February 10,  2014 
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The Lobbyist's Report:
 2014 Legislative Session Week Five  


We've just passed the substantive policy committee deadline. The fiscal committees, which include the transportation committees, have until Tuesday, February 11. Tuesday is also the halfway point of the 2014 regular session. The pace, already fast, will pick up quickly.


Both the House and Senate have had sporadic floor action over the last several weeks; each has passed a handful of its own bills. Lobbyists are turning their attention to the respective rules committees.  Lobbyists will try to get their bills "pulled" out of those committees so they can be eligible for a floor vote. That will be the focus until February 18, the deadline for each chamber to pass its bills to the other chamber. Bills not out of the rules committee and bills that haven't received a floor vote are deemed "dead."


Some of the notable bills that failed to beat the policy committee deadline include:


SEPA-related bills: HB 2090 (categorical exemptions); HB 2095 (mitigation related to transportation projects); HB 2269 (prohibiting local governments from requiring off-site mitigation for state infrastructure projects)


Siting schools outside the UGA: HB 2499 and SB 6221 (aimed at Pierce County's Bethel School District)


Venue regarding construction contracts:  HB 2602 and SB 6384 (would have voided venue provisions where a county was a party to litigation, if the provision provided for court venue to be that county)

This list will become much longer by the middle of next week.


APA Washington Legislative Committee

APA Washington