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March 11, 2016 
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Here's an electronic link to the attendees.

If that doesn't work, e-mail WenDee@kansassampler.org and she will send you the list via e-mail.

is in the books
In the end, 150 rural-by-choice enthusiasts came together to network, to do some Good Thinking, to share ideas, and to set a higher standard for how we do things in rural Kansas.

To the advocates from state agencies and organizations, thanks for being there to support and add. 

Librarians, come again!  We'd love to have more of you. 

PowerUps, your presence permeates everything.  PowerOns, you've brought us this far and still have so much to share.  The key is to keep empowering each other, listening to each other, and cheering each other on to the point where age lines disappear and all that is noticed is Excellent Collaboration.

In this e-blast is a link to the evaluation, a link to an electronic list of attendees, a news release, a news article by Melody Spurney, and some Action item examples.  You'll be hearing from us again in We Kan! Tidbits.

What if I used the public comment time at a city commission meeting to deliver positive reinforcement on a big issue? Maybe there's an opportunity for some positive change...

I'll do more personal visits with people of all ages in my community.

Identify focus groups of all ages and survey them about what they like about the community.

Identify the PowerUp age group in my town and invite them to come to meetings and be heard. 

Ask committee members what they want to get out of meetings, how they want to be engaged.

Volunteer theme:  Just One Thing.  Do Just One Thing.

Disengage to re-engage. 

Messages from Liz, Sarah and Marci

Sarah and Liz:  We want to thank everyone once more -- for your time, your thoughtful work, and for taking action for Kansas!  We feel really inspired after being with all of you.

Marci:  The collective brilliance in the room was apparent from the roster.  We started to tap it and with your input about what you need and how to extract the best out of all of us we'll all continue to take bigger strides forward.  I think of Brandon Gates, the mayor of Kincaid, population 180.  Brandon, you have 150 people who will offer support.  Just ask.  That's how this will work.  Let's keep pushing each other to think with more innovation, with a higher standard, with new ways to conquer the common challenges.

ABOUT YOU:  Please e-mail us at marci@kansassampler.org if there was something you really needed or some specific information that you didn't get. We can tap into the network through the We Kan! Tidbits. 

Go to Kansas Sampler Foundation Facebook page.

Go to PowerUp - Rural by Choice Facebook page

Stafford has already decided to have their own brainstorm in a week at The Gathering Place!

Peabody is ready to go into action, too!

Please share what you're doing and then we'll share with the group.  One action inspires another.  

Thanks to all of those who came to the Kansas pot luck and brought delicious Kansas (and Texas) items!

The BRB:  A place for Good Thinking! 

The mayor of Meridian, the Honorable R.J. Wilson.