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December 15, 2015

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Jeff Pike

There's Always Tomorrow

Jeff "Live" at The Grapevine



I am very proud to have recently been brought on board with SERV International as a SERV Supporting Artist. Please check them out and consider helping us feed the children of the world.


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Hemingways #1

Jeff Pike  

From The 1964 Television Christmas Classic 


As far back as I can remember I recall being very moved by the song 'There's Always Tomorrow' from the 1964 TV Christmas Special, 'Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.' I remember when I was a child that all year long I would anxiously await for that one part during the show when Clarice would sing this song to Rudolph. It never failed to moved me to tears and was always over too soon. This was long before VCR's, DVDs', personal computers, and the internet was even a dream in the mind of the people that created them. These special moments came around once a year on television and if you missed them, well, then you missed them. People would strategically plan their daily lives to make sure they were in front of the TV Set when their favorite annual Christmas Special came on. Mine was always 'Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.'

This beautiful piece of music written by Johnny Marks has the ability to spark hope, love and dreams in every man, woman and child, regardless of their age. It has always been a dream of mine to record it and I am very pleased and honored to offer it to you during this Christmas Season. Always keep your dreams and hope alive in your heart .



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Listed below are all of my upcoming live performances. Just click on the link for all the event information you need to know. Thank you for your support and I look forward to seeing you at a show!

Upcoming Gigs

12/12/15, Marietta, Georgia - Hemingway's
12/16/15, Duluth, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
12/17/15, Duluth, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
12/18/15, Marietta, Georgia - Hemingway's
12/29/15, Hollywood, California -  The El Portal Theater with Abba Mania
12/30/15, Hollywood, California -  The El Portal Theater with Abba Mania
12/31/15, Hollywood, California -  The El Portal Theater with Abba Mania

01/01/16, Hollywood, California - The El Portal Theater with Abba Mania
01/02/16, Hollywood, California - The El Portal Theater with Abba Mania
01/07/16, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
01/09/16, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
01/10/16, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
01/14/16, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
01/16/16, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
01/21/16, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
01/23/16, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
01/25/16, Sarasota, Florida -  The Van Wezel Performing Arts Center 
                                                with Abba Mania
01/28/16, Parkesburg, West Virginia - The Smoot Theater with Abba Mania
01/29/16, Oshkosh, Wisconsin - The Grand Opera House with Abba Mania
01/30/16, Oshkosh, Wisconsin - The Grand Opera House with Abba Mania

02/04/16, Belle Glade, Florida - Dolly Hand Arts Center with Abba Mania
02/05/16, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida - Eissey Campus Theater with Abba Mania
02/06/16, West Palm, Florida - Private Show with Abba Mania
02/10/16, Pembrook, Florida - Private Show with Abba Mania
02/11/16, Melbourne, Florida - The Kings Center with Abba Mania
02/12/16, Aventura, Florida - Aventura Arts & Cultural Center with Abba Mania
02/13/16, Boca Raton, Florida - Private Show with Abba Mania
02/14/16, Panama City, Florida - The Martin Theater with Abba Mania
02/18/16, Greensburg, Pennsylvania - The Palace Theater with Abba Mania
02/19/16, Easton, Pennsylvania - The State Theater with Abba Mania
02/20/16, Redbank, New Jersey - The Count Basie Theater with Abba Mania
02/25/16, Longview, Virginia - The Columbia Theater with Abba Mania
02/26/16, Bremerton, Washington - The Admiral Theater with Abba Mania

03/04/16, Modesto, California - The Gallo Arts Center with Abba Mania
03/05/16, San Diego, California - The Balboa Theater with Abba Mania


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