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March 10, 2014

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A Note From The Front Office 
 By Kathy Mullen - Mullen Music Management

Sometimes there can be advantages of having a list of passwords which provide an opportunity to share a thought or two.  It might have been a bit of a bold move, but that "inner voice" in me strongly suggested that I take a moment to share a bit of Jeff Pike that it might be difficult for him to share about himself.  After all, you never quite see yourself the way others do.  As you can see the inner voice won.


I know there are many of you who are reading this who have known Jeff Pike for 10, 20, 30 years or more. I sheepishly come in with just 2 years now of knowing Jeff and his music. I realize that I will be gone long before I can ever catch up to the majority of close friends and fans who have shared his life and career with him. Seeing the adoration of so many has taught me incredible admiration for all of the years, time and money many of you have put into attending Jeff's gigs, purchasing CD's, showing support of his music and just being there when he needed any one of you for any number of reasons.   


When I first met Jeff, he suggested I check out his website to learn more about him. In doing so I discovered that some of the interviews and radio specials were a few years old. But what great information and history about Jeff and his music I found by taking the time to listen. It opened up a door to the seeming less never ending well of musical information and history that Jeff holds within him. There is no denying that Jeff is true to his craft and absorbs every opportunity to learn, grow and improve. 


I challenge anyone of you to match Jeff on his knowledge of popular musical history. I recall a story of him "holding court" at lunch time with his music knowledge - beating out anyone who tried to compete with him. Small pieces of this aspect of his musical passion come out through his Vinyl reviews which he produces and shares on his Facebook page ( Not surprisingly he knows the stories behind most, if not all of the music media that he owns.  From time to time he'll let me borrow a stack of DVD's of various performers as he studies stage performance.  While I enjoy so much of what he shares with the world my recent favorite are his collection of 45 RPM records that he has started to post on YouTube. The nostalgia of hearing the sound of the needle hitting the record and start playing before the music, well, it has a more effective way of transporting me back in time than when I hear the same song on a CD. Anyway, the list goes on and on. Believe me when I say, that capturing the pieces of Jeff with which to share with you via his website, YouTube, Facebook, CD's and performances is a never ending task.


I have learned so much from Jeff. I have learned about his family, life, music, fans, long lasting friendships, addiction, recovery, God, and myself. I have learned about the importance of having faith and trust in yourself and not giving up even in the midst of your darkest days. Finding the courage to unlock your own passions and dreams and not letting fear of the unknown stop you. Along with the importance of honesty and communication, one of the biggest lessons Jeff has taught me is that of personal and professional patience. His gifts come in many different forms and he has many to share with each of us. He cares deeply about everyone in his life and has a lot to give. How much you walk away with is truly up to you.


Listening to Jeff's music, watching his performances, reading his reviews, listening to his 45's, checking out his YouTube videos and following his Facebook pages, you will find one dynamic compassionate man who is pursuing his dreams and passions with those around him, sharing his story with the world in hopes of making a difference through his own experiences. 

Kathy Mullen
March 10, 2014

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