Centennial Revenue Management


    A Dirty Little Secret—Hire An Outsourced CFO & Gain Another CEO

Most CEOs prefer to handle the CFO duties themselves, because they bring a full understanding of their company's entire picture to the decision-making table. As a result, I am often asked - what is the benefit of hiring an Outsourced CFO?

When you hire Centennial Revenue Management, you are not only getting the financial experience and expertise that a CFO offers, you are actually getting the perspective of a CEO at the same time. Because I have been at the helm of several multi-million dollar companies, I am able to look at your finances with the objectivity of a CFO, but the 360 degree view that a CEO offers.

So what is the Dirty Little Secret? Adding an Outsourced CFO to your team who has the added experience of a CEO gives you two CEOs on the team, plus an actual CFO. While two heads are better than one, we think you'll agree that three is even better.

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