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August 2013                                  
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 Fall IMBD Events Expand on Wintering Grounds
International Migratory Bird Day programs and events have more than tripled in the Caribbean, Mexico, Honduras, and Colombia, thanks to the work of a team of coordinators. Coordinators are responsible for recruiting new sites, communicating with event organizers, and hosting their own activities. All of the coordinators work as both biologists and educators in their countries and have considerable knowledge to share with partners and participants. Over 30 organizations are hosting fall programs that highlight the importance of non-breeding grounds to the survival of migratory birds. From left to right are Sheylda Díaz (Puerto Rico), Anthony Levesque (Guadeloupe), Juan Pablo Medina (Mexico), Fabiola Rodriguez (Honduras), Alejandro Pinto (Colombia), and Ingrid Flores (Puerto Rico). Not pictured is Rafael Cruz (Mexico). Thanks to all!

IMBD 2014  - It's a Bird's Life
IMBD 2014 focal species will be featured in steel drum art from Haiti
IMBD 2014 focuses on the ecosystem services birds provide, from pest control to seed dispersal and pollination. The art will feature 9 species of birds selected by YOU. These include Great Egret, Turkey Vulture, and American Robin.
Why do Birds Matter? or Birds - Working for Free! These are two suggested 2014 theme slogans. Help us choose or make a suggestion.
What does an American Robin do for the environment? Visit our web site as we add new information about the 2014 theme.
Many thanks to our Migratory Bird Day 2013 Sponsors

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Birds & Beans Coffee * Birdzilla * Get to Know  

Gold Crest Distributing * Pepco Holdings, Inc. 

Optics for the Tropics * Ornilux * U.S. Geological Survey


IMBD Regional Partners
Nature Canada     
Society for the Conservation & Study of Caribbean Birds
Russ Greenberg Receives Kudos
Russ Greenberg at the Greenberg Innovations Session
At the 2013 meeting of the American Ornithologists' Union, EFTA Board Member Russ Greenberg was presented with the Elliott Coues Award. Named for one of the great pioneers of American ornithology, the Coues Award recognizes outstanding and innovative contributions to ornithological research. And it's a very big deal. Russ is a phenomenal ornithologist, and his deep and extensive knowledge gave International Migratory Bird Day a firm foundation right from the start.
In September, 80 friends, former students, and colleagues, including EFTA, gathered in Maryland for the Greenberg Innovations Sessions to honor Russ's deep and broad academic legacy. This warm and rich event featured  presentations on current avian research, food, and festivities. 


Congratulations to Russ and our appreciation for his contributions to Environment for the Americas! 
Feature Resource: The Junco Project
Juncos are common, abundant, and easily observed. They are also very diverse, and the species, subspecies and races exhibit different behaviors, feather colors, and body shapes and sizes. The Junco project was created after years of research on this species. The online materials include videos, teacher and student materials and study questions to help participants explore junco research in-depth. 


 The Bird Education Resource Directory is the place for you to find materials and to share your ideas with others.  It's easy, it's free, and it's the best place to go to find what other educators are using to teach about bird conservation. 
Odds & Ends
Hawk Mountain is hiring a Director of Education to develop, direct, coordinate, and implement Hawk Mountain Sanctuary educational programs. For a full job description, contact Jerry Regan at davenport@hawkmountain.org

Focus on Diversity is hosting its 3rd conference in McAllen, Texas November 4-6, 2013.  The event promotes effective outreach to diverse audiences. 
Join EFTA at the Association of Science-Technology Centers for a presentation of its diversity work on Monday, October 21st in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Email: bday@birdday.org
Web: www.birdday.org
Phone: 1.866.334.3330
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Internships Prepare Youth for Natural Resource Careers
EFTA's Internship program is successful in providing Latino youth the  training and hands-on experience they need to pursue higher education and careers in natural resources. 


Intern responses to the program include the following:
My overall knowledge on birds in general increased dramatically.. 
This internship very much influenced my career goals...
Field work was hard work but seeing thousands of shorebirds during surveys made it worth it. 
EFTA will be hiring 8 Latino interns ages 18 - 25 years for the 2014 season. Please contact Natasha Kerr for more information.

Natasha Kerr at nkerr@birdday.org 

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