Join Johnnette Benkovic, international retreat master, 
Fr. Philip Scott, FJ, and Dr. Monica Miller, for 
the 9th Annual Women of Grace Retreat
July 17th through the 19th in Orchard Lake, Michigan!

 A weekend of outstanding teachings, special liturgies, a healing prayer service and so much more.
  • Located on the beautiful, 120-acre campus of Orchard Lake Schools on the eastern shore of Orchard Lake, Michigan.
  • The theme is "My Grace is Sufficient for You: Woman and God's Divine Plan"
  • You will discover the special role and plan that God has in mind for you "for such a time as this." 
"Very inspiring talks and the speakers gave practical ways to get closer to God!  I'm trying to implement them in my daily life. Also, I am very grateful for their clear teaching and adherence to Catholic Truth." 
                                  -2014 Women of Grace Retreat Attendee
2014 Women of Grace Retreat Leaders

The Benedicta Leadership Institute for Women will precede the retreat on July 16th until mid afternoon on July 17th.   The theme is "The Authority of Woman: Her Influence, Effect and Power."  In this hands-on, interactive workshop you will explore God's vision for the women of our time with Johnnette Benkovic and Dr. Monica Miller.


"The speakers were so very good. Could not have been better! I attended the Benedicta and will always attend the Benedicta before the Retreat." 

                         -2014 Benedicta Leadership Institute Attendee



 About Our Speakers:

Johnnette S. Benkovic is Founder and President of Women of Grace®, a Catholic apostolate for women featuring a number of outreaches including conferences, media, study groups and more. 

After years of being a non-practicing Catholic, Johnnette experienced a deep conversion back to her Catholic faith in 1981. Her conversion sparked a new vocation: sharing the Gospel message through the utilization of media. She has been an inspiring and consistent presence on Catholic radio (1987) and in Catholic television (1988) ever since.


Fr. Philip Scott, FJ, is the Founder of Family of Jesus, a family of priests, brothers and sisters dedicated to Christ and His Church, bound by private vows of obedience, chastity, poverty and martyrdom; praying to be healed and formed into a family by the Divine Family (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) in order to live out in a prophetic manner their baptismal calling to follow Jesus Christ and to be His instruments of healing for families, including not only the individual domestic family, but also the broader family of the Church and of society.

They were founded by Father Philip Scott in 1998 under the auspices of Bishop Robert Lynch of the Diocese of St. Petersburg.  They have been missionaries in Chaclacayo, Peru, since January 10, 2003.


Monica Miller, Ph.D., is a nationally known pro-life leader, having been involved in the pro-life movement since 1976. She is the founder of Citizens for a Pro-life Society and author of several articles published on theological subjects and life-issues. Her work has appeared in This Rock, The National Catholic Register, Homiletic and Pastoral Review, The New Oxford Review, Fidelity Magazine, and Crisis Magazine. She is the author of Sexuality and Authority in the Catholic Church (Univeristy of Scranton Press), The Authority of Women in the Catholic Church (Crisis Books), and The Theology of the Passion of the Christ (Alba House). Dr. Miller has made several appearances on the Eternal Word Television Network and is the host for Michigan Catholic Radio's "The Christ and Culture Forum." Dr. Miller is married to Edmund Miller and they have three children: Bernadette, Joseph and Patrick.