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YOU ARE INVITED to attend our programs and see first-hand the happiness and joy that our compassionate artists share.  Please email us with your choice of program(s) to attend, and we will gladly make arrangements.  THANK YOU!


There are plenty of volunteer opportunities at TAO.  Follow this link to see our new position posts.  Thank you!


Arts & Health News

The Arts and Health Alliance has a new website. Formerly the Society for Arts in Healthcare, this internationally-focused advocacy group is a leading industry resource for research, best practices, arts in health events and more.

TAO founder MaryAnn Toboz was recently featured on Norfolk Perspectives.  Hear about what's trending for the agency and why she's comfortable in large groups.

Our Golf Tournament is filling up!  Email us if you'd like us to save you a space.

"Curtain Up Players" Use Acting to Stay Engaged, Inspired
A theater company in England was formed by retirees to keep their creativity alive and their spirits up.  Read their story here.

Tidewater Arts Outreach (TAO) is a 501c(3) Virginia not-for-profit corporation. Donations are tax-deductible.
TAO's EIN is 68-0583526.

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Art Connection Hampton Roads
Fay Chandler, Founder, The Art Connection

Old Dominion University and 
Tidewater Arts Outreach Celebrate, Discuss New Joint Program at Selden Arcade on Thursday, September 11, 6-8 pm

ODU and TAO have teamed up to connect original artwork with health and human service agencies. The Art Connection got its start in Boston;  it is the brainchild of Faye Chandler, a Norfolk native and lifetime artist.  The mission is to place donated, original works of visual art with human service organizations throughout Hampton Roads.  Art Connection HR managers Chris Norton and Randy Harrison will host an informal panel discussion;artist/attorney Debi Stadlin will discuss leaving an artistic legacy at Selden Arcade's September 11 Art Brew.   
D.D. Delaney
TAO September Programs - a wide array of arts offerings
Singing, dancing, drumming, spoken word...visual arts, too.  Community artists are working through TAO using all the creative arts to serve people with special needs.  We welcome the group Arts Inclusion Company to TAO.  Thanks also to artists like DD Delaney, Skye Zentz, Daylight Singing Time, Amanda Wallace, Harvey Willis and those pictured below, for your ongoing involvement.  We can make arrangements for those wishing to attend our programs.  In fact, we encourage it!  Check our calendar, see when you can join us, and email TAO  Come see what serendipity happens when creative and compassionate people use the arts to build bridges and community.
TAO September artists (L-R from top) Arts Inclusion Company, Arthur Lopez, Jessica (Cricket) Timme, Karen Stowe, Linda Barnett, Acclaim! Quartet, Beauty for Ashes Dance Troupe

Sea Level Festival Artists at E.T.C. Fest's TAO Stage September 13
Join us at Town Point Park on Saturday 9/13 from noon to five, as we showcase area singer/songwriters on the TAO Stage.  Pictured (below, L-R) are Dan Pellegrino, Logan Layman, Alice Conner, Roy Moats,  BJ Griffin, Justin Clemens, Kelsie McNair, Nate Sacks and Dustin Furlow.   AND a special guest to close out the day.  Special thanks to jpixx for the photography, and Larry Berwald/Rosewood Guitar Repair for scheduling this stage.  The full schedule is here.

"Alive Inside" documentary coming to Naro Cinema October 22

We'll all have the chance to view Sundance Film Festival's People's Choice Award documentary at the Naro Cinema in October.  Tidewater Arts Outreach is bringing a panel of experts to discuss the benefits of arts engagement for people with dementia and other neurological disorders.  We are also making tickets available at a discount.  You can purchase online or stop by our office - they are $7 in advance, $9 general admission at the Naro. 
We are inviting artists and supporters to walk with us on October 12 as part of the Alzheimer's Association walk to end Alzheimer's.  Team information is here; we hope you'll join us.
 "Anyone Can Dance" Workshop Nov. 6


ANYONE CAN DANCE® was created by dancer and instructor Judith Sachs, using a format based on that of the Mark Morris Dance Group's Dance for Parkinson's®. This program of adapted dance is designed for those 65 and over, or for those who may have physical restrictions and use a wheelchair or walker. Benefits include improved flexibility, coordination, attitude and body image.



The 6-hour workshop includes lunch and live demonstration. Participants can earn CEUs.  To find out more and to register, click here.  To see a telling video about the application and benefits of dance for the differently-abled, click here.

TAO Mission: Sharing the Joy of the Arts
Our mission thrives on financial support from individuals and businesses like you

The need for music and arts in shelters, nursing homes, hospitals and other dependent-care programs has never been greater. 

Tidewater Arts Outreach has a waiting list of artists wanting to serve, and locations wanting to receive our services. There also is a need to educate caregivers on the benefits of arts in health settings, and to train artists in effective, interactive approaches to creative arts programs for people with special needs. Help us be a part of the solution - every donation makes a difference.  THANK YOU.