Martel Matters Newsletter                                                             March 25, 2014
Spring is right around the corner, well maybe... Just got another couple inches of snow here at Martel and more is on the way.

All Marketing departments realize that you can't achieve success without paying attention to your customers and strategic partners. We listened to you and this year we are placing more emphasis on reaching out through a revamped newsletter and website. Please continue to share your thoughts and opinions.

New Website Coming!

The current Martel Electronics website ( is getting long in the tooth so we decided it's time for a change. No more logging into download that manual or datasheet. Just click on the Download Center and you have instant access to all sorts of relevant product information. We tried to keep things simple and intuitive. In addition, the new site will able us to respond much faster with changes and fresh content. The anticipated release date on the new site is April 7, 2014.


Stay tuned and keep us posted on what you think by sending to or give us a call at 1-855-627-8351.   

Martel Service Does Make a Difference

Is it time to get that unit calibrated? No RMA# needed, just fill out the RMA Form and sent it back with the unit. Pricing for calibration or calibration/service is located right on the form.  The more information you provide, the faster we get the unit back to you.
Valid until May 1, 2014
Service & Calibration Coupon


As a token of our appreciation we are offering a discount on your next calibration or service.


Mention Code *TJ03212014 on the RMA form or feel free to call us.

Loop Calbrators - 2 Wire or 4 Wire?

Loop calibrators are the most common calibration and troubleshooting tool used in the instrumentation field. A loop calibrator normally can generate and measure the 4 to 20 milliAmp (mA) signal used in instrumentation loops, hence, the name. So what is the difference between 2 Wire and 4-Wire?


2 Wire uses loop power from an outside instrument power supply to generate a controlled 4 to 20mA signal


4 Wire means the source of power for the mA signal is coming from the battery in the calibrator. It's called four wire because it simulates the 4 to 20mA signal as though it were coming from a 4-Wire transmitter.


Still confused? Application Note with Illustrations: Loop Calibrators - 2 Wire or 4 Wire?



New Business System Transition
On March 28th we will transitioning to a new ERP business system.  The new system will give Martel the ability to better service our customers and partners like you. Please be patient and bear with us if things tend to take a bit longer than usual.

Martel Offers 2 Year Warranty
Did you know an extended warranty is available on all new products for an extra level of protection at no extra charge? Please take time to properly register your product, it only takes a couple of minutes.
Click the image or Register Here

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