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Dear friend of TAO,


Nancy suffered a stroke and is now in assisted living, struggling to come to terms with the fact that the full and vibrant days she once knew may be gone...forever. But Nancy and the many other the people we serve - the withdrawn folks sitting by the nurses' station, the homeless families, the frail, the disabled and the dying - while compromised, are still very much alive. They just want to be heard, respected and valued, just like you and me.


TAO artists and musicians, with their many creative gifts, help individuals reconnect with life. The people TAO serves deserve all the attention and consideration the community can muster, and the arts can be one extremely powerful bridge. Read some of the kind words we've received about the joyous and healing power of the arts:


"...the hour at CHKD was magical...A father told me it was an hour of escape from his current situation. A boy beaded 'shoot for the stars,' for his mom... too sweet!"


"Angleletta was AWESOME. Our individuals had a great time and enjoyed the chance to be creative. They were very proud of their work."


"...our individuals have been talking about Arthur's drum circle nonstop for the past three days! (They) really benefitted from his workshop!"


"We can't thank you enough for all the talent you have sent. It has been outstanding."


Nursing home resident: "I just like being here with the art."


CHKD art therapist: "TAO has provided creative, self-expressive enrichments to children who would not have had that experience in their life...success has been made with this difficult population...we are blessed to have TAO work with us."


Staff:  "The children really didn't have to be artists to create beautiful art."


Artist:  "The residents all expressed great pleasure about having this opportunity. Most were severely disabled, but all participated and enthusiastically reported that it made them forget their troubles. The power of art and music is amazing."


Staff:  "Everyone enjoyed!...we have some singers we did not know we had. One gave standing ovations, another one belted out the patriotic songs, and one moved to the melodies with a squeal or two of delight."


Domestic violence survivor:  "The best part was writing: as soon as I started, the tears came flowing."  


Continued community support is vital if we are to sustain all the goodwill and good work that we have generated over the past ten years. Because TAO works in homes, shelters, hospitals and day programs, our efforts often go unnoticed by the public. Won't you please help us shine a light on the thousands of people, right here in Hampton Roads, who live in isolation, who have special needs or who are in crisis, and for whom the arts can offer the benefits of healing, hope, inspiration, connection and so much more?


With an aging population and a struggling healthcare system, the needs for our services are only going to increase. Your gift, large or small, will help us create a more sustainable organization and allow us to bring the arts to people for years to come. Please help us tell our story, and please extend your generosity to help us build a stronger TAO. Our goals are more artists in service, more training opportunities created, and more people aware of the benefits that the arts can provide to this in crisis and among congregate care settings.


Now is the time, and today the instrument to heal is in your hand.  Please click here to make a contribution, of any size, to support our work.  Thank you for helping us share joy and compassion with people who need it the most.




  MaryAnn Toboz



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