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September 12, 2013


White-tailed deer have long captured the imaginations of North American hunters for several decades. Arguably, there is no other wildlife species that have shaped our American hunting and wildlife cultures more so than whitetails. Only a few states are devoid of this big game animal, and whitetails have proven to be a most adaptive animal, thriving in diverse habitat conditions, showing an uncanny ability to flourish in the presence of people in suburban locales, or equally doing well in undeveloped regions.


Texas, supporting some 4 million whitetails, has long been recognized as one of the premier destinations for this popular game animal. Private land, quality deer management practices, and a rich hunting tradition are a combination of features that have shaped the Lone Star State into being a perennial great choice to pursue whitetails.


WSI has long been synonymous with commercial whitetail hunting in Texas, and over the last 26 years, we have established a solid track record of consistently offering quality deer hunts on various private properties in different regions of the state. Our clients can choose from intensively managed high fenced properties to hunt whitetails, or they can consider booking their deer hunt on one of our sprawling low fenced properties. We can cater to corporate groups, groups of friends, or individuals. These hunts are generally low demand on physical requirements, the weather is typically mild, our hunting license are guaranteed, camps are comfortable, which all translates into an easy and convenient hunting excursion.


As you can see below, this WSI ENews is strictly focused on our whitetail packages, featuring four of our whitetail properties which still have several openings. We have some dates where we can offer a full, exclusive camp to a group, and other dates where we have 1-2 spots available. Please inquire on details and availability if you are interested.


We are seeing some quality antlers and, generally speaking, we are anticipating the best season we have had since 2010. So, please check in with us if you are thinking of a late minute booking for a deer hunt for this fall. We begin our deer hunts next month, so please do not delay if you are contemplating this opportunity.





Greg Simons




WSI Whitetail Openings


S Ranch


The S Ranch, comprising over 8,000 low-fenced acres, has been under the direction of WSI since 2005.  Through the efforts of strict management and very conservative grazing practices, along with proper brush control methods, this ranch offers a first-class hunt with an ever improving deer herd and some very scenic topography. 


Located approximately 15 miles from San Angelo, hunters stay on the ranch in a big and spacious, well-appointed two-building lodge.  Price for this four day/five night package is $3,795 and includes meals, lodging, guide (2x1), game care, and airport shuttle from San Angelo on a conditional basis. 


Each hunter can harvest one buck and two does.


Crate Manning             Fortson Turner

David Buck

David Emry                 Michael Smith


Scrub Oak Ranch 


This property located twenty miles northwest of San Angelo consists of approximately 13,000 acres of big rolling hills covered by beautiful live oaks, mesquite, and some cedar.  WSI has been conducting hunts since 2002 and prior to that the property had never been commercially hunted.  A high density of deer with semi-open terrain in various portions of the property, combine to provide hunters with a legitimate chance of seeing 15-25 bucks per day.  Average bucks sport 8-10 points with 17-20 inch spreads. 


Hunters lodge out of the S Ranch facility and the hunt is priced at $3,795 and includes meals, lodging, guide (2x1), game care, and airport shuttle from San Angelo on a conditional basis.



Bob Bonomini                 Ron Henegar

Jerry Ference
Henry Moyland              David Hollinger


Longbranch Ranch


This fantastic property has been under the direction of WSI since 1996, and through the tools of a high fence and intensive feeding program, the deer herd has responded.  Hunters see an average of 15-30 bucks per day with some great deer being taken, with 18-20 inch bucks being the norm. 


Rolling terrain with a variety of oaks and many small lakes makes this a very scenic property.  Comfortable housing with three bedrooms and three baths is generally shared by 5 hunters. 


It is located 20 miles north of the popular tourist town of Fredericksburg.  Price is $3,995 and includes meals, lodging, guide (2x1), game care, and airport shuttle from San Antonio on a conditional basis.


John Sturtevant               Bill Mc Cabe Jr.

Jim Pampinella

Carl Young                      Rod Broach



La Rucia Ranch


This well-known property is located in the famous South Texas brush country, approximately 30 miles south of Falfurrias.  We feel like this 18,000 acre wildlife haven has only gotten better through a feeding program and an intensive habitat program that was implemented around 2000. 


The La Rucia features relatively high deer numbers and exceptional quality.  It is not uncommon for hunters to see 10-15 bucks per day, with a realistic shot at taking a 145-160 B&C buck, there are 160+ B&C bucks harvested each year.  Housing is a beautiful 4 bedroom/3 bath hacienda with all the comforts. 


Price is $6,600 on Trophy hunts and $3,650 on Classic hunts.  This package includes meals, lodging, guide, game care, and airport shuttle from McAllen on a conditional basis.  Classic hunts are for 8 & 9 pointers scoring up to 140" gross B&C. 



   Tom Taylor                   Randy Cuthbert

John Fore

Bob Boerne                        Jeff Brown



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September 12, 2013
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