A Celebration of 

The Life and Music of 

Hugo Duarte


April 11, 2015


Thanks to all who came..



I want to personally thank everyone who made the effort to attend our memorial gathering for Hugo this past Saturday in North Carolina. A lot of people made huge sacrifices to be there and it was very touching. The weather was beautiful and the venue ended up being absolutely perfect for the occasion. Anne Marie Wotkyns did a stellar job in pulling this together and she deserves a huge hug from everyone. Having all of Hugo's family there was appropriately touching, and in looking back, it seems that everyone who was supposed to be there, was there. All in all it was a perfect afternoon.


Hats off to Mark Perrou and Jonathan Billings for helping with the sound and entertainment, Andy Forsyth for recording the event for Beachfront Radio, Kathy Mullen for logistics, and one last thank you to everyone for coming. If Hugo had been with us I am sure he would have approved. So now as we move on with our lives, let us keep the music and spirit of Hugo with us. Share it with those who were not fortunate enough to know him or see him perform, and always remember the good times.

April 13, 2015




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