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Who Said Texas is an Arid State?




Here in Texas, it seems like we are often either in a drought, or a day closer to the next drought, especially in the western half of the state. However, the table has been turned this year on our weather pattern in the Lone Star State and El Nino has been showering her love on us with generous rainfall. Unfortunately, there have been some areas in Texas where catastrophic floods and tornadoes have wreaked havoc on folks, and my thoughts and prayers go out to those who have been adversely impacted.


The current run on great rainfall actually dates back into last year. For instance, on the La Rucia Ranch that we conduct whitetail hunts on in South Texas, we received 9" of rain for the month of September of last year and we've received over 34" of rain there since September 1 of last year, and this is a region that generally receives about 20" for the entire year. For the most part, good moisture has fallen over most of the state in recent months. We enjoyed the most beautiful spring that we have seen in several years. Baby quail and turkeys are beginning to show up, and antler development is on its way to rivaling 2010 and 2007. Our ground moisture is in great shape at this time and it appears that we are in a wet pattern with our climatic conditions, so prospects are great for 2015 to be one of the better wildlife and range years that we have had in a while. If you were ever thinking of making a hunt here in Texas in the upcoming years, you may want to seriously figure out a way to build 2015 into your plans.


I hope that you and your family are doing well. Please drop us a line if you would like to explore any hunting possibilities in the future. Take care and we'll catch you later.




Greg Simons





Texas Wildlife Association Convention


You may want to mark your calendar for July 9-11, and plan on attending the TWA Convention at the fabulous J.W. Marriott in San Antonio. This organization, with approximately 9,000 members, was formed in 1985 and serves as an advocacy group for landowners, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts. WSI owner, Greg Simons, currently serves as President of TWA, and will roll off of TWA's officer team at Convention after serving in an officer capacity for 6 years. For more information on this event, click on and check out some of the hi-lights.


Additionally, the TWA Private Lands Summit is held in conjunction with the Convention on Thursday, July 9 and will feature some excellent presentations from speakers around the state. The theme of this year's Summit is, "Sustainability of Land-Based Profits and Products." Click on this link to check out presentation topics or to look into registration options.




WSI owner, Greg Simons, has a brother that is a Dallas Fireman who has a fellow firefighting friend that is battling ALS. According to Greg, "My brother, Robby, asked that I help share the word of a  gun raffle fundraiser that is being held for his friend, Tracy Beard. I'd like to personally ask that you consider supporting this great cause by participating in this unique opportunity to win one or more guns out of the 52 guns that are being raffled." Thanks for considering such support.  


Click on the links "The Reason and The Process" for more information from the fundraiser website.



Free Range Aoudad Sheep Hunts


For someone looking for a unique hunting experience in a spectacular port consider this hunt.  Free-range aoudad sheep hunts are one of the most under-rated hunts in North America, provided what is arguably the best value for the dollar in the sheep hunting world.



We conduct the majority of these hunts on two large properties near Alpine and Marathon, TX. One ranch encompasses almost 200,000 acres, and the other even larger than that. This is big, raw, unspoiled country, very well suited to a sheep's liking. 



Our package includes 3.5 days, and 4 nights, with guide, lodging, meals, and game care included as part of the package. Facilities are modest, but plenty adequate.  Our 2 x 1 guided hunts are priced at $4200, and our 1 x 1 hunts are $4700. Nonresident licenses are $48 and are guaranteed, with no drawing or lottery.


Over the last 5 years, we have had a great run on big sheep, with approximately 70% of our harvest including rams over 30". The majority of the aoudads we harvest are in the 29"-31" range, with most of the rams being 8-10 years old. Success rates on having shots at mature rams approach 90%. But, make no mistake about it, this is not a fish shoot. This is most well suited for a hunter looking for a sporty, challenging experience in big wild terrain, chasing extremely wary animals. Big time hunting, at a very reasonable price.


New Mexico Pronghorn Hunts


We are once again offering pronghorn antelope hunts on the historic Day Ranch, located between Clayton and Raton, New Mexico.  Comprising well over 40,000 acres, this is outstanding pronghorn country, known for its great numbers with quality horn characteristics.




This hunt is well-suited for many different occasions, including young hunters, husband/wives, and corporate outings, as well.  This is not a physically demanding hunt, and with warm temperatures, along with a 2 day program, it is a convenient option for someone looking for a fun hunt without tying up a lot of time or having to bring much specialty clothing or gear.






Free-Range Elk in Texas 





Texas is not a state that many people think of when considering a free-range elk hunt, but there are pockets of elk in West Texas that produce some great quality bulls. Though hunters do not typically see a great abundance of elk on these hunts, our over-all success rate in the last 5 years has been over 80%, with most bulls scoring in the 310" - 330" range, but we did harvest 2 bulls last year that scored over 350". 



WSI generally accommodates about 6-8 elk hunters a year on multiple properties in the Trans-Pecos Region of West Texas. These hunts are set up as 4 day programs which include modest lodging, guide, meals, and game care. Since we are typically doing these hunts with 1-2 hunters per hunt, the guides typically multi-tasks as the cook, as well. Hunts are priced on a base fee with a trophy fee, and there is slight variation in pricing between properties, so inquire on these pricing details.




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June 1, 2015
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