June 2016

Tutor education & events
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7 Keys to Comprehension
 book club
This study group will meet for 4 sessions to learn about reading comprehension strategies and how to model them for your students.
Using the book 7 Keys to Comprehension by Susan Zimmermann, we will explore how proficient readers comprehend texts. 

Copies of the book are available in the Literacy Connects library. Please register through the link.

9:30 - 11:00 am 
1st four Fridays in July.

Refresher Training
There is always more to learn after some time spent with your student! Join us for all or part of the training in September to refresh your knowledge and get some great new ideas.

Evening/weekend session; Starts September 14

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New Resources
Literacy Ventures in Tucson
Issue 15 of our student publication is out and available to download and print. Click here for this and past issues of Literacy Ventures. Great material to use with students--written by our adult learners and for our adult learners!

Do your adult learners struggle to understand the election process? New Readers Press has a FREE Voting Guide available for download. Contents include Reasons to Vote, Registering to Vote, Vocabulary, and more.

"It has been everywhere, my happiness...but it was such a small, plain thing that I mistook it for something ordinary and failed to see."
-- Rachel Joyce 

It's been a hard spring. Things felt pretty overwhelming for a while, and it was enough just to keep up with everything. Where was the happiness? 

My book club met last night to discuss The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessey, where the quote above comes from. While I in no way envy Miss Queenie's solitary life filled with unrequited love, guilt and regrets, this statement gave me pause. If she could find happiness at the end of her rather lonesome life, my happiness must have been all around this year, just in the disguise of the ordinary.

Looking back at the camera roll on my phone, I see the happiness of the ordinary. Besides all the selfies, courtesy of my girls, there are pictures of my pets sleeping in the sun, my children laughing with their friends, my anniversary flowers, a really great cup of coffee, my front porch in the rain, the gorgeous Literacy Connects courtyard in bloom, and a mass of hard-working volunteers reorganizing our lending library...and more selfies, of course.

This will be an extraordinary month--girls at camp, family road trip, new employees joining us, time on the beach...and all the ordinary happiness, too.

May your summer be filled with ordinary and extraordinary happiness,

~ Edie
Director, Basic Literacy Programs
(520) 882-8006 x 203
Seeking Amazing AmeriCorps Volunteers!
Interested in making a difference in the life of a child or adult? Work with one of our great programs!
Visit our website for details on these four AmeriCorps positions:
  • Spanish GED teacher (.50 FTE, or 900 service hours)
  • Infusion Project Site Coordinator (0.5 FTE - 900 service hours)
  • Reach Out and Read of Southern Arizona (RORSA) Assistant Program Coordinator (0.5 FTE - 900 service hours)
  • Reading Seed Coach/Peer Mentor (300 service hours)
All job descriptions are available on our website.
Help Wanted!
Library Assistants
Would you or someone you know be interested in helping out in our lending library at the start of the school year?

We need individuals who would enjoy greeting and
helping other coaches and tutors independently. Training is provided! Please contact Violet at to find out more!

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