Wednesday, July 13, 2011
Hemingways in Marietta, Georgia

The First 50 Years

Birthday Bash and Concert

Take A Bow




UPDATE  - June 10, 2011
Special Guest Singers and Performers - So Far 
Update on Songlist 


I have received confirmations from several old friends who wish to perform some songs with me at my Birthday Party and Concert.  There are still some people I have yet to contact and some I am waiting to hear from, so there is a possibility that the list will grow. Heck,  I am looking more forward to turning 50 with each passing day.  :-) More big news to come....:-)


From Left to Right - J Anne Mize, Vance Kelly, James Cobb,Teresa Reeves Gilmer, Tommy Morfoot, Jerry McCollum, Michael Eagleson, Jennifer Wall


Musicians #2 


After talking to my fellow musician friends and spending some time trying to put together all the songs that I wanted to perform on this special night, was tough. It is obvious that I am not going to be able to perform all of the songs I need or want too. ( It would take me a week) So I am going to concentrate on songs that I perform with my friends, construct some medleys of songs and do my best to play as much music as I can in the 5 hours I have slotted for this! I hope I can pull it off! :-) More big news and more info to come next week. I REALLY hope everyone can be there. 





 A Very Special Evening  With Jeff Pike and Friends 


 To My Family and Friends,

I would like to personally invite anyone who has ever enjoyed my music to a very special Birthday Party and Concert  helping me celebrate my 50th trip around the sun. All during the course of the evening I will be inviting friends and musicians who I have played with over the years to join me onstage to perform certain select songs of my personal choosing. Every song I perform will either have been extremely important in the journey of my life, or one that helps tell my story and is very, very close to my heart. There will be several songs I have never performed in public before, for personal reasons, and may never perform onstage again. Both cover and original songs.  I am going to start with 1966 and try and bring it up the present. Tough job but should make for a good show. The show will be recorded for posterity.

I have another BIG surprise about this evening to tell you.....but I need to wait just a little while longer.....:-) Stay tuned for a very cool update. I do hope you can make it. 

Thanks to everyone who has shared my life with me, both past and present, here and gone....and  for helping and allowing me the honor and privilege to live my life like a song. Stay tuned for more info... :-)

The road is long.....
                    Jeff Pike

May 24, 2011 


 Wednesday, July 13, 2011


  29 West Park Square

  Marietta, Georgia

6:00 PM - 11:00 PM 
Admission is Free.



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