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April 2013
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America's Great Outdoors
Diversity Outreach Toolkit
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International Migratory Bird Day 
International Migratory Bird Day (IMBD) is the educational focus of the Connecting Cultures diversity engagement work. The 2013 IMBD theme is the Life Cycles of Migratory Birds. Learn more and participate!
2013 Poster
Art by Barry Kent MacKay
Spanish Language Resources 
We have free Spanish language teaching materials at our website!

Check out the 2013 IMBD PowerPoint presentation in Spanish
Minority Zookeeper Apprentice vacancy at the Denver Zoo.  

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NSF Study Project Partners
Colorado State University
National Park Service
Point Reyes Bird  
New Jersey Audubon
Rocky Mountain Bird
Barr Lake State Park
Wendy Hanophy
Edwin Juarez
  Arizona Game & Fish Department
Kim Ramirez
  Audubon Fellow
Michael Rizo
  USDA Forest Service
Greg Stevens
  American Association of Museums
Fernando Villaba
  National Park Service

STUDY SITES              Bandelier National Monument
  New Mexico
Golden Gate Nat'l Recreation Area/Point Reyes Nat'l Seashore
Fire Island National Seashore
  New York
North Cascades National Park
New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail Route
  New Jersey
Barr Lake State Park

Great Sand Dunes National
Park & Preserve
Big Thicket National Preserve
Big Cypress National Preserve

Co-Principal Investigator  Carol Beidleman


Mariamar Gutiérrez

Natasha Kerr

Marcella Wells
Environment for the Americas' diversity outreach programs have increased to include more internship opportunities for Latino youth. We're also concluding our National Science Foundation grant and will be excited to share our successes via an online toolkit. Many thanks for following our work!

Susan Bonfield  
Susan Bonfield
Environment for the Americas
America's Great Outdoors Intern
Stephanie Aroche 

Stephanie Aroche
Stephanie Aroche, California intern. 
Stephanie Aroche of Monterey, California is monitoring shorebirds and working with Latino communities in the Monterey Bay area of California. Her field work will provide information about migratory populations of Black Oystercatchers, Western Sandpipers, and other shorebirds that depend on the Bureau of Land Management's California Coastal National Monument and on habitat at the Elkhorn Slough National Estuary Research Reserve. 

Stephanie is a student at California State University- Monterey Bay and is majoring in watershed management with a minor in statistics. She was interested in this position because, as she said,  


I grew up with a great appreciation for the outdoors, especially because I experienced Sequoia National Park as my backyard. I enjoy projects that integrate social issues with local environmental problems. It gets everyone to cooperate and work together to find solutions. My longterm career goals are to work outdoors and connect with other people with similar passions as mine. 


Stephanie Learning to Identify Birds
Stephanie learned to identify shorebirds during her training

You may follow Stephanie's work and the other interns in their blog


Thanks to our Celebrate Shorebirds Sponsors

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

U.S. Forest Service & Bureau of Land Management 

Diversity Outreach Toolkit On-Line
Latino collaboration
Collaborations are key to
increasing diversity.
Learn simple ways that your organization can begin

a Latino community outreach initiative. In our on-line toolkit, we provide a number of examples and ideas that are the result of our 4 years of research, funded by National Science Foundation. 


Collaborations with Latino-serving organizations are one important tool to improving diversity in your organization and among your participants. Where do you begin? 


Contact local organizations near your site that serve Latino community members. Request a meeting with these organizations, establish a relationship, and brainstorm ways you can build a partnership. These organizations may assist you by disseminating program information, identifying obstacles to Latino participation in your programs, and offer solutions to these obstacles.  In return, they will expect you to be a partner in the long-term. 


Think outside the box! Search for these groups:

  • Faith-based groups, such as Catholic Charities
  • Diversity services & first generation programs at colleges and universities
  • Student groups
  • Social service agencies
  • Hispanic Chamber of Commerce & other professional associations
  • Cultural centers
  • Vocational & ESL schools
  • Head Start schools
  • YMCA and Boys & Girls Club 
Need help? Contact Natasha Kerr ( for more information and visit our Toolkit. 


Calendar of Events  

May 9, 2013
Save the date for the WetlandsLive broadcast. Lesly Caballero, Alaska intern, will be on the Spanish language broadcast. 

May 11, 2013
D.C. intern, Alicia Brizuela, will be at the Rock Creek Park Nature Center's IMBD Fest. 

May 18, 2013
Colorado intern, Michelle Mendieta, will work at Walk in the Wild, EFTA's IMBD event in Boulder, CO.  
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