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May 27, 2014

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First, I hope that everyone had a very pleasant Memorial Day weekend. I know that you most likely had fun filled plans with your friends and family, but I do hope that you took some time out of your day to recognize, respect and say a prayer for the brave men and women in uniform who have given their lives for our Country.


Moving on. I apologize for being delinquent in my website updates over the past couple of months.  I have been very, very busy since returning home from the second leg of The Abba Mania American Tour. The rest of the summer is looking even busier, and even though it may sound  like I'm complaining, I'm really not. Being busy is a good thing. Especially in my line of work. Aside from myself, my manager Kathy has been swamped too.  But don't think for a minute that we have been slacking off. Amidst our busy schedules we have been  working on a new social network plan, plans for this website, plans for writing, recording and performing in 2015, marketing, promo, taking care of fund raising for our dear friend, Hugo Duarte while he battles cancer, keeping me working and restructuring parts of my responsibilities in my band A1A also. So yea, we have been pretty busy. But like I said, that is a good thing as long as it is balanced and managed well with the other aspects of what it takes to have a full, complete and healthy life.


So, having said all of that let me catch you up a little bit. I returned home from the second leg of The Abba Mania North American Tour during the second week of April. I have to tell you that I had the most amazing time out on the road with Abba Mania. So much so that I really didn't want it to end. I had the opportunity to play with some astounding musicians, play some beautiful theaters and venues all across the country and be part of a highly successful, professional and friendly touring organization. To top it off I was playing music that I absolutely adore every night. Sure can't beat that now can you? With any luck I will get the call to return in 2015. But even if I don't, it was an experience that I will always remember and treasure. You can see pictures at


Jumping back into my life in the middle of April the first two things on my plate were celebrating my daughter's 19th Birthday and my 4th year of sobriety and self awareness with my Recovery Family at Hebron Community Church in Dacula, Georgia. I could not have asked for a better experience after having just come off the road with Abba Mania. I once again remind myself that I truly am a blessed man.


Well, it is now the end of May, which means that summer is pretty much upon us and that I am gearing up for more performances with A1A, and more solo shows at Bahama Breeze, Fish Tales and Hemingway's.  For more information on A1A please check out our Facebook page and our website at  All of my Hemingway's and Fish Tales shows are listed on my Events page, but due to corporate policy my Bahama Breeze dates in Georgia are not. I encourage you to join my e-mail list if you would like to be kept abreast of my Bahama Breeze dates for the summer. To do so just send me an e-mail at Or you can always visit their website at


As I mentioned at the beginning of this update we are working hard on figuring out and implementing a new social network plan. More important than that we are striving to be much more active here at on a regular basis. In the meantime, if you enjoy what I offer I would ask you to please follow me on Twitter, Instagram and check out my Reverbnation and Sound Cloud pages. Also, on a very important note we are trying hard to get more listeners to my Facebook/Fan Artist page. It helps us track our progress and looks good to industry people. So if you haven't already I ask you to please like my page and be sure to turn on your notifications. (very important) Your help with all this will go a lot further than you think.


Thanks again to everyone for their continued support of my music. It means more than you know.  Wishing you good times and good memories over the course of the summer of 2014...


May 27, 2014 





Upcoming Gigs

5/27/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
5/28/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
5/30/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
5/31/14, Alpharetta, Georgia - Bahama Breeze

6/1/14, Alpharetta, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
6/2/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
6/3/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeeze
6/6/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
6/7/14, Conyers, Georgia - Council For The Arts with A1A
6/8/14, Flowery Branch, Georgia - Fish Tales
6/9/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
6/10/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
6/13/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
6/14/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
6/15/14, Alpharetta, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
6/16/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
6/17/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
6/20/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
6/21/14, Jackson, Georgia - Jackson Arts Council with A1A
6/22/14, Marietta, Georgia - Hemingways
6/23/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
6/24/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
6/27/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
6/28/14, Atlanta, Georgia - Brookstone Country Club with A1A
6/29/14, Flowery Branch, Georgia - Fish Tales
6/30/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze

7/4/14, Lilburn, Georgia - Lilburn Summer Concert Series
7/5/14, Hiram, Georgia - Hiram Summer Concert Series
7/6/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
7/7/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
7/8/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
7/9/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
7/10/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
7/11/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
7/18/14, Johns Creek, Georgia - Johns Creek Concert Series with A1A
7/19/14, The Jeff Pike Trio at Bahama Breeze - Location TBA
7/20/14, Marietta, Georgia - Hemingways
7/21/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
7/22/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
7/23/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
7/24/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
7/25/14, Chamblee, Georgia - Jeff Pike with A1A - More information coming soon.
7/26/14, The Jeff Pike Trio at Bahama Breeze - Location TBA
7/27/14, Flowery Branch, Georgia - Fish Tales
7/28/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
7/30/14, Flowery Branch, Georgia - Fish Tales
7/31/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze

8/1/14, Gadsden, Alabama - Gadsden Summer Concert Series with A1A
8/2/14, Savannah, Georgia - Savannah Golf Club with A1A
8/4/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
8/10/14, Flowery Branch, Georgia - Fish Tales
8/11/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
8/18/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
8/23/14, Carrollton, Georgia - The Amp Mainstreet Concert Series with A1A
8/24/14, Marietta, Georgia - Hemingways
8/25/14, Kennesaw, Georgia - Bahama Breeze
8/29/14, Norcross, Georgia - Norcross Summer Concert Series with A1A
8/31/14, Flowery Branch, Georgia - Fish Tales

9/19/14, Flowery Branch, Georgia - Fish Tales
9/21/14, Marietta, Georgia - Hemingways
9/26/14, Flowery Branch, Georgia - Fish Tales

10/10/14, Tybee Island, Georgia - Tybee Island Pirate Fest with A1A
10/12/14, Marietta, Georgia - Hemingways

11/16/14, Marietta, Georgia - Hemingways

Upcoming Gigs

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