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Defining the Moment


Recently, I was watching one of my favorite movies, Tin Cup, on television. There are many aspects about the plot of this movie that I find intriguing and entertaining, including some of the one-liners and quotes. One of my favorite interchanges of the movie is between Roy McAvoy and his caddie, Romeo Posar.


Roy: "You know why I hit that shot?"


Romeo: "Yeah, because it's the only way you could beat Dave Simms."


Roy: "I hit it again because that shot was a defining moment, and when a defining moment comes along, you define the moment.....or the moment defines you."


The more I thought about it that evening, it became apparent to me that our legacy of hunters and our amazing hunting heritage is based on a history of our hunting community defining the moment, both on an individual basis, as well as a collective body. And in fact, the exercise of hunting is full of defining moments, and one of the extraordinary aspects of this unique feature about hunting, is that many of these moments are presented during times of solitude. Kind of reminds me of Leopold's observation, "A peculiar virtue in wildlife ethics is that the hunter has no gallery to applaud or disapprove of his conduct. Whatever his acts, they are dictated by his own conscience, rather than by a mob of onlookers. It is difficult to exaggerate the importance of this fact." These private defining moments are not necessarily for the benefit of the individual among their peers, since there are not a "mob of onlookers," but rather, these defining moments are reflected in properties of self-discipline, similar to esoteric values of martial arts.


Collectively, from a hunting community standpoint, the defining moment in my mind regarding the impact that hunting has had on our American culture, evolved during the late 1800's and early 1900's when many species of wildlife were on the brink of extirpation, largely due to market hunting and landscape (habitat) exploitation. In an amazing visionary revolution, sport hunters banded together and "defined the moment" in what has become recognized as the greatest conservation achievement that this planet has ever witnessed through the American Conservation Revolution. Rather than allowing hunting to be forever characterized as the villain that destroyed much of our Country's precious wildlife, our visionary forefathers used the same tool (hunting) to restore wildlife populations, which had previously been used to deplete those populations. Thus, the hunter-conservationist was born in the minds of our American society....indeed, a defining moment, both for the sustainability of wildlife, as well as for the integrity of hunting.


Life is full of defining moments, some that are subtle, and others that are not. We face challenges and decisions every day of our life, some that are miner and others that are profound. These day to day cross-roads fundamentally boil down to decision-making. As Teddy Roosevelt explained it over 100 years ago, "In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing." I wish it were all this simple, but we all know that answers of many of life's questions do not come packaged with directions or instructions. But, maybe this is one of the beauties of life's many challenges. Our mistakes are humbling, but the wisdom that is gained builds strength and character.


So, may our hunting community forever continue to seek ways that we can pass on a legacy to future generations who will proudly talk about our "hunting heritage" with the same esteem as we do today. In the words of McAvoy, "...when a moment comes along, you define the moment....or the moment defines you."


Here's to hoping that you and yours' have a wonderful 4th of July tomorrow, celebrating Independence Day in a fashion that is fun and relaxing. We'll be having a seafood boil here at our house with some friends of our kids, poolside, enjoying good food, perhaps a little Jimmy Buffet music, and great company.





Greg Simons

Great Hunting Lease





For anyone who may be looking for an outstanding hunting lease for this upcoming season, we have a great opportunity. The ~4200 acre Hemphill Ranch located south of San Angelo, near Christoval, is a beautiful property with rolling hills and an abundance of wildlife. This would make a great corporate lease or would also be a nice place for a group of friends.

An abundance of white-tailed deer, along with good population of turkeys, will provide for high recreational pleasure, and with the ranch being idle for the last two years, there should be a good supply of mature, large bucks.

There is a new spacious lodge, which includes 3 large bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, large kitchen and dining area, enclosed porch, with all furnishings. A large rock fire pit is located off of the lodge entrance, wrapped by large oak trees, providing a comfortable and relaxing spot to enjoy an evening campfire. Two large Executive Blinds are on the ranch and the hunters are welcome to use these, in additional to providing their own blinds and game feeders.

The lease runs from the beginning of archery season, around October 1, and runs through the end of deer season. The first 16 days of spring turkey season are also included. A limited amount of off-season use is provided for hunting season prep, and relaxation. Harvest allotment includes 8 bucks, a minimum of 12 does, as well as 8 turkeys for the spring season. Total lease price is $26,500.

For more details, call Greg at (325)655-0877.

 Whitetail Openings


Craig Anderson

La Rucia Ranch - 12/1/2012

We are pleased to report that much of our whitetail country has received some generous rainfall over the last few months, and we are optimistic about this year being a good antler growth year on much of our country. With the acquisition of a few new large properties, this has given us some additional options to offer any deer hunters who may be looking for a hunt for this fall.

Dale Brawley

Longbranch Ranch - 10/20/2012


Most of our whitetail hunts are 3-4 day packages with annual success rates well in excess of 90%. These trips are versatile, providing a good option for friends, corporate excursions, as well as parents wanting to take their son or daughter on a fun and exciting Texas hunting trip.

Sam Hay III
S Ranch - 11/17/2012

The majority of these hunts take place in October through December, and though many of our dates are full, we still have some good options to offer. Hunting licenses are guaranteed with no lottery or drawing. Lots of deer, comfortable accommodations, Texas-style cuisine, and friendly people....what else could a hunter ask for? "A big deer," you say; well, we have those, as well.

Doug Matney

Yturria Punta Ranch - 12/10/2012

Free-Range Aoudad Sheep Hunt


True to sheep form, aoudads tend to frequent rugged, remote terrain. Their eye sight is eagle-like, they are as wary as any game animal in North America, and they are extremely hardy, and hard to anchor, even with a well placed bullet. Simply put, this is a hunt that should be in any serious big game hunter's travel plans.


We conduct the majority of these hunts on two large properties near Alpine and Marathon, TX. One ranch encompasses almost 200,000 acres, and the other even larger than that. This is big, raw, unspoiled country, very well suited to a sheep's liking. 

Our package includes 3.5 days, and 4 nights, with guide, lodging, meals, and game care included as part of the package. Facilities are modest, but plenty adequate.  Our 2 x 1 guided hunts are priced at $4200, and our 1 x 1 hunts are $4700. Nonresident licenses are $48 and are guaranteed, with no drawing or lottery.


Over the last 5 years, we have had a great run on big sheep, with well over 50% of our harvest including rams over 30". The majority of the aoudads we harvest are in the 29"-31" range, with most of the rams being 8-10 years old. Success rates on having shots at mature rams approach 90%. But, make no mistake; this is not a fish shoot. This is most well suited for a hunter looking for a sporty, challenging experience in big wild terrain, chasing extremely wary animals. Big time hunting, at a very reasonable price.


Texas  Free-Range Elk Hunts


Texas is not that well known for elk hunting, but there is a growing population of free-ranging elk in the desert mountains and hills of West Texas, and some very nice bulls have been coming from this area in recent years. Over the last several years, WSI has been conducting a few elk hunts in this region, generally offering 2-4 hunts a year, with average bulls being 6x6 bulls, typically scoring 300"-330", but we have taken bulls over 350".



This year, with commitments from our landowners a bit earlier in the year than normal, combined with expanded area on 4 different properties, we'll likely book 8 spots, with the majority of hunting taking place during the bugle season in late September and first half of October.  These will be 4 day, 4 night programs, with meals, lodging, and guide. Unlike many elk hunts in some western states, these hunts take place in low altitude conditions, with little walking typically being required, so we can accommodate most any hunter. Weather is normally mild at that time, making this a very comfortable and convenient hunt to attend. We have this hunt set up as a base fee, plus trophy fee arrangement, which is also an attractive feature for the hunter.


(325) 655-0877


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July 3, 2013
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