Centennial Revenue Management


    A Dirty Little Secret About Cash Flow and Taxes—July 2015

It seems crazy, but July is actually the perfect time to sit down with your Cash Flow Consultant and your CPA to take a good look at your year so far.

Although no one wants to think about taxes in the middle of the summer, having eyes on year end taxes can give you peace of mind. The conversation now between you, your CPA, and your Cash Flow Expert should be focused on what your estimated taxes will be for 2015? If you’re profitable mid-year, what kinds of strategies should you be creating now to help reduce the tax liabilities before year’s end? Always looking at taxes from a proactive position, rather than a reactive position, can help you forecast your cash flow and optimize your profitability. This will help you avoid the end of the year scramble, and the stress that comes with it!

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