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August 2013                                  
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IMBD in the Caribbean
Education Workshop Improves Fall Events
Migratory Bird Day
We've dubbed them the Superheroes of the Caribbean! IMBD Coordinator Anthony Levesque of Guadeloupe and Caribbean Endemic Bird Festival Coordinator Sheylda Diaz of Puerto Rico joined EFTA during the SCSCB conference in Grenada to host an education workshop. 

The workshop explored ways to improve both programs from Bermuda to Trinidad & Tobago. Topics included education materials that are needed, fundraising opportunities, and internal communications. By the end of the conference, 22 educators representing at least 11 countries had signed up to host IMBD programs and events in October 2013.
IMBD 2014  - Who Pays the Birds?
Migratory Bird Day Art Style VoteSteel drum art or traditional Caribbean painting?
Thank you for your votes. Both art styles were appealing, but with the promise of adding color to the steel drum art, it took the lead. For 2014, we will work with a Haitian steel drum artist, with the help of Caribbean partners.
You are still needed! It's time to decide what bird species should be the focus in 2014. We've identified some of the key ecosystem services provided by birds, along with other benefits. 
Many thanks to our Migratory Bird Day 2013 Sponsors

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Birds & Beans Coffee * Birdzilla * Get to Know  

Gold Crest Distributing * Pepco Holdings, Inc. 

Optics for the Tropics * Ornilux * U.S. Geological Survey


IMBD Regional Partners
Nature Canada     
Society for the Conservation & Study of Caribbean Birds
ĦTeam NaturalezaĦ Bilingual Raptor Festival

Hawk Migration
Bilingual programs continue in North Central Washington under the direction of EFTA's affiliate, ĦTeam Naturaleza!. Following the successful Bicultural Fest and a weekend restoration project, the next activity is a Hawk Migration Festival.
One of EFTA's tips is to incorporate Spanish language into field trips and program materials. ĦTeam Naturaleza! prepares bilingual event posters and has bilingual staff on hand at all events. For more tips, visit EFTA's Diversity Toolkit.

Intern Program Receives Funding
Plover banding
Project interns in California learn to band Snowy Plovers
The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation is once again providing support for the Celebrate Shorebirds/Celebra las Aves Playeras internships, migratory shorebird research, and community education. Funding is made possible by the America's Great Outdoors program.
Continued funding will enable us to strengthen opportunities for Latina/o youth interested in natural resource careers while gathering valuable data on shorebird migrations. Eight new interns will join the program in 2014. 
The goals of the AGO Celebrate Shorebirds project are to gather information about migratory shorebird populations, train Latino youth in field research, and provide new opportunities for other Latino youth to learn about birds, conservation, and science.


Thanks to our Celebrate Shorebirds Sponsors

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

  U.S. Forest Service & Bureau of Land Management  

Feature Resource: Get to Know Art Gallery
Get to Know
Share your art! Get to Know hosts an online art gallery where children may post their nature art. In 2013, the organization created a special gallery to highlight IMBD 2013.  EFTA invites you to engage your students in learning about bird phenology and conservation. Share it in the Gallery...there will be prizes!


The Bird Education Resource Directory is the place for you to find materials and to share your ideas with others.  It's easy, it's free, and it's the best place to go to find what other educators are using to teach about bird conservation. 
Odds & Ends
Partners in Flight will host its 5th International Conference in Snowmass, Utah, from August 25-28th. The conference brings
the bird conservation community together to create a unified vision for full life cycle needs and how to address them with innovative approaches. The conference will focus on linked regions throughout the Western Hemisphere, working together in geographic-based work sessions to develop implementable projects. Our results will guide future conservation activities by conservation practitioners, educators, state and federal agencies, philanthropic organizations and researchers.

Focus on Diversity is hosting its 3rd conference in McAllen, Texas November 4-6, 2013.  The event promotes effective outreach to diverse audiences. 
Join the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agency for its Engaging Wildlife Viewers in Bird Conservation webinar series.



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Group Size and Nature Education
Program organizers often speculate that group size influences Latino participation in programs, such as bird festivals.  

EFTA's research showed that overall Latinas/os do participate in larger, multigenerational groups that include parents, children, and grandparents. Yet the difference between the group size of Latino participants and that of non-Latino participants is not significant. It seems that attending programs, such as International Migratory Bird Day, in groups of 6 or more people is not unusual. 
We've discovered a number of ways to improve Latino visitation to parks and participation in events, such as IMBD. These tips are shared in our Diversity Toolkit. Visit the new Spanish language page for educational resources. 
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Natasha Kerr at nkerr@birdday.org 

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Connecting Cultures

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