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Spring Brings Eternal Hope

I always look forward to the spring time of the year. On a play of Alexander Pope's words regarding "hope..," I offer a different rendition of Pope's sentiment by suggesting that "spring brings eternal hope." The official start of our spring season is only a few weeks away, but the unseasonably warm weather that we Texans have felt over the last month is undeniably beckoning the start of the new season.

I immensely enjoy the spring. From a business standpoint, the spring time of the year means that our cyclical business calendar has wrapped up a marathon-like schedule that taxes our energy levels and brings with it a degree of mental fatigue. It's this time of the year when our business team at WSI can finally step back and reflect on our incredible run of challenges and achievements that have come our way since the previous August. It's our opportunity to catch our breath, look at new planning strategies for the future, and regroup before stepping back into the starting blocks to once again start our run.
From an innate standpoint, I think the majority of our society is geared in a fashion where spring speaks to us in a way that stirs our inner-self and renews enthusiasm for life...and it brings us hope. Spring orchestrates an amazing chemistry where Mother Nature creates a marriage with the biology and physiology of wild things and wild places, giving birth to new life and providing re-birth to life in place. The days are growing longer, brown decadent stands of foliage are giving way to green florals with decorative flowers, the radiant energy of warm temps provide recharge, and the chorus of birds signal that love is in the air. Indeed, there is no other time of the year that provides this phenomenal chemistry.
So, with this said, I'll use this as a segway to say that I have a fresh sense of enthusiasm for business that I have not felt in sometime. Maybe this is due to us coming off of a good business year in 2015? Maybe this heightened enthusiasm is a function of having some "freed up" time due to some re-allocation of my schedules and priorities? Maybe the hiring of a new and youthful WSI Field Manager has created its own inspiration for me? Or maybe it's a bit of a function of where I'm at in my stage of my life with kids in college, good health, financial security, or whatever? But, bottom line, I do have this renewed vigor for business that I have not felt in a while...and it feels darn good.
Once again, I want to express my appreciation to the landowners who graciously open their gates to their privately owned lands for us and our clients to enjoy the amazing natural resources that they steward. I want to provide a big Thank You to our business clients for continuing to place their faith and trust into the services that we offer to them. My hat is tipped to our entire staff support team who is second to none; they make my job easier and more enjoyable and they are the heartbeat of WSI. And last, but certainly not least, I'm thankful for my family who has always provided me their support, often making sacrifices and sometimes bending around my unreasonable schedule demands. Indeed, spring brings eternal hope, and with it, I find myself with more stride in my business step as I move forward.
Here's to wishing each of you a great 2016. And, here's to hoping that you'll find plenty of opportunity to spend some time afield, enjoying our upcoming spring season. As they say, "Life's better outside," so get out there and enjoy!
Greg Simons
Proprietor, WSI

New WSI Field Manager

We are pleased to announce the hiring of Calan Ahrens as our new WSI Field Manager. His official start date was February 1 and he's been full-speed ahead since he began.
Calan went to high school in Alpine, TX, where he was very active, serving as an officer in State FFA, working part-time for a taxidermy studio, while also performing various ranching related work activities. He then attended Texas A&M Kingsville where he received a degree in Wildlife Recreational Entrepreneurship. While in college he worked part-time for one of the hunting lessees at the King Ranch, gaining valuable field experience. Shortly after graduation he was hired as the Ranch Manager of a 13,000 acre ranch south of San Angelo, and most recently, Calan served as a Unit Manager overseeing the cattle operations on the 250,000 acre Laureles Division of the King Ranch.
As Field Manager for WSI, Calan will assume a wide variety of responsibilities, some of which include serving as a hunting guide and camp manager, taking care of company equipment, leading off-season field projects, and a variety of other important duties. In time, we envision Calan becoming more involved with sales and company development activities. WSI owner, Greg Simons, expressed his enthusiasm about Calan's addition to our WSI team, by saying, "I'm excited about this hire and feel that Calan brings a lot of talent and energy to our table. He reminds me of me when I was his age; he's passionate about his wildlife profession, he's already gained a lot of experience for his age, and he's a highly motivated individual. I'm looking forward to integrating Calan into more of our core business activities in time, but one of our biggest challenges over the next year will be getting him familiar with the vast areas of land that we work with, while also introducing him to the many people who are part of our business portfolio."
Calan's hobbies include freshwater and saltwater fishing, hunting, taxidermy, and picking a guitar while singing country and western lyrics. He is currently living in Christoval, just 20 miles south of San Angelo.
New Mexico Pronghorn Hunts

One of the best values in North American big-game hunting is pronghorn antelope. WSI still has openings on the historic Day Ranch, located in northeastern New Mexico between Raton 
and Clayton. Through recent land acquisitions by the landowner, this property now encompasses over 50,000 acres of prime pronghorn country.
WSI sets this hunt up as a 2.5 day, 3 night program which includes meals, lodging, guide (2x1) and game care. Price of the hunt is $2995 plus NM sales tax. Non-resident licenses are guaranteed through a landowner's tag system, so no drawing or lotteries are necessary in securing the license. WSI only offers two hunt dates during the late August and early September time period.
This region of New Mexico is steeped in Am
erican-west history and the Santa Fe Trail passed through this area providing access to early travelers and settlers, including the famous outlaw Tom "Black Jack" Ketchum. For those modern day travelers heading west, the stretch from Clayton to Raton, along Hwy 64, signals the start of the "west" as you begin to ease into eye-sight of the distant mountain peaks. This is a beautiful area of the country, characterized by big unspoiled working ranches, with miles of rolling grassland prairies and volcanic knobs, setting at the base of the Sangre de Christo Mountains just to the west.
Hunting is action-oriented with spotting and stalking being the main focus. Pronghorn hunting can be described as the dove hunting of big game animals in that the temps are still warm, you don't have to worry about being in the field an hour before daylight, the social spirit of the hunt is light-hearted and relaxed, and success rates approach 100%. This is a fun and interesting hunt, to say the least.

Pronghorns are the fastest land animal in North America and these prairie icons are truly symbolic of the American West. No trophy room is complete without a beautiful pronghorn mount and many hunters choose to make pronghorn hunts as part of their annual hunting itinerary. This hunt is suitable for beginning and veteran hunters, is well-suited for a family or corporate outing, or can be one of those hunting excursions that are also a good fit for a hunter who is traveling solo. This is any easy hunt to fit into your schedule and the northern New Mexico season falls during a time that does not compete with than many other big-game seasons.
Spring Turkey Hunts

For those of you who have never experienced hunting gobblers during the spring in Texas, when birds are thundering their beckoning calls to prospective mates, and wild flowers are in bloom, well, let's just say you're missing something special. 
We currently have openings that are still available for the H. Yturria Ranches in South Texas, where we package those hunts as a 2.5 day, 3 night affair for $1595, which includes 2 birds, meals, lodging, and guide (2x1). These Yturria hunts take place on three properties, totaling some 25,000 acres. 

We also have a few openings out of our S Ranch Camp where we hunt multiple properties which encompass over 20,000 acres. These S Ranch hunts are 3 day, 3 night programs which include meals, lodging, and guide, priced at $1195 which includes 1 bird with an option to shoot a second bird for $375.

For anyone who may be interested in an unguided hunt, we have an opportunity for a group to have access for two different hunt periods, 3 days each, on a large ranch near San Angelo. A total price of $5000 provides you with a harvest allocation of 10 birds, lodging, and we'll have ~6-8 feeders that'll be functioning to help localize the birds. No guides or meals are provided. 


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