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December 29, 2014

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'Frozen Gringo' 2015 House Concerts 

As we wind down the Christmas season and get ready for 2015 I find myself reflecting on important events in my life that occurred in 2014.  The one that had the most impact was the passing of my dear friend, Hugo Duarte. Going back a little further, it was in December 2011 when I first started receiving phone calls from Hugo telling me about his new project with Jeff Pike, The Frozen Gringos. He went on in great detail about how excited he was and that their first tour was starting in January of 2012. He then asked if they could stay at my house for awhile when they were in town. I graciously accepted.  For the next two years I had the opportunity to witness many Frozen Gringo concerts and got to know both Hugo and Jeff very well. I saw them play live many times and each time was like the first. When Hugo and Jeff were on stage together there was an energy that was felt and commented on by virtually everyone who saw them perform. The difference in each musician's voice, narration and approach to their music, blended to make a noticeably unique performance and musical style.


The Frozen Gringos released their first and only CD, 'Chill Before Use' in October of 2013.  On November 7th, 2014 Hugo lost his battle to Esophageal Cancer. While in conversation to both Jeff and I during the last weeks of his life Hugo let it be known how vitally important it was to him that his music be kept alive. We both promised Hugo that we would honor his wishes and do our absolute best. In moving forward with that promise Jeff will continue to donate 100% of the CD sales of 'Chill Before Use' directly to Hugo's daughter, Sarah Duarte Billings. This money will help her with all of the expenses left solely to her upon Hugo's departure and to help maintain Hugo's websites so the world can continue to enjoy his music.


In addition to CD sales Jeff is looking to play select House Concert dates this year in honor of Hugo and the music they made together. The show will consist of Jeff's versions of many Hugo Duarte and Frozen Gringo Classics, his own original music, select cover songs and stories about his time spent with Hugo. Jeff has never publicly performed the majority of this music on his own before so the audience is in for a real treat.  If you loved Hugo like I did, please consider helping to keep Hugo's music alive by bringing Jeff to your town.


If you are interested in hosting a Jeff Pike 'Frozen Gringo'  House Concert this year please contact me at:  


Please keep in touch with Jeff and Hugo's legacy by being a regular visitor to the following web sites.


I wish you peace, health and happiness throughout the New Year.


Keep music close to your heart.

              Kathy Mullen  



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Upcoming Gigs

01/3/15, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
01/4/15, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
01/8/15, Atlanta, Georgia - Private Function
01/10/15, Alpharetta, Georgia - Private Function
01/11/15, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
01/17/15, Kennesaw, Georiga - Bahama Breeze
01/18/15, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
01/24/15, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
01/25/15, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
01/31/15, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze

02/08/15, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
02/14/15, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
02/15/15, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
02/21/15, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
02/22/15, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
02/25/15, The Dominican Republic - Hard Rock Cafe with 02/27/15, Hollywood, California with Abba Mania
02/28/15, Hollywood, California with Abba Mania

03/01/15, Hollywood, California with Abba Mania
03/02/15, Palm Springs, California with Abba Mania
03/04/15, San Diego, California with Abba Mania
03/06/15, Aspen, Colorado with Abba Mania
03/07/15, Wichita, Kansas with Abba Mania
03/13/15, Easton, Pennsylvania with Abba Mania
03/19/15, Gainesville, Florida with Abba Mania
03/20/15, Fort Pierce, Florida with Abba Mania
03/21/15, Barnesville, Georgia - Private Function with A1A


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