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Time to Vote on the IMBD 2013 Poster
2013 Poster Get ready for IMBD 2013!  Every year, you have the chance to make the final decisions about IMBD materials, and we look forward to your suggestions. Take 1 minute to place your vote for the final design of the 2013 poster.
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The International Migratory Bird Day 2013 theme is Life Cycles of Migratory Birds: Conservation Across the Americas. Learn more about the theme and watch for updates on how to incorporate it into your IMBD program. Have questions? Call us at 866-334-3330.

America's Great Outdoors Update

EFTA's AGO Celebrate Shorebirds project, which offers Latino youth Cordova Alaska hands-on experiences in bird research and environmental education, is gearing up for intern training in California. Interns will learn how to survey migratory shorebirds, record and submit data, and offer education programs to Latino communities. The workshop will be held in beautiful Monterey, California. From there, interns will head to their research sites in Alaska, Oregon, California, Colorado and Washington, D.C.  


Track the interns' progress by visiting their Blog


   Learn more about America's Great Outdoors


Thanks to our Celebrate Shorebirds Sponsors

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

  U.S. Forest Service & Bureau of Land Management 

EFTA Coordinates Hummingbird Partnership

Rufous Hummingbird
Rufous Hummingbird
by Jonathan Moran
Susan Bonfield, Director of Environment for the Americas (EFTA - home of International  Migratory Bird Day), has been selected as the coordinator of the Western Hummingbird Partnership (WHP). She will be supported by the team at EFTA and is personally and professionally excited to work with such a valuable project. This relationship is a natural. EFTA will bring its experience in collaborations, education, and outreach to the WHP. Working with WHP partners will help increase awareness of hummingbirds, their ornithophilus (bird pollinated) flowers, and the need for more research and emphasis on studying our smallest birds. EFTA looks forward to incorporating education about hummingbirds and their conservation into its programs.

To get involved with WHP, contact Susan at

Connect People to Nature

Join the National Conservation Training Center for its Connecting People to Nature Through Birds course, June 6-13 at NCTC in Shephardstown, WV.  Learn some tips for teaching bird identification, take home lots of new activities to use in your programs, participate in bird banding and explore how to incorporate it into your activities, and much more.

Tuition for FWS, NPS, and BLM is prepaid. Participants learn to teach others basic bird identification, and explore a variety of programs that connect people to nature including citizen science and mist netting birds. 
Feature Resource -  Songs for the Wood Thrush 
Wanda the Wood Thrush
Need some music to accompany your bird conservation education programs? Mike Nobel writes and produces beautiful songs focusing on birds. They are great for kids! 

               Songs for the Wood Thrush  


The Bird Education Resource Directory is the place for you to find materials and to share your ideas with others.  It's easy, it's free, and it's the best place to go to find what other educators are using to teach about bird conservation. 
Odds & Ends
Sandhill Crane Photo Tour will follow the migration of Sandhill Cranes in Nebraska March 15 -17, 2013. Join premier photographers and the spectacle of migration.
Optics for the Tropics Goes to Cuba! Travel to Cuba for 8 days in March 2013. See amazing birds, historic Old Havana, and meet incredible people. Write Joni Ellis at for more information. 

Phone: 1.866.334.3330
Toolkit for Engaging Latino Audiences
Looking for ways to improve your outreach to Latino audiences? EFTA is gathering information from our research, from intern experiences, and from participating sites across the U.S. to develop an on-line Toolkit for Engaging Latino Audiences.

The Toolkit focuses on the top 10 lessons we have learned during our  3-year study of the barriers to participation in informal science education. These include ways to connect and communicate with Latino audiences and how to raise your awareness of Latino communities near your site.  

For more information about this project and to receive the Connecting Cultures newsletter, please contact: 

Natasha Kerr at 

Visit the project at:
Connecting Cultures

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