March 28, 2013

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Dear Oregon PRCA Members,
The PRCA is constantly monitoring local, state and federal legislation and passing along pertinent information to our members and supporters.  House Bill 790 and Senate Bill 2901 have been introduced in Oregon and we believe they may have consequences for our members and sanctioned events.  Please see full information below and contact me with any questions. 

                    Cindy Schonholtz

PRCA Director of Industry Outreach 

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Oregon Senate Bill 790 and House Bill 2901, have been introduced and a hearing has been held in the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources.  No vote has been recorded at this time in this committee.  The stated purpose of these bills is to ban the tripping of horses, however the PRCA believes some of the language may have unintended consequences for our members and sanctioned events and we wanted to make you aware of the issues.   
HB 2901 and SB 790 would both prohibit the intentional tripping and roping of a horses legs if passed.  The PRCA does not have a position on roping of horses in rodeo events for competition as we have never held that event in our rodeos.  However, the language in the legislation does seem to reach farther and could affect some activities at PRCA Rodeos.

Both proposed laws would create a crime of "equine tripping" if a person: "Intentionally causes an equine to trip or fall, or intentionally ropes or lassos the legs of an equine, for purposes of a rodeo, contest, exhibition, entertainment or sport or as practice for a rodeo, contest, exhibition, entertainment or sport."

There are several issues related to these bills:
1.  There are already existing cruelty laws in Oregon, these laws should be used to prosecute crimes that would be considered animal cruelty.  Additional laws that name certain practices actually dilute current law and are unnecessary. 
2.  The act of simply roping  a horses legs should not be considered cruelty and the language could be misinterpreted to affect some activity in rodeos including that by pickup men. 


Please send an email to the Chair of the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources and copy your Senator and your representative.

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Please personalize this with your involvement with rodeo in Oregon and your thoughts on this proposed law. 

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