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May 2014 Newsletter

Dear Readers,  


As you are reading this email, we're about to sign a publishing deal for Vostok, the sequel to The LOCH and the prequel to MEG; NIGHT STALKERS. While several publishers bid on the novel, I decided to go with a new independent publisher called NEXT CENTURY. Vostok will be their first major release by a published author. My decision was fan-based -- the other major NY publishers would have had to set a release date in Fall 2015. Next Century allowed for a Fall 2014 pub date - in essence, a CREATURE DOUBLE FEATURE with SHARKMAN, both novels set for this October. As for MEG; NIGHT STALKERS, I'm about 25% thru the first draft and it will not disappoint.

With that, here's your update. 

--Steve Alten

MEG MOVIE UPDATE                             
I hate writing vanilla updates, but there are sensitive negotiations playing out among some of Hollywood's best directors, so I gotta do my Sgt. Schultz impression (Hogan's Heroes) and report, "I know nothing... I hear nothing."
Steve Alten presents his debut, a jaw-dropping and terrifying novel about a marine paleontologist who faces off against the ocean's most deadly predator. 
Largest Great White tagged                 
Still a shrimp compared to you-know-who.

Click on Image above to see more.
NEWS FROM LOCH NESS - SATELLITE SIGHTING!                                                
Satellite image shows mysterious shape in the Scottish Highlands

VOSTOK - The storyline...
East Antarctica: The coldest, most desolate location on Earth. Two-and-a-half miles below the ice cap is Vostok, a six thousand square mile liquid lake, over a thousand feet deep that has been left untouched for more than 15 million years. Now, three scientists aboard a submersible tethered to a laser will journey 13,000 feet beneath the ice into this unexplored realm to discover Mesozoic life forms long extinct - and an object of immense power responsible for the evolution of modern man.

In this sequel to The LOCH & prequel to the upcoming MEG 5: NIGHTSTALKERS, NY. Times best-selling author Steve Alten offers readers a crossover novel that combines characters from two of his most popular series.
SHARKMAN  - The storyline...
First, my apologies for a mistake that appeared a few weeks ago on Amazon stating the book was for young ages . SHARKMAN is a young adult/adult novel in the same vein as HUNGER GAMES.  As a huge Spiderman fan, I wanted to create a flawed character who is caught in his own self-induced metamorphosis. The hero is Kwan Wilson, a paralyzed teen who injects himself with an experimental shark stem cell elixir to repair his spinal cord, only to find himself progressively evolving into a predator.
Change in book release schedule:
July: THE OMEGA PROJECT (mass market paperback) 
November: DOG TRAINING THE AMERICAN MALE  (mass market paperback, written as L.A. KNIGHT)
Living Tips: A cure for the worst kinds of brain cancer - testimonials

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Laugh of the Month
I realize all but the most intelligent ladies are immune, but I grew up with the Three Stooges and this is one of my favorite episodes. 
Watching Curly play poker... how can you not nyuk nyuk nyuk. Click on image to watch video.

The Three Stooges - 024 - Goofs And Saddles 1937 
The Three Stooges - 024 - Goofs And Saddles 1937
IF YOU HAVE A JOKE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE, please e-mail to me at [email protected]  Put JOKE in the subject line.
Recipe of the Month: Barbequed Pork Loin


1 onion chopped
1 c. Heinz catsup
3/4 c. vinegar
2 tbsp. brown sugar
2 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce
1 tsp. dry mustard
1 tsp. garlic salt
1/4 tsp. ground red pepper

Directions - Bake pork loin at 300 degrees for 3 hours. Mix all ingredients together; after meat has cooled, tear apart. Put in electric skillet and pour sauce over and simmer on low for 1 hour. 

*IF YOU HAVE A RECIPE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE, please e-mail to me at [email protected]  Put RECIPE in the subject line.

Stay well, stay safe... and know this author really appreciates you. 


 -Steve Alten, Ed.D.