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I'm pleased to offer you a free 3 month electronic trial subscription to Texas Wildlife, which is the official publication of Texas Wildlife Association, which I am currently serving as President. Texas Wildlife features beautiful photographs and informative articles relating to hunting, wildlife, and the great outdoors of Texas. TWA is an organization consisting 6,500 members, serving as an advocate for hunters, landowners, and others who have an appreciation for our important natural resources. 


There are no strings attached, but after you have seen what TWA is all about through enjoying your electronic version of our TWA magazine, I hope that you'll consider joining this great organization, which will allow you to receive hard copies of this monthly magazine, while also supporting the mission of our important work.


In order to receive the next three issues of Texas Wildlife, in an electronic format, all that is needed is your email address.  Please click on click on this sign up link and it will take you to a web page where you can enter your email address.  After entering your email address click on the "Sign Up" button and you will start receiving the electronic subscription. 


I encourage you to take advantage of this great offer.  You will not be disappointed, I promise! 


Thanks again,  

Greg Simons

TWA President 




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Serving Hunters' and Landowners' Needs Since 1987

December 17, 2013
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TWA Magazine
Texas Wildlife 
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Whitetail Hunts





New Mexico Pronghorn Antelope Hunt



Aoudad Sheep Hunt


Spring Turkey Hunts





Free Ranging Elk 




Exotic Hunts




Nilgai Hunts


Spring Turkey       West Texas Aoudad        Nilgai Antelope       Exotics       Dove       Photo Gallery