebration of heritage.  From supporting migrant workers in Fresno, to honoring the achievements of Puerto Ricans in Orlando, ZGS is the sum of its communities.   


The legacy and reputation of ZGS is a result of the collective efforts of the committed people who have contributed to the company's success over the past 30 years. 


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