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October 14, 2014

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I am very proud to have recently been brought on board with SERV International as a SERV Supporting Artist. Please check them out and consider helping us feed the children of the world. 

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 Taking To The Road With Abba Mania

One of the craziest and  coolest things about being in the music business is that you never know what is going to be around the next corner. For a lot of people this kind of lifestyle would drive them crazy, but for those of us brave enough (being kind here) to choose music for living, sometimes the unexpected can be a thrill. Of course many times the surprises have a lot to be desired. But then again sometimes they can arrive completely out of the blue and take you on a memorable ride of a lifetime. 

By a fluke, last winter I was offered the spot as "Benny" in the American Cast of "Abba Mania - The Worlds #1 Touring Abba Tribute Show" My drummer and friend in A1A, Wayne Viar had been touring with Abba Mania during our off season and was telling me of his experience with the band when we reconvened for 2013/2014 A1A rehearsals. Admittedly, he was a little perplexed at my excitement, interest and by the fact that I knew and loved all the songs. At the end of our conversation I informed him that should a fill in spot ever come up that I would be very interested. Neither of us taking it very seriously we forgot about it and got down to A1A business. 

About 2 months later my phone rang. It was Wayne. "Uhh...hey you remember when you told me that should a spot ever become available in Abba Mania that you would be interested? Uhh...well...were you serious?"  Next thing I know, I am traveling the country in a huge tour bus and playing to sold out crowds in some of the most beautiful and classic mid sized theaters in the country, with some of the nicest and most talented people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I never dreamed in a million years that I would be having this kind of experience playing the music of Abba. Music which by the way, I have loved dearly all of my life. This was without a doubt and unexpected dream come true. 

Well, I am happy to say that I will be returning with the band for the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 North American Tour. To be playing the piano again and bringing "Benny Andersson" to life onstage every night has been a rare treat for me and I cannot wait to get back on the road with the wonderful people in this organization. Hope to meet you at one of the shows!

All of  our tour dates can be found at

They are also listed below under "Upcoming Gigs" More to come!! 

Thank you for the music, 

October 14, 2014 
Upcoming Gigs

10/16/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
10/18/14, El Cajon, California with Abba Mania 
10/22/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
10/23/14, Des Moines, Iowa - Private House Concert
10/25/14, Clinton, Iowa - Private Function
10/26/14, Albuquerque, New Mexico with Abba Mania
10/28/14, Durango, Colorado with Abba Mania
10/30/14, Omaha, Nebraska with Abba Mania
10/31/14, Kansas City, Missouri with Abba Mania

11/02/14, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin with Abba Mania
11/06/14, Milwaukee, Wisconsin with Abba Mania
11/7/14, Greyslake, Illinois with Abba Mania
11/9/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
11/12/14, Englewood, New Jersey with Abba Mania 
11/14/14, Northhampton, Massachsetts with Abba Mania
11/15/14, Sugar Loaf, New York with Abba Mania
11/16/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
11/30/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze

12/05/14, Westminster, Maryland with Abba Mania
12/08/14, Atlanta, Georgia - SERV Ball with Rhythm Jets and Tara Simone

02/27/15, Hollywood, California with Abba Mania
02/28/15, Hollywood, California with Abba Mania

03/01/15, Hollywood, California with Abba Mania
03/02/15, Palm Springs, California with Abba Mania
03/04/15, San Diego, California with Abba Mania
03/06/15, Aspen, Colorado with Abba Mania
03/07/15, Wichita, Kansas with Abba Mania
03/13/15, Easton, Pennsylvania with Abba Mania
03/19/15, Gainesville, Florida with Abba Mania
03/20/15, Fort Pierce, Florida with Abba Mania


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