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November 2013                                  
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Will We Make 600?
Neither sequester nor furlough can stop International Migratory Bird Day from growing! The number of events has already increased almost 4%, from an estimated 570 in 2012 to  over 590 in 2013. Information is still coming in, so check the IMBD Map and be sure your program is included!  
The biggest increases occurred in Canada, with the help of partner Nature Canada, and in Latin America and the Caribbean, thanks to the efforts of regional coordinators. 
Bird Day is Every Day! Events aren't over for the year, and partners to the south are welcoming back migratory birds at schools, community festivals, botanic gardens and more. November activities include more festivals in Honduras, programs at Garden of the Groves botanic garden on Grand Bahama for over 300 school children, and over 10 programs and festivals in Colombia.
Visit our Facebook photo album for some highlights.
IMBD 2014  Artist - Elias St. Louis
Elias St. Louis
Elias St. Louis is a hammered steel drum metal artist with the Haiti Gallery in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Using a concept EFTA created for the IMBD 2014 art, he created a final piece featuring 9 bird species that contribute to ecosystem health and benefit us with their beauty, songs, and behaviors. The final piece is 34" and will be photographed for use on IMBD 2014 materials.
Check the website regularly for information about the 2014 conservation theme, such as the virtues of vultures.
Many thanks to our Migratory Bird Day 2013 Sponsors

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Birds & Beans Coffee * Birdzilla * Get to Know  

Gold Crest Distributing * Pepco Holdings, Inc. 

Optics for the Tropics * Ornilux * U.S. Geological Survey


IMBD Regional Partners
Nature Canada     
Society for the Conservation & Study of Caribbean Birds
Shopping for the Birds
Shade Coffee ($9.95), My First Feeder ($3.99),
Redstart Cap ($14.95), Sticky Birds ($16.95)
Most organizations claim that a portion of their sales directly supports the mission of their organization. Here at EFTA, our sales income is devoted to our bird conservation education programs. These dollars are critical to our "mini-grants", which we give schools and organizations, the quantity of education materials we can create, our support for regional coordination in Latin America and the Caribbean, and much more.


This holiday season, we'll be sharing some great ways to give to the ones you love while helping birds. We can ship directly to the recipient or to you in time for the holidays. Please place your orders by December 13th to ensure they arrive on time! 

Feature Resource: Vultures
Get ready for IMBD 2014 with some activities about birds and the ecosystem services they provide. Hawk Mountain offers a downloadable coloring guide to the New World Vultures. What better way to teach kids about these fascinating birds?  


The Bird Education Resource Directory is the place for you to find materials and to share your ideas with others.  It's easy, it's free, and it's the best place to go to find what other educators are using to teach about bird conservation. 
Odds & Ends
Catalina Island Conservancy is hiring a Director of Education to implement innovate ecological programs.  To request more information and to apply, contact jobs@catalinaconservancy.org and submit your resume/CV and salary requirements to the same address.

Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative will host its next meeting March 21-22 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  Stay tuned for more information!
EFTA has internships in Alaska, Oregon, California and Colorado focusing on shorebird research and outreach in Latino communities. For more information and to apply, visit our website.

Email: bday@birdday.org
Web: www.birdday.org
Phone: 1.866.334.3330
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In Memoriam
Russ Greenberg
It is with great sadness that EFTA announces the passing of Russ Greenberg. Russ was one of the founders of International Migratory Bird Day and was one of its greatest champions over the past 21 years. He was an  EFTA Board Member since its creation in 2007and the Master of Ceremonies at the annual IMBD reception.


Russ was also a creative and gifted researcher who was among the first to recognize the importance of shade coffee to birds and then to examine the value of migratory birds to the control of insects in coffee plantations. He was a committed conservationist, avid reader, and beloved father and husband. Our condolences to his family and loved ones.
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